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Personal Freedom

Think for yourself, reach your own conclusions, and refuse to be enslaved by others’ opinions.

Sustaining All Things By His Powerful Word

This message contains a very important warning from the Holy Spirit.

Know Your Value

The value of your life is the blood of God. You are worth more than you know. It's time to know your value!

The Thoughts Of The Father

Do you know Gods thinks about you?Today let Him flood your mind with His thoughts and be encouraged and filled with hope.

God Is Reversing Your Outcome!

Have you made a foolish choice? Do you need God to intervene? Today God is reversing the intended outcome for you! Receive His mercy and favor.

Give God The Highest Praise!

Holy Spirit is unlocking the gates of praise in your heart. Release the highest praise to your God today!

Your Suffering Is Over!

Your suffering is over! Reach out and touch the Lord today and be made whole.

Nothing Is Too Hard For Him!

It trying times it’s very easy and tempting to look to your own strength or that of others. But today put your trust in the Almighty God, NOTHING is too hard for Him!

You Are The Rare

You are the rare. Today we will bless the Lord for this rare bissful family.

You Are God’s Child

Your case is different because you are a son (child) of the King.

You Are Accepted

God loves you and has accepted you. Just enjoy Him and be thankful.

Circumvent The Rules!

Make it work for you.

Expect Total Restoration

The current situation you’re facing is not the enemies first attempt on your life but it will be the last.

You Are A Display Of His Splendor!

God doing something in your life. In due time it will all come together. And when it does His glory will be on display for all to see!

A Secret To Bliss

Life is full of highs and lows. But Holy Spirit wants to teach you a secret to bliss in any situation or circumstance life may throw your way.

The Siege Is Over!

I've gotten good news from the Father for you today. He has seen what you are going through and declared: THE SIEGE IS OVER!

Let It Go

Offences are a part of life. Receive grace from the Holy Spirit to let go of past hurts, and keep no record of wrongs.

Relax And Enjoy Yourself!

Be set free by the Holy Spirit from the endless rat race of sweating or feeling the need to sweat before you can eat.

Speak For Yourself

A very important question for spiritual beings.

You Are One With God(5): The Same Spirit

You are rising to higher heights as you declare you are one with Him. The Same Spirit that was in Jesus is the very same Spirit in you!

Ignore Your Accusers

Let God fight and win for you.