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Personal Freedom

Think for yourself, reach your own conclusions, and refuse to be enslaved by others’ opinions.

The Illusion Of Freedom

You were set free to be bound.

Publish The Word

Don’t hold back. Bring in your supplies and strengthen the body.

It’s Not Late Yet

God’s mercies are new every morning, as higher heights awaits you.

The Anointing Of The Spirit

It’s falling afresh on you.

Your Spirit Will Flourish

Because flesh will not hold you captive.

Counted Among Rebels

For our restoration.

Do Not Judge

A product of the fall.

Worship In Spirit And In Truth 2: False Worship

Any worship based on the flesh is false. It worths nothing.

If It’s Not Easy And Light, It’s Not God!

Weariness, stress, and burnout is a sign that you're carrying your own burden.

No Need To Struggle!

Let God's power rest on you.

Tongues Of Fire 3

We will see another aspect of the tongue today. Receive this fresh revelation and your life will never be the same.

Overcoming the Spirit of Lucifer

The spirit of Lucifer exalts self. We overcome him by transcending self and putting God first.

Bitter Or Better?

You have the right to choose to allow the hurts and disappointments of this life make you bitter or better. Which one will you choose?

Time To Sail Away.

Yield yourself the the wind of the Spirit and set sail today with Him.

CHOOSE JOY! (5) It’s Contagious.

Joy is contagious. As you choose joy today, watch the joy spread like Wildfire!

CHOOSE JOY! (4) Choose What Matters.

Your values and preferences matter a lot in how you experience life. As your choices align with Heaven you will experience more joy!

CHOOSE JOY! (3)Don’t Make A Big Deal Out Of It.

Starve your problems today by focusing on the Lord. Make a big deal out of Him.

Forgive Yourself

Your ‘mistakes’ form part of your success story.

Be Delivered From Trauma!

God has set you free from every lingering mental, emotional and psychological pain.

It’s Not Your Fault

Stop blaming yourself.