Testimonies from Awka

On this page, I will be presenting all of the individual reports of supernatural healings that occurred during my missions trip to Awka here in Nigeria, this December, where I spoke and ministered at the Pneuma Bible Conference. 

It was such a great experience for me and everyone that attended.  The presence of God was so manifest that many people were moved and touched. We prayed for those who were sick and there were so many healings and miracles. 

I will continue to update this page with the stories and testimonies of these healings and miracles as we receive and verify them.  My hope and belief is that as you read this stories of genuine healings and miracles performed through the power of the Name of Jesus Christ, you will also receive the faith and inspiration to trust God for your own healings and miracles. 

I believe that stories reproduce themselves! So, as you read these testimonies, may you experience healings and miracles too!

Remember that you can write to me for prayers and help with any health or spiritual issues that you may be struggling with at this time.  I have prayed for many over the phone and via the internet who have experienced tremendous help from the Lord.  Also feel free to follow me on Facebook, and Twitter so we can stay better connected.

You can also make plans to meet with me live at any of my conferences, retreats and other events near you and around the world.  Visit this page for updates to my itinerary 

Thanks for your continued prayers and support as I travel around the world spreading the love and power of Jesus Christ.

Healed of partial deafness!

KENNY G “I want to appreciate God for his HEALING. I had a big challenge with my right ear. It was a big problem to me because I could hardly hear with it. It was so bad that I couldn’t even clean the ear for the pain hurt so badly. When Pastor WD Favour laid hands on me and prayed for me during the conference, God healed me. Afterwards, I noticed that – unlike before my healing – I could make calls with that ear and the sound was clear. Now I can clean my ears without pain and I don’t have any more problems with clearly hearing sounds! Praise be the name of GOD!”

Okafor Kenechukwu
Intimate vessel’s church,
Awka, Nigeria.

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Mission Reports from Awka

Pastor WD Favour teaching at the Pneuma Bible Conference The past weekend was a great time for me. I travelled with Sharon (my wife) to the city of Awka, about 45 minutes from where we live here in the south eastern part of Nigeria.

I was there as the guest speaker at the Pneuma Bible Conference – a Holy Spirit retreat hosted by a young couple, Pastors David and Angela Akanwa, who are the founding Pastors of a young and growing Church called the Intimate Vessels Church.  WD_Dave_Angela1

As always, my principal objective in these retreats is to inspire my audience into deeper intimacy with God. I was especially eager to speak at this conference because it draws a 100 percent audience of young men and women almost entirely below the age of 30. Helping lay a godly foundation in the lives of young men and women, and thus help shape their future, is a calling I feel so honoured to undertake.

This conference attracted well over a hundred young adults, mostly from the Nnamdi Azikiwe University there in Awka.  So, as would be expected, the audience was predominantly comprised of university undergraduates.

I spoke on a wide range of issues, but always with the core purpose of challenging these young people to put God first in Cross section of the audience at the Conferencetheir priorities.  I called upon them to forsake negative habits, to re-dedicate their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ, and to open their lives to the grace and power of the Lord. During the Saturday morning session, I spoke on the subject of integrity in life and leadership – a major emphasis of mine when speaking to Nigerian youths.

IVC_ministering5 It was a great weekend. We prayed for those who were sick and there were healings and miracles. Many of these youngsters walked up to me to share their experiences. Someone who had been raped found peace and healing from the pain. She also found the grace to forgive.  Someone who had known no joy for over 6 years felt like a heavy  load was dropped from her heart and felt as happy as she had never felt in her life before!

A young man who had been burdened with lust and guilt found strength to walk away from inordinate relationships.

It was truly a weekend of transformation for everyone. I was so excited that I turned the closing moments of the conference into a dancing galore!  And, oh, how we all rocked…lol!

Thanks for all your prayers.

Please click here for the updated stories of more healings and miracles that occurred during this mission.

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Its time to take off to a whole new level!  Life is much more than the narrow walls of fear, past experiences, and negative thinking that surrounds most of us. 

