Personal Metamorphosis

‘Ye are gods’ describes you. You are more than your gifts and talents. Dare to go beyond yourself.

Parents Are Powerful Reflectors

No matter how old you are, the words of your parents to you in your childhood will continue to play back in your mind. They invariably contribute to forming your self-image.

How Reflectors and Reflections Reveal Yourself

My aim here is to get you to understand the simple concept of sensual and spiritual reflectors in terms of shaping your consciousness of yourself.

Self-Images Are Built By Reflectors

You accept certain things about yourself based on what the mirror has shown you through the years. Your self-image is based on reflections from different reflectors.

Take Off Those Religious Goggles!

You experience transformation when you can look into the scriptures and see what the Holy Spirit is showing you, rather than see what you have been conditioned by religion to see.

How Do You Read What Is Written?

A lot of folks see what they have been conditioned by religion to see.

From Debt to Surplus IV

Consciously surround yourself with people whose attitudes are more in alignment with the financial habits you seek to cultivate.

From Debt to Surplus III

To move from scarcity to surplus, get the facts on how money flows out of your life in order to take control of your spending.

Transformational Brand of Faith

I’ll rather preach a sermon that’ll help a man become a better father, than argue about how many angels can stand on top of a pin!

How to Move from Debt to Surplus II

The awareness of what you already have positions you for surplus.

How to Move from Debt to Surplus

Surplus is the will of God; and it is good. I bet you could do with more surplus in your finances.

Creating and Transforming Your Realities

God is continuously reviewing His creation in order to transform it to higher dimensions of expressions. Learn from Him and do the same to your own creations, products, systems, processes, services, relationships, and so on.

Go for What You Really Want

Boldly embrace your own personal freedom and go for what you really want.

Fellowship with the Holy Spirit

Through continuous fellowship with the Holy Spirit, you can essentially and consciously become one with God, and consequently destroy death and the fruits of death.

One with God

You are essentially one with God; but, has this oneness become a conscious awareness?