Your Star Is Rising Higher And Higher!

God will surprise you with creative miracles and testimonies!
What is coming your way from the Holy Spirit will completely blow your mind! You couldn’t have imagined it! It will shock you!

A Very Simple Way To Be Constantly Filled With The Holy Spirit

Always remember that He is forever with you, and let thoughts of Him dominate your mind.

Acknowledge Your Weaknesses And Let The Holy Spirit Waken You!

What the crippled man needs is not more teaching on the benefits of walking, or how to walk. What he needs is the power to walk: a miracle!

Imagine Being Drunk With The Holy Spirit Every Day!

To become so taken over by the Spirit that you’re no longer in control of yourself.

God Is Making A Way For You Right Now!

Just start praising God for open doors. For breakthroughs. For opportunities.

Discern Your Value

You are special, loved and worthy! You need to discern your value.

God Loves And Accepts You Just The Way You Are

You are precious in His eyes!

The Lord Is Answering You Quickly!

Your story is changing so quickly!

You Are A God, Not A Beggar!

Be a blessing to other people today. Take the little you have and help others, great and small. 

What Are You Very Good At?

You never know, it might open up new doors of opportunities for you.

This is Life’s Most Important Question

How has God revealed Himself to you? Put in another way, what is your mission in this world? Or better still, who are you?

What Happens When You Look Into A Mirror?

Think about this: If a million individuals look into the same mirror, they’ll see a million different individuals. Each person that looks into the mirror will see himself or herself. Yet, it’s the same mirror; right?

Each Revelation Of God Is A Unique Variety Of God.

No single revelation can describe all that there is to God. Each revelation of God is a unique variety of God. The expression of God’s infinite varieties is inexhaustible.

You only become what you behold

Thinking on something again, and again, and again – what New Age gurus, and most folks ignorantly refer to as meditation – is not the same as seeing.

Would you eat faeces just because you were famished?

You just can't help being you. Your nature decides the limits; there are certain things you would never do.

Transformation By Focus

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Discover Your Hidden Strength

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