We can all actually live bigger, larger, more creative, more pleasurable, more meaningful, and more relevant lives than anything we’ve ever imagined.

There are realities out there beyond the confines of your status quo.

There are powerful experiences out yonder, you just have to acquire the willingness and courage to explore new dimensions of being and realities, to go to whole new levels of life.  It’s up to you, it’s your choice.


Mount up on new wings!

Be inspired!  Discover yourself!

"But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint." 
Isaiah 40:31

There is a power that comes upon you and you just take off at a speed that cannot be matched by any human efforts.

When this happens to your work, for instance, a book or album, it becomes a runaway bestseller that is usually impossible to duplicate or excel.  We call it a breakthrough.

Consequently, everything you touch turns to gold and you appear exceptionally wise and lucky.
It’s so magical.

This is all because a strange and mysterious power has taken over your spiritual, mental, and physical processes and is now at work within you, turning out one phenomenal result after another.

Supernatural Wisdom

"Doth the hawk fly by thy wisdom, and stretch her wings toward the south? 
Doth the eagle mount up at thy command, and make her nest on high?"
~ Job 39:26-27

The hawk ‘flies’ and the eagle ‘mounts up.’  These are symbolic of phenomenal rates of amazing success.
Some folks crawl, others walk, and yet others can fly.  Certain people accomplish in 40 years what others would never be able to accomplish in a hundred lifetimes.  For instance, in less than 4 years, Jesus Christ manifested dimensions of results that have never again been duplicated in human history.  Other men, such as Martin Luther King Jr.  did not live to be 50, yet leave a mark in human history that can never be wiped off.

You too can experience supernatural breakthroughs and phenomenal results.

You can fly by the wisdom of God.
You can mount up at the command of God.

The wisdom of God which is communicated through the command of God, is the mysterious force and power behind breakthroughs.

This wisdom is not any ordinary intellectual wisdom or smartness.
It is the voice of God in the human spirit.
It flows right out of the bowels of your innermost being.

Breakthrough ideas

Ordinarily you might call it a breakthrough idea, but it is the wisdom of God flowing through the human spirit into the human mind.

"And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, This is the way, walk ye in it, when ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left."
~ Isaiah 30:21

The moment you implement this divine instruction, the magic begins.

But you must be in a certain frame of mind to even hear this voice.
Certain attitudes and actions predispose you to hear this voice.

  • Quietness and meditation.  Greatness is nurtured in seasons of silence and solitude.  The ability to withdraw from the tumult of the crowd and the illusion of activities is a principal key to extracting the meaning of spiritual vibrations.  I personally recommend that you have at least a day within the week when you shut off your phone and withdraw from everyone to be alone with God and with your spirit.  Such times should be used to meditate on the promises and power of God.  I have found great strength and inspiration during such seasons.  Great spiritual advancement occurs during such seasons of quietness and meditations.
  • Worship.  Worship is the recognition of the sovereignty of God over our lives and the total surrender of our entire beings to Him.  It is the full dedication of our lives and resources to Him in sincerity of soul and spirit.  It’s more of a personal thing, though there’s often a corporate dimension to it.  It should be more of a permanent attitude of our hearts.
  • Sacrifice.  When we put God and other’s interests ahead of ours, it’s called sacrifice.  A sacrificial disposition is the opposite of selfishness – the dominant feature of our world today.  We could do more with unselfish people who are willing to endure personal inconvenience to glorify God and demonstrate His love to others.

These attitudes condition your soul and spirit to receive the wisdom of God. 
A sustained season of quietness and meditation on God’s promises and abilities, plus total surrender in worship, and cheerful sacrifice of our earthly possessions, creates the soul state that is perfectly attuned to the voice of God.

The moment you attain this soul state, you begin to decode the heavenly and spiritual signals of divinity, and breakthroughs become inevitable!


When you listen to a motivational talk or read any of the millions of self-help books available today, you feel like you could climb Mount Everest, your heart pumps with the thrill of positive expectations and the awareness of your possibilities, and in a spontaneous burst of energy, you set out to pursue your El-Dorado!

