Boundaries Or Barriers? (2): Lift The Barriers!

Thessalonians 3:11 NIV | “Now may our God and Father Himself, and our Lord Jesus clear the way for us to come to you.”

Every force has an anti-power that can easily destroy it. As powerful as fire is, it cannot withstand the flood. In yesterday’s text, the Lord hindered Paul from preaching in Bithynia. In Thessalonians 2:18, Satan hindered them, and so, in today’s text, we see Him calling on the greatest force to clear the way for them.

This world is a one-powered universe. Everything ultimately bows to the power of God. I hinted yesterday about the seeming difficult situation I had. As I pushed by the Spirit, the mountain mysteriously moved. I realised it was a barrier, and that not every closed door is of God.

While boundaries are put in our lives by God to protect us, barriers keep us from accessing God’s perfect will, but give way as we pray. Is that lingering issue in your life a boundary or a barrier? Find out through prayer. Engage the power of this age. May your divine boundaries be protected, and may God lift every barrier, and clear the way for you!