Intimacy With God

Intimate communion with God is man’s ultimate calling; his primary responsibility.

The Only One You Should Be Attached To

He is the only one that truly knows why you are here. He is the only one that can lead you to your own personal success in destiny.

The Holy Spirit Is Our Habitat

As long as you’re living, moving, and having your being within the boundaries of the Spirit, all that the Father has given you will gracefully come to you with zero struggle and stress.

Radical Focus

Choose To Stay Put At His Feet. No matter who or what Satan is trying to use to distract you.

Faith For The Impossible

Put your feet down.i

To The Holy Spirit With Love

Powered by the purest love for the Holy Spirit.

Only One Thing Is Needed

This is life. This is joy and peace. This is contentment and great gain. This is bliss.

Bumper To Bumper

No gaps. No looking left or right.

Led By the Holy Spirit (6)

Your world is waiting to drink from your overflow as you relentlessly follow after the Holy Spirit.

Led By The Holy Spirit (5)

Those who are led by the Holy Spirit begin by sincerely doing two things.

Led By The Holy Spirit (4)

I’m praying for you to experience this blissful reality of always being led by the Holy Spirit at all times.

Led By The Holy Spirit (3)

When you choose to be led by the Holy Spirit, and commit wholeheartedly to that choice each day, the most amazing things happen.

Led By The Holy Spirit (2)

Who are the Children of God?

Led By The Holy Spirit (1)

Men of the Spirit do not cross the boundaries defined by the Holy Spirit for them.

Give Thanks With A Grateful Heart

Take a moment today and share your grateful reflections. 🙏

Fresh Oil!

Fresh oil means a fresh and greater capacity of strength; of wisdom and grace.

We Need Fresh Oil

Oh Lord, pour out a fresh oil upon us and fill us afresh with Your new anointing. In Jesus name!
Rev Wildfire Praying.

From Everyone Whose Heart Prompts Them

To the Holy Spirit with love.

The 5 Basic Principles Of Prayer Connect For Blissful People (#5)

May we learn to be relentless in prayer; to never quit until we get God’s answer.

Don’t Limit God!