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Intimacy With God

Intimate communion with God is man’s ultimate calling; his primary responsibility.

Are you a Victim of Charismatic Manipulations?

It’s so embarrassing to see what so called men of God are doing; how they exploit their congregation.

The Ways of God

To observe, understand and imitate the ways of God, you will need the help of the Holy Spirit; and for this you really need to pray.

God Has Opened Extraordinary New Doors For Us!

He is bringing us into powerful new realities that will transform our lives and that of everyone around us.

Your Prosperity Is Arriving Soon!

And so today, in whatever area you’ve been a victim of hoping and trusting in a man or woman, receive total deliverance in Jesus Name!

Go For Results That Dazzle

When they see signs and wonders, they’ll believe.

It’s A Tough Road

God has called us to glory and immortality. But the pathway is fraught with challenges. You have to be faithful in prayer in order to successfully walk this path.

It’s Ok To Be Weak

Because Heaven helps those who cannot help themselves.

Your God Is Your Defender

God is your defender and your stronghold. Trials and temptations can’t overcome you any more, because your weaknesses have lost their capacity to stop you.

May You Forever Be Wrapped In The Love And Glory Of The Holy Spirit!...

“Yet, you know what? The moment my Presence manifested in your room to wake you, every single demon anywhere near you vanished instantaneously!”

Very Soon It Will All Make Sense

Those difficulties and challenges are merely stepping stones.

How Do You Deal With Life’s Crisis

Life is full of crisis. In dealing with crisis, you can choose to employ God’s help like Jesus did or ignore the possibilities of God like most folks do.

Each Time You See God, You See Yourself.

Just as your reflection in the mirror only appears when you stand in front of the mirror, only you can discover your true identity in God.

Be Persistent in Doing Good

You must learn to wait for the manifestations of the promises of God for your life, because it is through faith and patience that you inherit the promise.

Can You Make It Without God’s Help?

Some people's destinies are too phenomenal that no amount of ingenuity, talent or hard work can get them there.

Introducing The Wildfire Retreat

It is about the courage to love and seek God as THE ONLY TREASURE of your heart.

A Family Devotion in Every Home

Carry your family along in your walk with God. Having a regular family devotion in your home is vital to building a strong and godly family.

You’ll Walk On The Storms

Counted among the distinguished.

God Answers Prayers

I will always pray for you. Submit your prayers here.

Prayer Connect 2018-03

When the power of the Holy Spirit moves into your situation, your story will change.

Personal Altar Or Personal Sanctuary?

In Christ, you are a living personal altar to God; not a space or erected structure designated for worship.

Don’t Limit God!