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Personal Responsibility

God is the constant, you are the variable; so, what you do matters.

Focus on the Holy Spirit!

Let your eye be single, and may you breakthrough to Her.

The Good Storm

It comes to prune your heart.

If It Were You

Would people know about Jesus today?

Tongues Of Fire 3

We will see another aspect of the tongue today. Receive this fresh revelation and your life will never be the same.

Tongues Of Fire 2

Holy Spirit is giving us more light on the matter of the tongue today. Receive tongues of fire today!

Plantings Of God’s Purpose

Don't rationalise the flesh. You are planted for God's purpose.

Bitter Or Better?

You have the right to choose to allow the hurts and disappointments of this life make you bitter or better. Which one will you choose?

Let Love Be Your Shield And Forgiveness Your Fortress

Today Holy Spirit will reveal two powerful weapons of Spiritual growth.

Fix Your Eyes On The Word, Not Manifestations (3): Joseph

Fix your undivided attention on the Lord and His words to you. Do not let manifestations fool you.

Fix Your Eyes On The Word, Not Manifestations (2): John The Baptist

Fix your eyes on God's words to you, whether it takes you to the desert or brings you popularity.

Fix Your Eyes On The Word, Not Manifestations (1): Jesus

The Father had just given Jesus praise and endorsement. Its immediate manifestation was the desert, a dry place.

Prepare To Ascend

There are heights in God we cannot reach until we part ways with the flesh.

No Mixed Loyalties!

The World is not attracted to the Lord. Quit trying to conform to her pattern.

CHOOSE JOY! (5) It’s Contagious.

Joy is contagious. As you choose joy today, watch the joy spread like Wildfire!

CHOOSE JOY! (4) Choose What Matters.

Your values and preferences matter a lot in how you experience life. As your choices align with Heaven you will experience more joy!

CHOOSE JOY! (3)Don’t Make A Big Deal Out Of It.

Starve your problems today by focusing on the Lord. Make a big deal out of Him.

CHOOSE JOY! (2) Own It.

Today you must choose to own your happiness. Take back the power you have given to others. Choose joy!

CHOOSE JOY! (1) It’s A Choice.

Joy is a choice. Today I pray you choose well. Bliss be with you.

Let the Word of Christ Dwell In You Richly 3: A Key To Hearing...

The written word of God makes your heart conducive for hearing His spoken living word.