Intimacy With God

Intimate communion with God is man’s ultimate calling; his primary responsibility.

Flow In The River Of Life

Dryness will give way to freshness. Everything will live and thrive again.

Grow In The Call

As God’s child, the key to growing in the call and enjoying intimate relationship with God is in your prompt response to Him.

What Do You Inspire In Others?

What happens when people hear you speak? What do you inspire in them?

The Price For Life

The price for life is death.

Find Rest For Your Soul

Rest is a sign of fulfillment, and fulfillment can only come by the death of self.

Don’t Live As An Enemy Of God!

You live as an enemy of God when you fancy and adopt the same values as the world.

Do You Have Understanding?

Are you among those with real understanding of who to pursue in this life, or are you distracted with the temporary things of the world?

Love Not The World!

Love for God and love for the world is not compatible.

Progress To Divinity!

Humanity will always fight the progression to divinity, but absolute surrender to the Holy Spirit is the key. Receive the grace!

Rejoice In The Sufferings of Christ

Rejoice in your cross - in the sufferings that come as a result of your obedience to the Holy Spirit, simply because you love Him.

True Riches 1: Go For True Riches

True riches are those experiences and values we gain in our walk with the Holy Spirit, as a result of our surrender to Him.

Lean Not On Your Own Understanding

The Lord's instructions rarely make human sense. However,the script of your life has been written by the God who loves you. Trust Him.

Do You Love Me More?

Honestly peer into your heart to answer the question of the Spirit to you today.

Nothing Can Rob Your Joy!

It will be permanent.

Patience Is Your Perfecter.

Let patience work in you to complete you and fulfill your heart.

First Love.

It’s time to get back to your first love.

Rule Over Your Desire

If it doesn’t matter to you, then it can’t stop you.

Hear The Truth

Jesus didn’t answer Pilate when He asked about this.

Clean Up Your Room!

Eliminate hindrances to your spiritual ascent.

Let God’s Will Prevail

Because in time, you will thank Him for it.