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Personal Freedom

Think for yourself, reach your own conclusions, and refuse to be enslaved by others’ opinions.

Illusions of Change

I don't think that anybody can change another person. I don't even think that anybody can change themselves.

All We Have Is Love

Share the love. Spread the fire.

Laugh Your Way To Victory

God knows the end of the story.

Jesus Came Into This World To Empower Us

Jesus came into this world to empower us through His life and death on the Cross. With faith in God and through your divinity, all things are possible for you.

It’s Time To EXPAND!

God is bringing you out of the small tent of thinking to gaze upon the great expanse of His possibilities for your life. It’s Time to EXPAND!

The Elusory Lady

Freedom's sweetness swiftly turns sour On the tongue of the simpleton.

My Present Personal Cross

Remember this? Well, go back to it and refresh your mind, because this post is a continuation of that one. At this point in my...

A Crash Course on Magic

Do you want the tricks and make-believe of magic, or the clearly awesome manifestations of mighty miracles of the Almighty God?

Stop Rejecting Yourself

Become comfortable in your own skin.

I shouldn’t tell you how to worship your God, and you shouldn’t tell me...

I think that organized religious systems enslave, rather than free people. They disempower rather than empower.

Why Jesus Was Born In A Manger

If you want to have solid relationships or strong followership, then package to repel. Use it as a tool to scare away the wrong people.The post Why Jesus Was Born In A Manger appeared first on Wildfire Daily.

Break New Grounds and Experience More Bliss!

Challenge yourself in new ways, to reach heights and experiences you've never had before.

Expect A Powerful Miracle In Your Life Today That Will Shame God’s Enemies In...

Please, are there any #Amen people left on this planet that truly believe in God and miracles?

Sin Exposed!

This video message shares some deep insights into the mystery of sin.

You Are NOT A Victim; You Are VICTORIOUS!

No longer will you stay stagnant in the victim mentality. You are VICTORIOUS, that is your reality!

How About We Package To Repel?

Jesus felt no need to attract people to Himself. He preserved his freedom to live His life in a manner to please only the Father.The post How About We Package To Repel? appeared first on Wildfire Daily.

I See Your Enemies Scattered Like Chaff Before The Wind!

Expect your breakthroughs and testimonies!

The Alabama 2017 Wildfire Retreat III

Amazing photos from the Alabama 2017 Wildfire Retreat.

Beauty For Ashes

It’s time to move forward into what God has for you. He is giving you beauty for those ashes! Receive and walk in joy.

The Holy Spirit Loves Adventures!

And he desires to take you to new places!

Don’t Limit God!