Personal Metamorphosis

‘Ye are gods’ describes you. You are more than your gifts and talents. Dare to go beyond yourself.

A Secret To Bliss

Life is full of highs and lows. But Holy Spirit wants to teach you a secret to bliss in any situation or circumstance life may throw your way.

200 Phenomenal Testimonies !!! (15,16)

Phenomenal testimony from Dr Chikezie E Ụzụegbunam

200 Phenomenal Testimonies !!! (2)

As I announced yesterday on PC and RYD, the Holy Spirit touched me and showed me to expect 200 phenomenal testimonies on Prayer Connect...

You Are God’s Masterpiece

You are God's work; the best of His creation. You will display God's glory on the earth.

Relax And Enjoy Yourself!

Be set free by the Holy Spirit from the endless rat race of sweating or feeling the need to sweat before you can eat.

Speak For Yourself

A very important question for spiritual beings.

200 Phenomenal Testimonies !!! (4)

Phenomenal testimony from Pastor Grace Timothy.

You Are One With God(5): The Same Spirit

You are rising to higher heights as you declare you are one with Him. The Same Spirit that was in Jesus is the very same Spirit in you!

You Will Flourish!

It's extremely important that you listen to the right counsel in your life. Today, remember the counsel we have received and you will flourish!

Who Cares What They Think About You!

Today God is releasing a powerful anointing to set you free from the opinions of others so you can live blissfully!

You Are A Reflection Of His Glory!

You were created to reflect the glory of the Lord in the earth!

He Is Writing Your Story.

He is writing the story of your life. He is causing the Bible to be lived out in your life. So keep your eyes on Him and Him alone.

There Is Hope For You (2)

Wherever there is water, there is the possibility of life. You cannot be stranded. There is hope for you, because there’s a river within you.

YOU ARE A WONDER(1): Breaking Out Of The Mold

Blissful, You are a wonder in this earth. It is time for you to step into a new reality and experience all God has for you.

Be The God You Are (2): Jesus Is Your Brother

Jesus' death on the Cross elevated you to divine status. You are his brother and share the same Father with him.

You Are A Sign And Wonder

You were created for so much more than an ordinary life. You are for signs and wonders!

Beyond Your Imagination

Your imagination is limited to what you have seen, heard, or experienced. Don't let it limit you, because God is bound to exceed it.

Breaking Negative Thought Patterns

Your thoughts become your reality.

No More Forms Of Godliness Without Power!

Today you will release the fire of God against every powerless form of godliness in your life and move forward by the Spirit.

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Blissfuls arise! Take your place among the gods and rule your day!