Personal Metamorphosis

‘Ye are gods’ describes you. You are more than your gifts and talents. Dare to go beyond yourself.

The Face Of Favour

Though He was in very nature, same as God.

Enjoy Divine Immunity

The less you participate in the consciousness of this world, the less you share in their experiences.

Back To The Father

The Holy Spirit came to aid our transformation from humans to Gods.

Beyond Your Imagination

Your imagination is limited to what you have seen, heard, or experienced. Don't let it limit you, because God is bound to exceed it.

It’s All About Love

Gods make strategic moves when they’re in love.

Let Your Substance Shine Through

Because, you are perfect like Jesus.

You Are Perfect

The fullness of God is You.

You Cannot Be Sick

Because you are that spirit and life oozes out of you.

Unlearn To Relearn

What you know is hindering what you should know. Let it go.

What’s The Point? (5)

Why did the Source God create this earth to send us here only for us to return yo Him? Today we will find out a huge piece in this puzzle of Creation...

What’s The Point? (3)

We are searching out the mind of the Father on what His point in creation. Today please read and share your insights as well. Bliss💕

Be Still And Know You Are God

Actively prune your thoughts every moment.

You Need To See!

As impartation will follow.

God’s Time (5): It Is Malleable

God's time is malleable. Response to divine instructions can lengthen or shorten it.

God’s Time (4): The Fig Tree

You are a God. You are timeless. Step into the eternity dimension of time.

God’s Time (3): Everything Is Happening Now

When you concentrate on now, it becomes easier for your mind to pick solutions from deep within you to create the favour you need.

God’s Time (2): The Eternity Version Of Time

Remove your commands and expectations from the human version of time and move into the eternity dimension of time.

God’s Time (1): Not The Same As Human’s

As you discard your old ways of thinking like a human, you must change how you see time.

Your Divinity Will Thrive!

Be encouraged and sustained by grace.

You Are Not A Sinner

You are not a sinner. Sin is dead so it has no expression. However you are alive to God. You are an expression of Him.