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Personal Responsibility

God is the constant, you are the variable; so, what you do matters.

Treat Others With Understanding

How you treat people affects your prayers.

The Great Foundation

You must be established in this. It’s elementary and fundamental to your growth and divine ascent.

Look Up

What you focus on matters!

Pray or Compromise

To create metamorphosis in whatever you are doing, you need to make tough decisions, and the strength to do this, comes through prayer. Failure to pray leads to unhealthy compromise.

Do Good Things With Your Mouth

Every part of your body should be offered to God as instruments of righteousness, including your mouth. Don’t offer your mouth to sin, do good things with your mouth.

Be Open To New Things

Don’t get stuck in your old ways!

Acknowledge God’s Gift Of Righteousness

To pursue godly righteousness, acknowledge first and foremost that you already have the gift of righteousness.

I Have Given God My Best Years

Those who give the prime of their years to God, have a special reward in this world and beyond. Be sure to invest your youth in God.

Why Jesus Was Born In A Manger

If you want to have solid relationships or strong followership, then package to repel. Use it as a tool to scare away the wrong people.The post Why Jesus Was Born In A Manger appeared first on Wildfire Daily.

Beware Of Poisonous Advice

Beware of poisonous advice. Beware of agents of Satan who pretend to be your friends, and then give you bad advice that will ruin...

Daily: Pray To Love and Forgive Others

Daily ask God for the grace to love other people, and to forgive anyone who offends you; bearing in mind that we live in a world with imperfect people.

I Choose To Worship

Public support for Jesus was at its lowest ebb during His crucifixion, yet Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus took the risk of asking the authorities for Jesus’ body. They didn’t mind the personal risk or possible shame; they willingly swam against the Jewish political tide at the time.

What Do You Benefit If You Gain The Whole World But Lose Your Own...

I pray that the Holy Spirit will help each of us to focus on what really matters.

Work Hard on Your Giving

A 7-point helpful guide on how to work hard at your offering in order to increase your capacity to receive from God.

The Only Treasure

Who is your God? What are your values and priorities?

The Blessings Of Giving Aren’t Just Financial

The true blessings of giving are those things that money cannot buy. When you are generous, God gives you things that can’t be bought with money.

Set The Lord Always Before You

So many things are attacking your focus. You need to set the Lord always before you. As you do you will be filled with joy.

Blissfully Ever After

I’m glad the Holy Spirit is helping our Blissful People get married.

Lust Is A Deadly Sin Of The Soul

Few things can slow a man or a woman down as much as lust. When lust enters your heart, progress ceases, because your entire mind is consumed with it.

I’m Not A Fan Of Organized Religion

The Holy Spirit is infinitely sufficient to lead us in Christ, guide us into all the truth and teach us all things.