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Personal Metamorphosis

‘Ye are gods’ describes you. You are more than your gifts and talents. Dare to go beyond yourself.

Don’t Limit God!

We can limit, frustrate, or slow down the possibilities and manifestation of God in our lives by our mindset.

It Will Be Obvious!

There will be no more doubt!

Receive The New Wine!

The Holy Spirit is the new wine. He’s bringing a fresh touch to every area of your life. Your struggles are giving way to Him.

#PrayerConnect 2020 – RELOADED!

oOnline prophetic prayers, bible studies, spiritual retreats, miracle ministrations, online deliverance services, in-depth teaching of God’s words and a whole lot more.

An Extraordinary Testimony Of God’s Love

God loves you. Unconditionally. And He does not condemn you.

We Will Not Fear

A person who is renewed with the fresh oil of the Holy Spirit has no room for fear.

Do Not Waver

God has given us His words. He is faithful. He will keep His promises.

Do Not Waver 2

How to guard your heart and prevail against everything that rises against God’s promises in your life.

God Will Multiply Your Channels

You are beloved of God. He loves you more than you can ever imagine. And He will take good care of you this year.

The Sting Of Death Has Been Stripped Away From This Coronavirus!

Stay in fellowship with the Holy Spirit and keep praying.

Prayer Connect 2020 Season 1 is on!

Do not be a passive observer. 
Be an active participant.

Heaven On Earth (I)

Right here. Right now,

Heaven On Earth (2)

What is the secret?

It Has Pleased God To Bless You

The Father’s Affection Is On You.

Your Helpers Will Remember You

To take you from a place of obscurity to significant relevance.

The Will Of God

The power of wanting what God wants.

Who Are You?

It’s an important question because the moment you know the answer, you truly start living.

You Will Recover All (7): Be Grateful And Generous

Share your victory with everyone who contributed in making it happen and even those who did not.

You Are A Display Of His Splendor!

God doing something in your life. In due time it will all come together. And when it does His glory will be on display for all to see!

Are You Ready?

Holy Spirit is bringing you to new and uncharted territory. Are you ready?