Personal Metamorphosis

‘Ye are gods’ describes you. You are more than your gifts and talents. Dare to go beyond yourself.

Time To Sail Away.

Yield yourself the the wind of the Spirit and set sail today with Him.

CHOOSE JOY! (5) It’s Contagious.

Joy is contagious. As you choose joy today, watch the joy spread like Wildfire!

CHOOSE JOY! (1) It’s A Choice.

Joy is a choice. Today I pray you choose well. Bliss be with you.

Choose To Deny Your Flesh

Choose to deny your flesh today and be led by the Holy Spirit.

Let the Word of Christ Dwell In You Richly 1: Your Foundation

The foundation of every child of God is the Word of God. Does it dwell in you richly or sparsely?

What A Waste (2): Outwardly Wasting Away

The Master, who loves you, is using the very things that the world despises to produce Christ in you.

What Are You Concerned About?

Only one thing is worth being concerned about.

The Power Of Forgiveness

Be powered by the Holy Spirit to forgive.

Simplify Your Life

Get rid of every baggage in your life. Be as carefree as the birds.

Get Set For Uncommon Solutions

Suffering breaks attachment to common solutions.

Break Me So You Can Use Me

Say this prayer and yield to the Holy Spirit.

We Are One Body

And, need each other to thrive as members of God’s family.

Don’t Covet!

Sometimes, your only job in the moment is simply to be happy for another’s success.

Forgive Yourself

Your ‘mistakes’ form part of your success story.

Commit It To God’s Hands

He is more than able.

What Are You Boasting About?

What are you boasting about? What do you pride yourself on?

The Mind Of Christ 5: The Work Of The Holy Spirit

Seeing the cross as a lifting is the work of the Holy Spirit.

The Mind Of Christ 4: When You Grow Up In Christ

When you grow up, the things that are highly valued and sought after by men, become garbage to you.

The Mind Of Christ 3: Let’s Grow Up In Christ

Spiritual maturity is to think like Christ.