You Will Recover All (6): Embrace The Needs Of Others

Your recovery and blessing is sometimes hidden in helping the needy around you.

Led By The Holy Spirit (4)

I’m praying for you to experience this blissful reality of always being led by the Holy Spirit at all times.

Give No Place To The Devil- 2

Do you keep feeling like the enemy is getting to you. Chances are you may have some cracks that need to be sealed.

Receive His Help!

With the help of the Holy Spirit, obstacles become stepping stones to higher heights.

The Thoughts Of The Father

Do you know Gods thinks about you?Today let Him flood your mind with His thoughts and be encouraged and filled with hope.

Receive Eyes That See!

May you see the ocean of abundance set before you.

Adopt A Flock

God is all about people.

For The Good Of Others

Everything He did was for the good of others; not one thought about Himself. Not one moment of self-centeredness.

Expect God’s Best Today And Every Day Of Your Life!

You’re a child of the Holy Spirit. You’re special to Him. So expect the best.

When You Look Up

I perceive a major breakthrough coming to you soon.

Words Matter (1) : Gods Create Through Commands

God creates through commands. Imitate Him today and change your experiences.

What Do You Want Him To Do For You?

He’s Always Willing To Meet Your Needs​

The Lord Opened Her Heart

What a beautiful story.

Let It Rain!

Every dry area of your life receives heavenly watering by the Holy Spirit. Enter new times of refreshing. Let it rain!

Look Up

What you focus on matters!

Do Not Waver

God has given us His words. He is faithful. He will keep His promises.

This Is Your Season Of Deliverance And Overflow!

You will be filled to overflowing; having more than enough; blessing other people.

It Has Pleased God To Bless You

The Father’s Affection Is On You.

Receive These Prophecies For Your Situation

Just type AMEN and receive your own portion of these prophecies.