Intimacy With God

Intimate communion with God is man’s ultimate calling; his primary responsibility.

Stay Tuned To God’s Voice

Do not allow the challenges of life, and the demands of day to day living, distract you from God and His words.

The Fear of God

If the fear of God is not in you, His wisdom will elude you. This is because He can only confide in those who fear him.

Fruits of Revival (vol. 1)

Individual testimonies and experiences from the ongoing revival and move of the Holy Spirit in our midst.

The Secret to Uncommon Solutions

Uncommon, mysterious, strange, supernatural, and divine ideas...generating phenomenal results.

Surrender is the key to ease

So much bliss and sweetness await you beyond the 'grave'.

God With Us Makes All The Difference

We make plans and schedule events. However, only God’s presence working in us and through us, can give us the desired results we seek.

God’s Principal Craving

If you must partake in God’s virtues and secrets, then your life and activities must be streamlined to suit God’s rare taste.

Prioritize the Word of God

God needs your time more than your money. God needs your heart more than your time. Essentially, God wants all of you – your body, soul and spirit.

Lean On Me

When the storms of life come, raging with insensitive intensity at you, the Lord says, "You can lean on me".

Life’s Essence

Earthly things have left me dry,only you can satisfy, my heart is longing for more of you...

He Craves Your Company

Is it not tragic that we do more and more for a Lord whom we know less and less? That, in spite of all our services for Him, few Christians really know Him?

Ignite Your Passion for God

The pursuit of God is the greatest of all pursuits.

God-Centered Sacrifices

This week, in our home church, Pastor WD Favour’s teaching on ASTUTE LEADERSHIP steered the string of events. We started, as always, by getting our...

Your Personal Walk with God II

Your personal walk with God can pose challenges. Its His walk with you, so He is always there to help you walk through the fire unscathed and stronger than ever.

God Works All Things Together For You

When one door closes, God has another door already open for you to walk right through! In fact, the closing of one door is a sure sign that there's a better door.

Your Personal Walk with God

Our meeting seemed more like a therapy session. Everyone was expected to tell their own stories about their personal walks with God, the challenges so far and how the challenges can be overcome.

Perspectives on Purity.

We need to desire a pure heart, pray towards it, and invite the Lord to cleanse our hearts just as David did in Psalm 51:16

Don’t Limit God!