Who Are You Listening To? (Reject The Counsel Of The Ungodly-3)

Reject every counsel of the ungodly in your and you will thrive.

Be Careful Of Who You Listen To! (Who Counsels The Lord?-2)

Make sure you go to the Lord with your problems and/or those in whom He has their ear. In this way you will be blessed.

Be Careful Of The Counsel You Are Listening To! (The Counselor-1)

Who are you listening to? The counsel you receive for your life really matters. It can make you or break you.

Live Together In Unity

God’s presence and power is found in the place of unity.

Simplify Your Life

Get rid of every baggage in your life. Be as carefree as the birds.

Get Set For Uncommon Solutions

Suffering breaks attachment to common solutions.

Let God Be Your Reward

The reward you get for seeking God is Himself.

Prayer For Our Cities

If your city prospers, you too will prosper.

Break Me So You Can Use Me

Say this prayer and yield to the Holy Spirit.

We Are One Body

And, need each other to thrive as members of God’s family.

Uphold Your Joy

Receive grace to be consistently joyful.

Don’t Covet!

Sometimes, your only job in the moment is simply to be happy for another’s success.

Forgive Yourself

Your ‘mistakes’ form part of your success story.

Be Delivered From Trauma!

God has set you free from every lingering mental, emotional and psychological pain.

It’s Not Your Fault

Stop blaming yourself.

Commit It To God’s Hands

He is more than able.


Pause and remind yourself of the words that you've received before, because some of those words are still relevant today.

Abundance Awaits You, At His Command.

You will flourish because it is the Lord that is sending you.

Make Peace With God’s Delays

The longer the wait, the higher and more lasting the value.

What Are You Boasting About?

What are you boasting about? What do you pride yourself on?