Personal Responsibility

God is the constant, you are the variable; so, what you do matters.

Should We Tithe Today?

If you are of the same faith as Abraham, and in that faith Abraham gave a tenth of all, then you should devote at least a tenth of all to God.

Be Present in His Presence

The Spirit of God is at work in you. Just be present in His presence and the Spirit will get to work.

Blissfully Ever After

I’m glad the Holy Spirit is helping our Blissful People get married.

Hearing The Voice Of God(4): Get Excited!

Get excited about His word today!

Fix Your Eyes On The Word, Not Manifestations (1): Jesus

The Father had just given Jesus praise and endorsement. Its immediate manifestation was the desert, a dry place.

Your Culture Matters A Lot

Your culture decides what grows and what does not grow in your life. This is why major technological inventions only come from certain cultures.The post Your Culture Matters A Lot appeared first on Wildfire Daily.

If It Were You

Would people know about Jesus today?

So, your success is in your mouth!

So, wise people normally allow themselves to lose the arguments of life so that they can win the resources, opportunities, and positions of life.

How to Move from Debt to Surplus

Surplus is the will of God; and it is good. I bet you could do with more surplus in your finances.

5. Never Be Embarrassed About What You Want

Be someone who walks in authenticity. Never be embarrassed about what you want, especially as regards your choice of a marriage partner.

Join The Home Church Movement!

Our home church movement is growing rapidly. This is a campaign that the church of God should be in people’s homes. And every man should be the pastor of his family.

Rejoice And Be Glad

It’s actually up to you.

What is Your Work?

Jesus said to them, “My Father is always at his work to this very day, and I, too, am working.” ~ John 5:17 Work is from...
Rev Wildfire Praying.

Let Every Fantasy Spell In Your Life Be Shattered Forever In Jesus Name!

May God give you real solid blessings in those areas of your life that you need it. In Jesus Name.

How Do You Deal With Life’s Crisis

Life is full of crisis. In dealing with crisis, you can choose to employ God’s help like Jesus did or ignore the possibilities of God like most folks do.

Is Bliss Without Pain Possible?

Rev. Wildfire explores the possibility of a sweet path to bliss; a painless path to glory.

Why is Your Name Wildfire?

To avoid a life of struggles and frustration, look into the mirror for yourself and discover who you really are. You can never live out your full potential without walking in the awareness of your true nature.

Know Your Value

The value of your life is the blood of God. You are worth more than you know. It's time to know your value!

Sin Dwells In The Realm Of The Soul

Sin dwells in the realm of the soul, the body merely executes the agenda of sin. Your spirit essence is sinless and can’t sin either.

God Is Upgrading You!(2)

Today ask Holy Spirit to help you step into the new season He has for you.