Personal Metamorphosis

‘Ye are gods’ describes you. You are more than your gifts and talents. Dare to go beyond yourself.


The Great Dividing [video]

This is an extraordinary message. Receive it and evolve to higher realms of glory!

Come Boldly! (3): Jesus Is Still The Key

Doors open when Jesus shows up. Prayers are answered at the mention of Jesus name.

Just Make Sure It’s Sincere

You really have to be sincere and very clear about what you want.

Does God Answer Every Prayer? PART 3

Do you want God to answer all of your prayers? Then watch this video.

It Is Impossible To Have A Bad Day.

God is going to work that unfavorable situation out in your favor. Take heart, it's all going to be ok. You will come out on top!

React Proactively To God’s Silence!

His silence is often necessary to attract your attention and give you insight for your next level.

What If It’s A Setup?

Holy Spirit is changing your perspective today. You will begin to see yourself as a victor!

Gods Thoughts Of You Are Good.

We are defined by others thoughts and words spoken over us. Today let all those negative words be replaced by the loving thoughts of your Father.

Worship That The Father Seeks (2) : In Truth

The Lord is your mirror. When you behold him, you see your own special uniqueness, your personal truth.

200 Phenomenal Testimonies !!! (3)

A phenomenal testimony from Azubuike.

The Lord Directs Your Steps.

Times of transition can be scary and challenging. But God is with you and He will direct your steps.

Commit It To God’s Hands

He is more than able.

Let It Rain!

Every dry area of your life receives heavenly watering by the Holy Spirit. Enter new times of refreshing. Let it rain!

Does God Answer Every Prayer? PART 1

Join this conversation with Rev Wildfire and Blissful Pastors.

The Great Dividing

This is an extraordinary message. Receive it and evolve to higher realms of glory!

Strengthen Your Command

You will see more results in your life if you do this like Jesus.

YOU ARE A WONDER(2):Humility Is The Key

One way you walk in the wonder that you are is to remain humble. Today boast in your weakness and let His grace lift you to higher heights.

Be The God You Are (3) : Born Of The Word

Jesus' death made possible the birth of the sons of God, of which you are one. However, are you daily embracing your sonship?

In One Accord

Receive grace to tap into and maximise the power of agreement.