Anybody can set up dreams, goals, and strategies in a moment of great motivation and inspiration, yet the reality of life is that it’s a marathon, not a hundred meters dash. The real issue is how far you will go with your new found zeal.

Some tough, rough, and turbulent times lie down the road. They will not let anyone pass except the most tenacious, diligent, and persistent ones.

It’s so easy to have a dream and initiate action with a sudden burst of energy. However, between that starting point and the finish line are twists and turns, mountains and valleys; the journey is so far and tough that mere abilities, and intelligence will not do. Tenacity, or rugged persistence, is a more desirable quality in the journey of life.

Tenacity enables you to appreciate the challenges of the journey and enjoy the learning process. Consequently, each twist and turn, each up and down, becomes another sweet episode of your life’s adventure.

Tenacity prepares you for any outcomes, such that both negatives and positives serve your ultimate purposes. Tenacity positions you to look beyond the immediate and pursue the ultimate. It’s a very powerful position to be in.

Tenacity is the most critical element of greatness

Tenacity – the capacity to persist in your hardwork, strategies, and plans – is the most critical element of greatness.

A lot of people do not understand the true nature of talent. Genuine talent is two dimensional; on one side is the special ability to to something, on the other side is the drive and passion to work hard at that ability towards a desired goal. This is why I often like to define talent as the passion to work hard and tenaciously at something. Talent is therefore more than a special ability.

It is this two dimensional mix of talent that sets up one for personal success and achievements.

Most of us have dreams, or at least some form of desire for a better reality. We possess one ability or the other. But dreams and abilities are really meaningless without tenacity.

What do you do when you encounter the unexpected twists and turns of life? Would you rather plunge into a self-pity-party, and begin to feel sorry for yourself. Majority would eventually abandon their dreams permanently, never to return.

You can’t get through the ‘testing phases’ of your personal success journey if you lack tenacity.

The real challenges are:

Would you continue with that blog regardless of persistent low traffic and poor earnings?
Would you continue with that project even when it appears to be failing?
Would you continue with that relationship even when it seems like they are unfruitful?
Would you continue with those plans and strategies even when their yields are frustratingly sluggish?

Without tenacity, you’ll quit before the end of the journey.

Testing phases

Life is full of what I refer to as ‘testing phases’. These are seasons of frustrating difficulties along the path of pursuing your life’s dreams. These seasons are usually accompanied by:

  • Disappointments
  • Rejection, criticisms, betrayals, and misunderstanding from others.
  • Delayed expectations and results.
  • Doubts, fears, and uncertainties.

During the testing phase, it is how you see – or your attitude – that counts. Tenacity is usually an offspring of a ‘high altitude’ awareness of life’s realities; in other words, the understanding that negatives are merely disguised positives.

So, what are you going to do during the testing phases of your life? How do you interpret and respond to set-backs? What stuff are you really made of? Do you get bitter and resentful? Do you begin to whine and murmur? Or do you tenaciously pursue your goals with a good attitude?

Tenacity makes all the difference between success and failure.

So, don’t quit, hold on, persevere till the very end!

A higher life

Do you feel like your life has come to a standstill?
Are you frustrated with your current rate of progress?
When you look all around you, does it look like you have no helper, and your situation is hopeless?
Are you scared you’ve reached your limit?
Has your confidence and self-esteem plummetted to an all-time low?
Are you succumbing to the feeling of worthlessness, feeling like you are a nobody?
Are you tired of trying?

Well DON’T!
Because there’s still hope.

God is ready to present you with new opportunities. Whether or not you believe in Him is insignificant to my point and message. He loves you, nevertheless, and is willing to help you.
He wants to open new doors before you.
Are you willing to take His hands?
Are you ready?

There is a higher life!
There are new heights, levels, and dimensions you’ve not even dreamed of that God is ready to take you into.

There is no lack in God.
There is no bitterness in God.
There is no confusion in God.
There is no getting stranded in God.
He’s not the least bit concerned about how He’s going to supply your needs!

