Can A Rabbit Learn To Fly An Aircraft?

If you are in Christ, you have a lot to thank Jesus for. He ushered in realities for you that you couldn’t have achieved on your own even in a thousand lifetimes. After Jesus died on the cross of Calvary, resurrected on the third day, and ascended into glory at the right hand of the Father, He ushered in a new self. Jesus Christ ushered in a new nature. And if you are in Christ, you have received a new nature; and that nature is the nature of God. You have become a participant in the nature of God. You have become a partaker of the divine nature.

Nature defines limits. What you do is determined by who you are.

For instance, can a rabbit fly an aircraft? Will it ever be able to learn to do so? There’s no way in the world you can teach a rabbit to fly an aircraft; that’s not possible. It might want to, and you might put in all the effort to teach the rabbit, but it’s not going to learn to fly.

Furthermore, imagine for a moment that you boarded an airplane on your way to another city. And just before the plane takes off, you look into the cockpit, and to your puzzlement, you see a rabbit perched on top of the pilot seat. You make enquiries and you are told that plane is going to be flown by the rabbit.  What will you do? I for one will take my bag and exit that airport, because no way am I going to enter an aircraft that is being flown by a rabbit.

The nature of the rabbit definitely allows it to drill holes through the earth; it can do a lot of things, but the rabbit can never learn to fly an aircraft. What it can and cannot do have already been defined by it’s rabbit-nature.

Nature defines limits. Your nature decides what you can learn, and what you can’t learn.

Now, understand this: In other to alter your realities and capabilities, in order to take the limits off you, Jesus had to first change your nature through His death, resurrection  and glorification. If you are in Christ, you are now a new creation in Jesus Christ. You now have the omnipotent divine nature of God.