By the way?Who are You talking to?

One day, a young undergraduate of Electronic Engineering at the university here came to see me. He was the prayer coordinator for one of the large Christian Students Fellowships on Campus and wanted to spend some days at our home for a time of prayer. I allowed him the use of our guest room.

He spent three nights here and we could barely sleep at night!

His style of prayer is common here – rapidly moving around the room and screaming at the top of his voice. You could hear every bit of his prayer from any part of the house. I was used to all that anyway because, as I said, it’s quite a common style of prayer here.

Something rather interesting, however, occurred on the morning he was to leave. That morning, I had to deliver a talk at a seminar of the Presbyterian Student’s Fellowship after my usual early morning workout at the Campus mini-stadium. Since I probably wouldn’t be at home at the time of his leaving later that day, he had to see me before I went for my morning exercises. He seemed a bit perplexed as we sat together in the sitting room and I perceived he had some questions on his mind.

He didn’t waste any time before shooting it at me. “When do you pray?” he asked me.
It was now my turn to wonder!
I pondered over his question for a few seconds and all the while I kept thinking, “What’s the reason behind this?”
Of course, it didn’t take much time before it hit me! So I decided to respond with a question of mine, “Do I pray?” I asked.
“I believe you do,” was his instant reply, “or else we wouldn’t see the kind of results we see in your life and ministry here on the Campus,” he continued. “But then” he wondered out loud, “I’ve been here for the past three days and nights and I’ve never for once heard you praying.”
I wasn’t mistaken. I had perceived his thinking accurately!
This time, I was amused. “Well,” I asked smiling, “why should you hear me? Are you the one to whom I’m praying?”

Eventually, I said to him, “I’m not interested in whether you or any other human being hear me praying. I’m rather interested in Him – the One to Whom I’m praying – hearing me. If He hears me, then there will be results whether you or others hear me or not.”
I parted from him that morning still wondering whether he got the meaning and implications of my comments. Such things usually don’t sink that easily.

By the way, who are you talking to?

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