Personal Freedom

Think for yourself, reach your own conclusions, and refuse to be enslaved by others’ opinions.

Speak As God

He is in you. It is time to realize it and watch what happens. Today speak and declare as God Himself.

Upgrade Your Thinking

Embrace your own divinity today.

Speak For Yourself

A very important question for spiritual beings.

You Are One With God(5): The Same Spirit

You are rising to higher heights as you declare you are one with Him. The Same Spirit that was in Jesus is the very same Spirit in you!

You Are One With God(4):Come Out, Be Courageous!

Today connect to your true identity. Come out, be courageous to declare you are one with God!

You Are One With God(3):You Are Not A Sinner

No more will you see yourself as a sinner but as the life-giving spirit you are!

You Are One With God(2): Transform

You are one with God. There should be a continual transformation from glory to glory.

Breaking Negative Thought Patterns

Your thoughts become your reality.

Free To Be You

Soar on your Spirit wings!

Take Responsibility For Your Happiness

Today you will rule your day by taking responsibility for your peace, joy and happiness. It's a matter between you and the Lord.

Garments Of Praise.

Holy Spirit is breaking off heaviness and releasing a garment of praise as you obey His command given through our own Rev.

Your Light Has Come!

Be encouraged, no matter how dark it looks, the light is breaking forth now!

God Is Upgrading You!(4)

Today Holy Spirit will help you to forget about the things of the past so you move forward into the new!

God Is Upgrading You!(3)

Today you will begin to flow with the river of the Spirit into the new He has for you!

Yes…Help Is Coming!

God will make a way for you today. He will provide for all your needs.

Anointing Of Success (3)

Today Holy Spirit is releasing an anointing to help you succeed by divine strength.

Anointing Of Success (2)

Today Holy Spirit is releasing an anointing of speed to help you succeed in life.

Anointing Of Success (1)

Today Holy Spirit is releasing the anointing of success to help you succeed in your life.

The Oil Of Gladness Is Poured Into Your Life

Because God loves you and wants you to be burden free.

You Will Succeed!

Receive angelic help and great human assistance this season of phenomenal testimonies.