Inspirational Leadership

Inspire your world and the worlds to come by letting your light shine.

This Is The Finger Of God

Expect the finger of God this season. Expect to see results and manifestations that can only happen by the power of God working in your life. Believe God this season for great miracles.

Dare To Inspire Your World

When you see someone who makes a mistake, you can show them who they really are with the word of God.

My Parents Were Excellent Reflectors

My mum made me feel as though I was the only perfect child. In fact, she kept saying that if every child was like me, then she would have had twenty children!

Think More In Terms Of Leaving An Enduring Legacy

As you look ahead this year, I want to encourage you to walk in the footsteps of Elijah. Think more in terms of lasting relevance, long-term impact, lasting influence and leave an enduring legacy as you fulfill your God-given mission.

Elijah’s More Effective Strategy

As a leader, are you developing other leaders to continue your mission even after you're gone from the scene?

The Real Deal About Elijah

While Elijah is better known for the fire that fell on Carmel, he transformed his nation and altered the course of their history due to a less known -- but far more powerful and effective -- aspect of his work.

You Need Your Team To Achieve Your Dream

For you to achieve your dream you need a team, you need to learn how to connect with other people, to empower other people. You need to build a network of strategic relationships.

Queen Esther was Quite Crafty!

Queen Esther employed all the resources at her disposal to achieve her mission.

What Is The Transformational Impact Of Your Ministry, Business, Career?

What is the transformational impact of your ministry, business, and career? What is the relevance of the activities that you are engaged in, to your target audience?

Don’t Miss The Point!

Falling down under the anointing can be cool; but does that manifestation accelerate the materialization of your dreams?

Go For Tangible Results

Elijah didn’t just want to be admired and applauded for his supernatural feats. He wanted to create results that were real. He wanted to have results that were lasting. He wanted to go for tangible results

To Succeed, Ask The Right Questions

When you ask the question, ‘what’s the point?’, you are asking the right question. And to achieve success, you have to ask the right questions.

A Utopian Expectation

Elijah’s expectation was that he would be celebrated by his people. He expected that there was going to be significant transformation in his nation, as a result of his spectacular display of power.

What’s The Point?

“What’s the point in all these supernatural manifestations in my life if I’m about to be killed by a woman."

Why Was Elijah Depressed?

What’s the point in calling down fire from heaven if it won’t transform my nation?

You Too Can Do This

Dare to pray. Dare to believe. Then dare to step out in faith. Yes, you too can!

Mr Missionary, What About Your Immediate Family?

The new mission frontier is no longer China, Africa or one unknown country in a forgotten part of the world. It is your family. Take the Gospel to your wife. Take the Gospel to your kids. Take the Gospel to your husband.

It’s not enough to be faithful; you must be fruitful

The first instruction programmed by the divine word into the human spirit and consciousness is 'Be fruitful'.

How To Walk in Integrity

Integrity is your capacity to keep your promises, even when it’s not convenient.