A higher life is possible in God.
Come up to the higher life of peace, joy, and prosperity that is possible in God.
In an instant, He can bring the right people into your life.
In a twinkle of an eye He can present you with amazing opportunities.
In a moment of time, He can release incredible amounts of resources to take you to a new level.
In a flash, He can flood your soul with joy, and your body with strength, vigor, and health.

But in order to enter into this higher life, you need a radical alteration in your attitude and general disposition.
Regardless of whether or not you believe in God, the conditions for experiencing His life-transformational assistance are the same; they can all be summed up in one word – humility.

At this time, I’m not asking you to believe anything!
Just have the humility to cry out sincerely from within, “I need help!”
You may not be aware of this, but whether or not you believe in Him, He simply loves to help! He can’t help it!

He is too big to treat anyone the way they truly deserve. He deals with all out of His own infinite generosity and incomprehensible love. He is not so petty as to expect blind, senseless, and unprovable belief – although blind religion represents Him so.

In reality, however, the moment you become honest about your need of His help, and humbly own up to that, you experience His loving and incredible manifestations.

The result? A higher life.



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A New Life

Identity Crisis

I was seventeen, just out of the Junior Seminary. Everything around me looked so rigid, so set, and I didn’t want to fit in. I felt I needed to change something. I had to upset the status quo, to make a difference, some sort of statement. I guess this is what they call identity crisis.

All my life, I had been brought up in accordance with the Pentecostal tradition. Sunday schools, children’s classes and programs, church services, revivals, crusades, scripture topics and memory verses?and the list just goes on.

Then I went to an Anglican Junior Seminary with its first and second lessons, Ash Wednesdays, canticles, Easter processions, morning and evening chapel services. They were quite intolerable! Sunday was a bore, the worst day of the week.
But nothing was more horrible than the morning and evening family devotions at home. They used to be fun but suddenly I couldn’t stand them anymore, and I couldn’t stand those rowdy undignified Pentecostal services anymore.

And so started my first steps towards independence.
Being from a strong religious background, my attempts at independence naturally erupted from the religious sphere. First of all, I turned my back on my Pentecostal background and decamped to the Anglican services, much to the concern of my confused parents. After all, I rationalized to my troubled mind, it wasn’t my fault that I was sent off to an Anglican Seminary for my Secondary School education. Six years there had made me an Anglican in faith and I would rather go there on Sundays than face that Pentecostal ‘jamboree.’

So finally I had figured it all out. At least, I thought so.
But then I couldn’t fit into the new faith anymore than the old. Here we were all old pals of the Junior Seminary, outside, beside posh cars and beautiful flowers, we took photographs while inside the priest led the worship services. For sometime, it looked like it was fun and I felt I was having a good time.


Back home, however, after the services, the photographs, the jokes and little talks about girls, after it all, I found myself all alone. Then the emptiness and loneliness would come flooding in at me. Suddenly, I would become a helpless victim of depression. Sadness that had been crammed deep inside of me would engulf me and I’ll experience choking feelings. It was all so confusing. I couldn’t understand myself anymore. I needed something I couldn’t define. All I knew was that I had to be different, I had to stand out somehow. There was a hunger for some sort of relevance to my world, a relevance that would finally bring eternal fulfillment and an unending excitement.

I had to face it, I finally decided.
“Your parents, the church, the society at large,” I thought, “?these are the real problems, the obstacles to your happiness. Get away from them all! Move! Run away and never come back.”

And I did.

My dad was on leave and both of us were home alone that day. I had made up my mind, I wasn’t going to tell anybody and nothing would ever change my mind. I thought of so many things. Stow away in some ship, journey to some far away land and begin a new life. Finally, I decided to get away first and then decide on my next move. I ran off to the village without anybody knowing where I went off to. I only dropped a note telling my parents not to look for me.


Then began my adventures with mysticism and the occult.
I turned my back on the bible and all of my religious upbringing. Maybe I could find some peace and lasting answers for my anguished mind in those esoteric articles and digests. I read, and I read, and I read?astral projections, hypnotism, meditation, mind stimulation? Hungry and thirsty, I stuffed my mind with all those ideas.


