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Intimacy With God

Intimate communion with God is man’s ultimate calling; his primary responsibility.

The Mind Of Christ 4: When You Grow Up In Christ

When you grow up, the things that are highly valued and sought after by men, become garbage to you.

You Are Always In The Presence Of God

Receive the help of the Holy Spirit today to remain aware of the presence and joy of the Lord.

A Great Family; God’s Gift to You

God wants to give you a great family. Take the pains to train your children in God’s ways, and enjoy the blessings that come from having a great family.

The Way Of The Lord Is A Person

The way of the LORD is not a set of principles. He is a person; a Spirit. His name is Jesus Christ.

Move From Race To Grace (1)

Life is like a race. No one can successfully run the race of life apart from the grace of God.

The Price For Life

The price for life is death.

The Human Flesh Is Weak

So, stop trying to obey God’s commands, to do His will, or to please Him by your own efforts. Because you can’t.

I Am Content With Our Home Church

Don’t bother looking over your shoulder at what God has given another. Discover your unique assignment, and be content with it!

When The Lord Is Your Shepherd (3): He Makes You

Struggle, misery, and frustration set in when we attempt to make ourselves. Embrace the help of the Holy Spirit afresh today.

Uphold Your Joy

Receive grace to be consistently joyful.

Small And Hidden

Tap into its preserving power.

July Fast Day One

A powerful breakthrough is around the corner. I can smell it.

You Are God’s Best Move

I really pray you'll be inspired and transformed by this brief message. https://youtu.be/oFLmmk0N08I

Does God Answer Every Prayer? PART 3

Do you want God to answer all of your prayers? Then watch this video.

You Need To Discover Why God Works

To walk in harmony with Him, you need to discover why God works, what your work is, and then do your work the same way.

God Has Remembered You For Good

A 3-fold dimensional wisdom is released to Blissfuls. So, all peoples will know the difference between those who serve God and those who do not.

Who Are You? (1) Keys To The Kingdom

The foremost answer you will ever need to answer is this: Who Are You? Over the next four articles I will look at some important aspects of the identity of a Child Of God.

Let’s Dance Like David Danced!

The ball is now in your court. What are you waiting for? Let’s dance!!!

Worship Calls for Toughness

You don't become an Abraham – a great name; father of many nations and religions – just by showing up in church.

In The Multitude Of Counsellors

You find safety and divine counsel for daily blissful living and winning.