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Personal Freedom

Think for yourself, reach your own conclusions, and refuse to be enslaved by others’ opinions.

Do Not Neglect Your Faith

This is how to build up your faith. Very simple.

Sin Exposed!

This video message shares some deep insights into the mystery of sin.

Inoculation Against Christmas Demons

Greed and coveteousness are twin demons, and they will plunge a lot of people into ruin this Christmas season. May you be wise enough not to be infected by the disease. In Jesus name.

Laugh Your Way To Victory

God knows the end of the story.

I See Your Enemies Scattered Like Chaff Before The Wind!

Expect your breakthroughs and testimonies!

Let God Arise And Let His Enemies Be Scattered! (Part 1)

May He clear the way for you to advance in life, in Jesus name!

Free From Lucifer’s Spell

Learn why it’s so difficult to maintain your focus on the Holy Spirit. Connect with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus Will Finish What He Started In You

If you are God’s child, He is committed to finishing the good work that He began in you. Your success is certain despite the obstacles that you might face.

God’s Love Frees

God’s love does not manipulate.

You Are Not Under A Curse

You are blessed and cannot be cursed.

In The Middle Of The Garden

God has blessed you with a tremendous power. You have the power to choose.

May God Deliver You From Wicked People!

Looking at the calmness and smiles on their faces, I could never have imagined that they were capable of what they were doing in their darkest and most secret corners!

Dance Till You Drop!

And as you dance, watch out!!! The testimonies this season will absolutely blow your mind!

God Is Making A Way For You Where There Is No Way!

God has arranged supernatural deliverance for you and opened a door of escape from every impossible situation!

You Are An Expression Of The Invisible God

Once you know your Source then you will begin to discover who you are. You are an expression of the invisbile God in the earth.

Take Pride In Yourself Alone

Focus on your own journey.

Let Every Stop Sign To Your Breakthrough Be Knocked Down Right Now In Jesus...

Receive Your Deliverance Right Now In Jesus Name!

Your Secret Weapon To Mysterious Victories

You will surely see an unprecedented manifestation of God’s victories in your life in the days ahead of you.

The Best Way To Make High Quality Choices In Life

This is the best way to ensure that you are on the right track in life.

Reign In Life

Dominate your circumstances.

Don’t Limit God!