But my confusion lingered.
I was a restless soul, searching, groping in the darkness of human philosophies for answers and, sadly enough, I wasn’t getting any nearer to any solution. I was rather drifting further away. I found myself sinking deeper into the dark pit of depression. My nights were full of frightened cries, I felt trapped in the prison of my own dark moods. Shut off from everybody, I was very very lonely.

I then resorted to manual labor!

Each morning, I would go to our farm in the village, work myself to exhaustion, and come back completely tired in the evening. This helped for a few days. In fact, I felt better perhaps because I was doing something productive and, most importantly, I was helping my family in a way. I did not know it fully then, but we are designed to love and none of us can ever be fulfilled unless we discover some way to give tangible expression of caring love to humanity, to contribute to the overall well being of people around us.

A tangible expression of caring love

I came back one afternoon from my farm trip to find the house open. Someone was in the house. I instinctively knew it was my father and I was ready for a fight. I entered the house and greeted him under my breath. He didn’t say much. As a matter of fact, he simply asked how I was faring, told me my uncle’s wedding was coming up in a weeks time and informed me that he left some money for me on the table in his bedroom. His visit melted my heart to a great degree. I believe God used my dad’s tangible expression of caring love to touch my heart more than all of his scolding or preaching would have done. It did the magic. Let parents realize that sometimes, practical display of unconditional love towards their children is all God needs to work the miracle of transformation in their lives.

“Ok,” I decided within me, “let me do just one more favor for these people before I finally leave them for good. I will clean up the entire house for the wedding guests and prepare the rooms for the comfort of my parents, siblings and cousins. After that, I would leave forever.”
I spent that week cleaning up the house, dusting the rooms, washing the curtains, making the whole place habitable and strangely the more I labored for the comfort of others, the better I felt!

Everybody was home that weekend; the atmosphere was festive and full of celebration. I fought hard not to be taken in by all that but it was a losing battle; my siblings were around, my cousins, distant relations I hadn’t seen in a while. It was good anyway and I finally allowed myself to be borne along by the mood of the period.
Of course, I retained my self-consciousness. I was scared of abandoning it.

Spiritual Crisis

The wedding ceremony was beautiful.
The next day, Sunday, we all went to the church for the thanksgiving service. I was very uptight, cautious, and guarded. I was very uncomfortable. For the first time in several weeks, I was again in familiar surroundings – a Holy Ghost charged Pentecostal service!

“Our text today will be taken from?My topic this morning is ‘The Touch with a Difference’?”
On and on the Pastor preached.

I can’t remember anything about that sermon except the topic because from the moment that man began to preach, I was transported to another level of consciousness, completely oblivious of my physical environment.
My entire life began to pass before me in panoramic dimensions.
There were my childhood days?I started fasting around the age of three and could receive revelations and visions at three. By the age of four, I could read the bible in my native language and my parents bought a copy for me. It was mysterious. I followed them to all-night prayer meetings and by the time I was six, I was preaching in such meetings and in our church. I had a beautiful relationship with God as a child, it was so lovely.
I could see myself at thirteen praying my dad out of death; confronting and subduing the powers of darkness?I could see all those periods in the seminary where I was surrounded by my classmates asking me questions about the spiritual world?I could see myself ministering God’s word to them.

As scenes upon scenes of my past rolled by in my mind, I heard God speaking so tenderly to me, “what has gone wrong? What have I done to you? Why have you turned your back on me?” The tears flowed profusely down my cheeks as I wept. I felt I had betrayed someone who really loved me. I tried to control the tears but they just kept pouring forth, such that I had to bend over where I was sitting and covered my face with my hands.

I guess no one around me in that service knew what I was going through. It was a spiritual crisis.
All the while, the pastor continued with his sermon; I couldn’t hear any part of it; I could only see the panoramic scenes of my past and the heart-melting words of God.

