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Think for yourself, reach your own conclusions, and refuse to be enslaved by others’ opinions.

Why Do You Really Need To Show Off?

Showiness is a sign of low self-esteem, and only attracts the wrong people. So steer clear of showiness in your relationships.The post Why Do You Really Need To Show Off? appeared first on Wildfire Daily.

Religion Produces A Lot Of Zombies

Religion, really, produces a lot of zombies. Little wonder someone once referred to as the opium of the masses. In religion, another man’s revelation...

Confront Your Fears!

As you do, mysterious forces will come to your aid and hand you over customised victory.

Hello, I Am Holy Spirit(3):Your Guide

Holy Spirit wants you to know Him as your Guide today. Read what He has to say to you. Let Him take full control.

God Is Making A Way For You Where There Is No Way!

God has arranged supernatural deliverance for you and opened a door of escape from every impossible situation!

God Is In Control

God can accomplish His purposes in our lives independent of our efforts.

Be Loosed Of Limitations!

Today the fire of the Almighty is burning up every grave-cloth that is limiting you from operating to the fullest of your divinity.

Your Most Authentic Moment

There is no point falling over yourself in a bid to impress others. Build relationships only with those who are impressed by your essence.The post Your Most Authentic Moment appeared first on Wildfire Daily.

Join Blissfuls Every Day On Zoom

Blissfuls arise! Take your place among the gods and rule your day!

Laugh Your Way To Victory

God knows the end of the story.

Get Ready, God Is Unveiling You!

Get ready, God is Unveiling you to the world. You are His seed that He has planted. All will see your fruit and be nourished.

JUST RECEIVE!(3)-He Is At Work In You.

The Holy Spirit is busy in you giving you the desire and power to do the will of God. Just receive!

YOU ARE A WONDER(3):Holy Spirit Empowered

Manifesting as a wonder is only possible through the work of the Holy Spirit. Be empowered afresh by Him to be the wonder you are.

Let It Go (1) : God Wants You To Forgive

As you extend mercy and forgiveness to others when they offend you, you will enjoy God's mercy and forgiveness.

My Present Personal Cross

Remember this? Well, go back to it and refresh your mind, because this post is a continuation of that one. At this point in my...

Speak As God

He is in you. It is time to realize it and watch what happens. Today speak and declare as God Himself.

Hello, I Am Holy Spirit(4):Your Burden Bearer

Today Holy Spirit will reveal another aspect of His Person and work in your life. He is your burden bearer. Release every burden to Him today.

Do You Know My God?

Do you know my God? He is not a mantra or a doctrine. He is a Person. He desires that you know Him personally.

The God Of Solutions

What is your problem or need today? You are invited to the throne of grace to pour your heart out to the God of Solutions.

Find Rest For Your Soul

Rest is a sign of fulfillment, and fulfillment can only come by the death of self.