The Mind Of Christ 5: The Work Of The Holy Spirit

Seeing the cross as a lifting is the work of the Holy Spirit.

The Mind Of Christ 4: When You Grow Up In Christ

When you grow up, the things that are highly valued and sought after by men, become garbage to you.

The Mind Of Christ 3: Let’s Grow Up In Christ

Spiritual maturity is to think like Christ.

The Mind of Christ 2: The Mind of Christ vs The Carnal Mind

The carnal mind cannot fellowship with the mind of Christ.

The Mind Of Christ 1

Only a renewed mind can access the mind of Christ.

God’s Got You, Always.

That you've run out of options does not mean that the Lord has run out of options. He is the God of endless possibilities.

Scripture Will Be Fulfilled In Your Life

Live by the Word. And, as is written, so shall it be in your life.

The Lambs Strength

You win by showcasing your weakness.

Accommodating Foreigners

Receive divine insight and grace.

Small And Hidden

Tap into its preserving power.

He Will Bring To Your Remembrance

Just listen and receive.
Rev Wildfire interacting with Blissful People at the Wildfire Amen Retreat, Hammond, USA.

Don’t Neglect The Meeting Of Believers

Because every Word is for your now or future.

God Will Provide For You

Even if from the thicket. So, don’t try to understand or rationalise His provisions.

A Body He Has Prepared For You

So, you can do His Will.

Stick To Your Identity

You are one with God.

His Stripes Have Healed You

Receive and internalise this in your heart and consciousness.

Flow In The River Of Life

Dryness will give way to freshness. Everything will live and thrive again.

Grow In The Call

As God’s child, the key to growing in the call and enjoying intimate relationship with God is in your prompt response to Him.

What Do You Inspire In Others?

What happens when people hear you speak? What do you inspire in them?

The Price For Life

The price for life is death.