A new beginning

“Go up in front of the pulpit and let’s get reconciled with each other,” the voice continued, “you know we have something going on together. Let’s begin again.”
That sounded ludicrous. I wanted to start all over with God, but definitely not by getting up in the midst of a sermon, before a hall filled with hundreds of people, walking down the aisle to the platform sobbing and shedding tears! That didn’t go down well with my ego. How could a cool guy like me, wearing my jerry-curled hair, how could I do such an embarrassing thing. I felt it was rather more than I could do; so I sat right up and wiped the tears off my eyes.
Suddenly, the scenes came back, the voice returned and the tears began to flow again!

I finally gave in.
I quit struggling.
I simply surrendered, got up and walked down the aisle, right up to the platform. I couldn’t care anymore about what the rest of the congregation would think of me. Significantly, though, my move coincided with the ‘altar call’. So I found myself surrounded by others who were giving their lives to Jesus Christ!
I couldn’t talk. I just shed tears but I knew that God understood it all. I felt months of tension unwinding, fears disappearing. It was a very soothing experience, like having a refreshing bath or shower. Into my restless, wandering, and troubled soul, there crept an all pervading peace. It was beautiful. I felt like a new born baby and at that moment I knew it?
I was born again.
A new life had begun.

Don’t panic! Hope and believe

You may be in the midst of a life threatening situation right now; troubling circumstances that looks like they are set in stone.

Don’t panic! Hope and believe, because miracles still happen!

Everything you are facing today is subject to change.

So there’s hope for you.

I understand that the urge to panic in the midst of a storm is normal; panic is a natural reflex. But if you act in panic, you’ll make faulty decisions that would ultimately complicate your situation even more. Panic is not the right response to pressure.

Knowing God’s Word

This is the first of a 3-part teaching on Knowing God’s word.

A severe storm

Early in our marriage, we faced a severe storm which occurred during my wife’s first pregnancy. She was in her fifth month and I was out one morning to counsel with one of the members of our church. Suddenly, the Holy Spirit prompted me to go back home. I walked into the kitchen to see my wife writhing in pains on the floor. I reached down to her and began to pray. Instantly, I knew by the spirit that some force was trying to pull the baby out from her body. I carried her into the bedroom and lay her down on the bed and continued to cry out to the Lord.

Then I remembered a certain promise in God’s Word:

“And none will miscarry or be barren in your land. I will give you a full life span.” – Exodus 23:26

I began to confess that word over my wife womb. I reminded the Lord that I was His child and that my family was a part of His blessings through Christ. I continued to stand firm and declare that we would not lose that baby.

God loves you

Pastor WD Favour ministering during a healing and miracle serviceGod loves you!

In the course of my ministry, in healing, and miracle crusades, lots of people have asked me the question, “Why are some people healed and others not?” “Why is it that some people get their prayers answered, while others don’t?”
I wish I knew the exact answers to those questions. Sadly, I don’t know.

However, there are things that I know for sure and I’ll show you those things from the Scriptures. Please bookmark this page for further studies and meditations.

#1 God Loves You!

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life ~John 3:16

What, then, shall we say in response to this? If God is for us, who can be against us? He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all – how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things? ~ Romans 8:31, 32

These scriptures are often taken for granted, but they communicate an amazing truth – God loves you!

A Song in the Night

Weeping, or singing?

The following verse has often been used to encourage people who are going through night seasons in their lives:

~ … weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning. ~ Psalm 30:5

It is important to understand the mystery of seasons and the constancy of change. There has never been, and will never be, a night that was not terminated by the glorious rays of the morning sun. So all you have to do, really, is to somehow manage to endure the night and outlast it.

Each night has a lifespan and every misfortune that you face in this life is programmed to end sometime.
As the Creator of this universe has programmed the night to be swallowed up by the morning sun, so also shall your seasons of adversities be eclipsed by the dawn of laughter and rejoicing.

Recently, however, as I meditated on the psalms, I came across this verse:

~ Yet the LORD will command his lovingkindness in the day time, and in the night his song shall be with me, and my prayer unto the God of my life. ~ Psalm 42:8

My heart began to stir with a noble theme as I continued to ponder over the above verse. Suddenly, I heard a beautiful whisper in my heart, you don’t have to weep through the night because He also gives songs in the night!

