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Inspire your world and the worlds to come by letting your light shine.

You Can Still Say “Father, Thank You”

Like Jesus, have faith in the possibilities of God. It doesn't matter what you have versus what you are faced with; you can still say, "Father, Thank you".

Prayer Connect 2018-04

We will receive the power of the Lord only when the Holy Spirit takes His place in our lives.

You Have Enough Favour To Bless A Trillion Souls!

You carry God within you and so you have all you need to realize your dreams and achieve personal success. You have enough favour to bless a trillion souls.

My Present Personal Cross

Remember this? Well, go back to it and refresh your mind, because this post is a continuation of that one. At this point in my...

The Kingdom Of God 4

The Mustard Seed.

Let God’s Will Prevail

Because in time, you will thank Him for it.

Faith For The Impossible

Put your feet down.i

Rejoice With Those That Rejoice

Receive grace today to rise above envy and jealousy. Receive a peaceful mind today. And may your body be filled with sound health. In Jesus name. Amen.

The Mystery Of Abundance

To break the backbone of poverty in any life, family or nation, what you need is not cash.

Think More In Terms Of Leaving An Enduring Legacy

As you look ahead this year, I want to encourage you to walk in the footsteps of Elijah. Think more in terms of lasting relevance, long-term impact, lasting influence and leave an enduring legacy as you fulfill your God-given mission.

Don’t Miss The Point!

Falling down under the anointing can be cool; but does that manifestation accelerate the materialization of your dreams?

Let’s Push The Limits

You would definitely need to push the limits — as in, pierce through your worst nightmares —in order to reach your wonderland.

An Obvious Distinction

It’s as you keep on loving and doing the sometimes inconvenient, that you experience the obvious distinction.

Led By The Holy Spirit (4)

I’m praying for you to experience this blissful reality of always being led by the Holy Spirit at all times.

The Only Treasure

Who is your God? What are your values and priorities?

The Basis for Abraham’s Family

Abraham was a great father. He successfully built the greatest family that ever was, on the principles, values and ways of God.

Credibility and the Gay Marriage Issue

I think it's about time hypocritical 'Christian activists' stopped deceiving themselves.

Always Guided By The Holy Spirit

The aim of this message is to encourage Blissful People to focus more on being faithful and consistent in following the guidance of theHoly Spirit.

It’s All About Love

Gods make strategic moves when they’re in love.

Great Men Move Away From The Crowd

To leave a legacy, distance yourself from the crowd. Protect your freedom to do the right thing, irrespective of the expectations of those around you.The post Great Men Move Away From The Crowd appeared first on Wildfire Daily.