Personal Freedom

Think for yourself, reach your own conclusions, and refuse to be enslaved by others’ opinions.

What We Believe

We believe that you are a unique variety of divinity.

Religion Produces A Lot Of Zombies

Religion, really, produces a lot of zombies. Little wonder someone once referred to as the opium of the masses. In religion, another man’s revelation...

Go for What You Really Want

Boldly embrace your own personal freedom and go for what you really want.

Fellowship with the Holy Spirit

Through continuous fellowship with the Holy Spirit, you can essentially and consciously become one with God, and consequently destroy death and the fruits of death.

Dare to Discover and Walk in Your Personal Truth

The spiritual journey is intensely personal – and frequently lonely. You came here alone, and will leave alone.

I shouldn’t tell you how to worship your God, and you shouldn’t tell me...

I think that organized religious systems enslave, rather than free people. They disempower rather than empower.

Do not let yourself be enslaved again

Dare to embrace and exercise your freedom from the opinion of others.