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Personal Responsibility

God is the constant, you are the variable; so, what you do matters.

A Utopian Expectation

Elijah’s expectation was that he would be celebrated by his people. He expected that there was going to be significant transformation in his nation, as a result of his spectacular display of power.

The Call To Consecration

This message contains a very important message for all Blissfuls.

The Mystery Of Abundance

To break the backbone of poverty in any life, family or nation, what you need is not cash.

The Holy Spirit Is Our Habitat

As long as you’re living, moving, and having your being within the boundaries of the Spirit, all that the Father has given you will gracefully come to you with zero struggle and stress.

We Need Your Help!

Our community is growing and we need all the help we can.

Don’t Quench That Spirit of Possibility

Jesus always factored in the possibilities of God while addressing life's challenges unlike the other people around Him. Choose to do the same today.

You Are A Very Lucky And Highly Favoured Person.

But, be careful! Don’t let sin, poor choices, poison your very colorful destiny.

Move Forward!

Time to break out the mold and move forward! God is with you and will strengthen you!

What’s Dancing Got To Do With My Breakthrough?

Well, find out! Do the thing and you will see the power.

Participate In The Divine Nature

Can you dare to believe?

Expect Limitless Possibilities

What are you saying about that situation in your life? How do you see it?

Don’t Be Afraid. Just Believe

Very soon, your testimony will shock the world.

Stop Living A Foolish Life

Tithing is an expression of allegiance to God. Be cheerful and faithful to God in your tithing. Then watch as your devotion to Him in other areas accelerates.

Your Origin Decides Your Destiny

An important new creation reality ushered in by Jesus’ death is divine origin because you always return to where you came from. Your future is decided by your past.

Some Of Us Have No Friends


If you want to build lasting relationships, package to repel; that’s a proven way to attract only those who are drawn to your essence.

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You don’t have to bow to negative facts…

You have the power to change the negative facts of your life.

It Will Continue Until You Stop Allowing It

You’re still tolerating it. That’s why it’s still going on.

You Are Healed!(2): Divine Health Is The Children’s Bread

God wants you to enjoy the bread of divine health today!