Personal Responsibility

God is the constant, you are the variable; so, what you do matters.

Are You Under Pressure To Get Married?

Are you desperately in search of the right mate for marriage?

Discover Yourself; Discover Your Family

To recognize those the Father has designated to help you in your assignment, you must first discover that assignment. Discover yourself, so you can then discover your family.

The Holy Spirit Has Something Up His Sleeves

I’m crossing my fingers and holding my breath.

His Anointing Of Ease Is On You

God is releasing supernatural grace on you.

What’s The Point?

“What’s the point in all these supernatural manifestations in my life if I’m about to be killed by a woman."

9. Your Humanity Is A Gift From God

Your humanity with all its imperfections is a gift from God to you. So learn to accept yourself and be grateful to God.

8. Learn To Accept Yourself

Learn to accept yourself in spite of your imperfections. Your ability to do this is your secret to true and lasting metamorphosis.

Speak Out The Promises Of Christ

His realities will manifest in your life.

The Real Deal About Elijah

While Elijah is better known for the fire that fell on Carmel, he transformed his nation and altered the course of their history due to a less known -- but far more powerful and effective -- aspect of his work.

Raising Godly Children For God

Raising godly children for God is a joy and a privilege. It is a huge blessing to have children who follow after you in the path of God’s word.

My Diet, My Health, and My Bliss

I've noticed a direct link between what I eat, and how I think and feel; a direct link from my diet to my bliss.

Elijah’s More Effective Strategy

As a leader, are you developing other leaders to continue your mission even after you're gone from the scene?

How to Multiply the Little that You Have

God never promised to operate in accordance with your finances, but rather in accordance to your faith.

How To Walk in Integrity

Integrity is your capacity to keep your promises, even when it’s not convenient.

How Deep Do You Want To Go?

God is like the ocean. He is vast, mysterious and unsearchable. So the question I want to ask you today is; how deep do you want to go?

You Can’t Change It If You Can’t Accept It

You must accept your lump of clay with its imperfection, before you can change it. What it becomes depends on who is handling it.

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Put Your Gifts to Work

Take all that God has given you and move into the marketplace; there fight with all you've got.

How To Honor God With Your Personal Altar

It’s very imperative that you have a pure personal altar. I am speaking of your heart. Honor is the foundation of pure personal altar.

How To Give Your Tithes To Jesus

As Jesus commanded, your tithe should go to your church and it should be used to support genuine ministers who have devoted the full time to the gospel.

We Can Be Anything; We Can Do Anything

Through Jesus’ atoning work on the Cross of Calvary, those in Christ have been given the omnipotent divine nature of God and so we can do all things.