Personal Responsibility

God is the constant, you are the variable; so, what you do matters.

Why Balaam Couldn’t Curse Israel II

The key to enjoying unbroken success in your walk with God is to maintain your distinction from the world. Don’t be corrupted by the ways of world.

Learn To Celebrate Other People’s Successes

Learn to celebrate other people’s successes. That way, envy will lose any grip it has on your heart. And also you attract whatever you sincerely celebrate.

You Must Ask God To Bless Your Family

Ask God to bless your family spiritually, physically and otherwise. Pray that they will experience God’s provisions, protection, and help in every facet of their lives.

The Plague Of Deceitful Hearts

A lot of Christians serve God with deceit in their hearts. If you have a wholehearted devotion to God, His faithfulness will saturate your life.

Start Your Day With God

Start your daily devotion early in the morning and commune with your heavenly father. This will help you not to be out of sync with Him.

Mind Your Body And Your Family

God did not only give you a mission, he also prepared a family of people whom he gifted to assist you in that assignment. Focus on your relationships with these people.

Go For Tangible Results

Elijah didn’t just want to be admired and applauded for his supernatural feats. He wanted to create results that were real. He wanted to have results that were lasting. He wanted to go for tangible results

Dear Very Young Single Mom

An open personal letter to all the young single moms among my Beautiful People.

Communicate As God

This will build a fierce furnace of fire around you and confound your enemies.

You Are Healed!(2): Divine Health Is The Children’s Bread

God wants you to enjoy the bread of divine health today!

Set The Lord Always Before You

So many things are attacking your focus. You need to set the Lord always before you. As you do you will be filled with joy.

God Is Very Innovative

When you walk with God, you must be open to change; because, you can never limit God to the former script.

Your Light Shines Through Good Works

Work is a means of expression. ‘Let your light so shine’, as Jesus said. And why should it shine? So that men might see your good works. Your light shines through good works.

How To Cultivate Spiritual Disciplines

Acquiring spiritual disciplines can be very tough. So ask the Holy Spirit to help you. Attempting to cultivate them by your human strength will be frustrating.

It’s Impossible To Defeat God

When God is with you, your success is assured. You cannot be defeated because you are in partnership with the One who can never be defeated.

5. Never Be Embarrassed About What You Want

Be someone who walks in authenticity. Never be embarrassed about what you want, especially as regards your choice of a marriage partner.

The Secret of Strong Spiritual Families

The secret to a strong spiritual family is a powerful family altar. To build a strong and godly family, you must have regular and effective family devotions.

Don’t Let Religion Sabotage Your Mission

Your God is a different variety from mine. This in turn affects how He talks to you; it decides your possibilities.

Who Are You Listening To? (Reject The Counsel Of The Ungodly-3)

Reject every counsel of the ungodly in your and you will thrive.

Matters Of The HEART: Receive

God wants you to bear fruit, but if you do not know how to receive you can not. As you learn how to receive you will overflow with abundance!