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Inspirational Leadership

Inspire your world and the worlds to come by letting your light shine.

The Anointing Of The Spirit

It’s falling afresh on you.

Gaze Steadily Into Heaven

Be courageous and fearless.

If It Were You

Would people know about Jesus today?

Trust Without Borders

You will never know the corruption of the flesh.

The Doings Of The Holy Spirit (3): The Days Of His Power

Dear Blissful, follow the Holy Spirit. He makes everything beautiful in its time.

The Doings Of The Holy Spirit (2): You Can’t Make These Things Up

I choose the doings of the Holy Spirit over any man-made schemes and plans.

We Are One Body

And, need each other to thrive as members of God’s family.

Don’t Covet!

Sometimes, your only job in the moment is simply to be happy for another’s success.

What Are You Boasting About?

What are you boasting about? What do you pride yourself on?
Rev Wildfire interacting with Blissful People at the Wildfire Amen Retreat, Hammond, USA.

Don’t Neglect The Meeting Of Believers

Because every Word is for your now or future.

Stick To Your Identity

You are one with God.

What Do You Inspire In Others?

What happens when people hear you speak? What do you inspire in them?

Hear The Truth

Jesus didn’t answer Pilate when He asked about this.

Overflow With Compassion

When you overflow with compassion for people, you attract the solutions of God into their lives.

Let God’s Will Prevail

Because in time, you will thank Him for it.

Who Are You Representing?

Be faithful to whoever sent you.

Essential Living

One of the most powerful key to unlocking supernatural favour and living blissfully, is heart-felt gratitude.

How Deep Is Your Love?

Your actions and choices will reveal your inner truth.