Your Life Will Not Make Sense This Year!!

This will be as a result of the supernatural miracles of God that will happen in key areas of your life.

Don’t Limit God!

We can limit, frustrate, or slow down the possibilities and manifestation of God in our lives by our mindset.

Working With God’s Schedule

Submission and patient are extremely important in the journey of faith.

As Cautious As Jesus Christ

John 7:1 NLTAfter this, Jesus traveled around Galilee. He wanted to stay out of Judea, where the Jewish leaders were plotting his death. Jesus knew...

Let The Power Of Christ Rest On You

Your strength disqualifies you for the grace of God. Boast in your weaknesses and let the power of God rest on you.

It Will Be Obvious!

There will be no more doubt!

Receive The New Wine!

The Holy Spirit is the new wine. He’s bringing a fresh touch to every area of your life. Your struggles are giving way to Him.

Fruit Is A Byproduct Of Intimacy

As you enjoy intimacy with the Holy Spirit you will begin to produce His fruits in your life.

I Will Help You!

I will help you by dismantling that seemingly indestructible opposition.

Be Wise In The Company You Keep

The company you keep can make or break you. Be wise is the people you choose to be around.

Overflow With New Wine!

Like the crushed grapes that eventually turn into delightful wine; your momentary troubles and tribulations are preparing you for a life of honour and glory.

A Time To Strengthen Our Focus On God’s Promises

As long as we do not drift away from His living words, we will bear glorious fruits to the glory of our Heavenly Father.

#PrayerConnect 2020 – RELOADED!

oOnline prophetic prayers, bible studies, spiritual retreats, miracle ministrations, online deliverance services, in-depth teaching of God’s words and a whole lot more.

Contend For The Faith

We must learn how to contend for the faith. It's the pathway to experiencing the victory of the cross!

God Is In Control

God can accomplish His purposes in our lives independent of our efforts.

Stop Trying To Please Everyone

Stop trying to please everyone, it will leave you exausted. Instead make it your goal to please God.

Quench not the Spirit.

To live a life of faith that pleases God in this world, quench not the Spirit.

An Extraordinary Testimony Of God’s Love

God loves you. Unconditionally. And He does not condemn you.

We Will Not Fear

A person who is renewed with the fresh oil of the Holy Spirit has no room for fear.

Do Not Waver

God has given us His words. He is faithful. He will keep His promises.