Personal Freedom

Think for yourself, reach your own conclusions, and refuse to be enslaved by others’ opinions.

Move Forward!

Time to break out the mold and move forward! God is with you and will strengthen you!

God Is Making A Way For You Where There Is No Way!

God has arranged supernatural deliverance for you and opened a door of escape from every impossible situation!

Do You Know My God?

Do you know my God? He is not a mantra or a doctrine. He is a Person. He desires that you know Him personally.

Are You Enjoying Your Life?

Are I enjoying your life? God wants you to be happy. He is the only one who can show you how.

God Is On Your Side

God is exposing things in your life. Don’t be afraid just let Him show you what to do! Let it work for you.

Beauty For Ashes

It’s time to move forward into what God has for you. He is giving you beauty for those ashes! Receive and walk in joy.

Unleashing The Deep Cry Of Your Heart

It‘s time to unleash what’s inside. From the depths of your heart God is unleashing you to know His love and to walk in your identity.

Results Come From Rest

Allow God to prune every burden not from Him. In this way you will experience His rest and see more results in your life!

You Are An Inspiration of the Almighty— Time To Unlock Your Identity!

The world is waiting for you to discover yourself. As you do you become an inspiration and assist in unlocking their identity as well.

Get Ready, God Is Unveiling You!

Get ready, God is Unveiling you to the world. You are His seed that He has planted. All will see your fruit and be nourished.

In Birthing Ishmael, Did Abraham Do Anything Wrong?

Was it ok for Abraham to do what he could to achieve what he needed?

Walk In Your Distinction

It’s time to break out of the mold. To walk in the unknown and unlock your identity. Recieve the courage to walk in your distinction!

You Are An Expression Of The Invisible God

Once you know your Source then you will begin to discover who you are. You are an expression of the invisbile God in the earth.

The Holy Spirit Loves Adventures!

And he desires to take you to new places!

It’s Time To EXPAND!

God is bringing you out of the small tent of thinking to gaze upon the great expanse of His possibilities for your life. It’s Time to EXPAND!

Even The Devil Knows And Quotes The Bible!

Don’t become a victim of those that use bible verses to intimidate, condemn, manipulate and control others.

Your Source Matters

Your source matters. It’s important for you to define and be aware of it, it is the foundation of your existance and life.

I Don’t Know Where I’m Going

But I know Who I’m following.

You Are Not Under A Curse

You are blessed and cannot be cursed.

Your Healing Will Quickly Appear

Be completely healed in every area of your life in Jesus Name!

Don’t Limit God!