Don’t Box The Air; Box Targets.

How relevant are your activities to your desired goal? To achieve personal success, you must be strategic in what you do. You need to take relevant steps to realize your dreams and vision.

Paul challenges us to be strategic in what we do.

 ‘Therefore I do not run like the man running aimlessly, I do not fight like a man beating the air’.
~1st Corinthians 9:26

It actually takes a lot of energy to beat the air. The same energy you use to box the air can be used to knock somebody down. Many of these activities that people engage in take time, attention, and other vital resources. Wisdom demands that you spend your resources strategically.

A lot of folks just box the air. They hustle and bustle a great deal. They do a lot of things.  They enter into associations. They join organizations. I’ve seen people tell me they’re going somewhere to just do some sort of assignment in an organization and I ask them what’s the point? Why are you doing that?

Paul said, ‘I’m not running aimlessly’. You should never run aimlessly. There must be an aim to your running; there must be a purpose to your actions. You should not box the air, you should box targets. Don’t be like someone who’s just running around the field, and he’s not able to score the goal. There must be something you’re aiming at, something you want to hit at; that’s living a purposeful life.

You must channel your actions towards achieving your God-given mission. God brings opportunities and resources your way to enable you do this. So you must routinely evaluate your current activities otherwise success will elude you.

Are you hitting your desired targets or are you merely boxing the air?