Personal Responsibility

God is the constant, you are the variable; so, what you do matters.

Expect Limitless Possibilities

What are you saying about that situation in your life? How do you see it?

Communicate As God

This will build a fierce furnace of fire around you and confound your enemies.

Unlearn To Relearn

What you know is hindering what you should know. Let it go.

What’s The Point? (5)

Why did the Source God create this earth to send us here only for us to return yo Him? Today we will find out a huge piece in this puzzle of Creation...

What’s The Point? (4)

We are back at it again today chipping away at this question: What Is The Point? Today let’s explore free will & remember to jot your insights in the comment section.

What’s The Point? (3)

We are searching out the mind of the Father on what His point in creation. Today please read and share your insights as well. Bliss💕

What’s The Point? (2)

Today will will continue in our search for the “point” in all this creation business. Please feel free to share more thoughts on today’s article.

What’s The Point?

Have you ever wondered: “what’s the point In this creation/existence?” Well if you have you are in good company. Please I would love to hear your thoughts and insight on this matter.


Jesus was tempted to act outside of His Divinity but He never did. He has guven us the power and strength to overcome as well. No matter what, DON’T BACK DOWN!

You Are Not A Sinner

You are not a sinner. Sin is dead so it has no expression. However you are alive to God. You are an expression of Him.

The Great Foundation

You must be established in this. It’s elementary and fundamental to your growth and divine ascent.

YOU ARE SPIRIT:(3) The Challenge.

Embrace the challenge of change and you will never be the same. It’s time to go to a higher form of glory.

YOU ARE SPIRIT:(1)It Is Finished.

Jesus was the word that became flesh and separated the human soul from our Divine Spirit. Now you have a choice.

Quit Searching

It’s in you.

The Great CHOICE [video]

Mortality or immortality? Now you have a choice.

The Great Dividing [video]

This is an extraordinary message. Receive it and evolve to higher realms of glory!

The Great Dividing

This is an extraordinary message. Receive it and evolve to higher realms of glory!

God Is Not His Name, God Is His Nature.

You have been born of the incorruptible seed of God and He has give you His nature. In truth God is His nature. As He is so are you.

The Weight Of Your Words

It carries force and power. So, mind how you use it.

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