Wow! A song in the night!
It was so amazing, so divine, and so beautiful.

I remembered the story of two men that choose to sing, rather than weeping in the night. Instead of whinning and complaining about the unfairness of their treatment as missionaries, Paul and Silas chose rather to sing a song in the night. Let their story inspire you:

Continue reading “A Song in the Night”

The Mystery of Substitution 2

<<<<Continued from here

…I don’t think I could have been a Christian today if not for a very deep and crystal-clear awareness of the mystery of substitution.  I received this awareness through a life transforming experience of divine supernatural healing. Below is an excerpt from my personal reflections on that experience.  Please, click here to read the full story.

But, as I studied the bible on that fateful day, August 25th 1991, I came to that particular verse which was destined to alter my life so dramatically especially in the area of my health. I read that,

“If anyone is IN CHRIST, he is a NEW CREATION; the OLD has GONE, the NEW has COME!” – 2 Corinthians 5:17

I was inextricably glued to that verse and I couldn’t help but ask in my heart if this newness only applied to the area of my morality, that is, my lifestyle, behaviour, desires, and appetites. “What of the area of my health?” I mused.

In my life, the OLD included asthma, pneumonia, intestinal infirmity, acute malaria, and knee cramps. I wondered if they were among the things that were GONE.

Try as much as I could, I couldn’t push those thoughts out of my mind and somewhere from deep within me, the answer came – YES!

That inner voice which I now know to be the Holy Spirit told me that my sicknesses have all gone.

The asthma was gone and so were the rest.

Many do not appreciate the significance of Jesus sacrificial death on the cross because its a spiritual mystery and it can only be discerned by divine revelation.

Also, certain cultural perspectives and worldviews hinder the perception of spiritual realities. For instance, the secular humanistic mindset of 21st century western societies is generally ignorant of the mystery and power of human sacrifices. This why the trend is to move away from the idea of ‘one dying for all’.  A lot of western churches today rarely teach about the blood of cross of Jesus Christ because of this ignorance.

The phenomenon of human sacrifice and substitution, however, is perfectly within the understanding of other cultures like mine. It’s quite normal in my culture to hear that a certain old man is still alive and kicking at 90+ because he has exchanged his life with that of some other person – usually a younger person. This is usually achieved through rituals involving human sacrifice; John (say in his 20s) is ritually sacrificed and the rest of his lifespan is mystically transferred to Bill ( say, in his 70s). As a result Bill goes on to enjoy a robust lifespan of 120 or more.  This is the mystery of substitution by human sacrifice.

The awareness of this possibility is one of the many reasons the message of the cross has gained a strong foothold here in Africa.  And it is against this backdrop that my experience of supernatural healing generated the firm conviction that Jesus died so that I can exchange my sick, ill, diseased, sinful, and weak life for His eternally glorious one.

The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is the ultimate master stroke of the genius of God. 

My personal experience of this mystery of substitution is what has kept me strong in Jesus Christ amidst all the contradictions and hypocrisies of the religion called Christianity.

Do you have any knowledge of the mystery of substitution?
Have you experienced it’s power yet in any area of your life?
Please share your thoughts…

The Mystery of Substitution

Things are different now
Something happened to me
When I gave my life to Jesus Christ
Things I loved before
Have passed away
Things I never loved
Have come to stay
Things are different now
Something happened to me
When I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ

This became my  song after my personal encounter with Jesus Christ.
I was born into a ‘Christian family’ but I never consciously acknowledged Jesus Christ’s claims and lordship over my life until I was 17.  When I did, it altered my life so radically that when I look back in time, I’m so scared to even contemplate a life different from what I have today.

As I shared in yesterday’s post, my personal faith in Jesus Christ rapidly evolved into an intimate and passionate love affair.  Eventually, I dropped out of the University in my third year in order to pursue a full time vocation of service to Him. 

Unfortunately (or, probably fortunately, depending on your perspective) at the point that I dropped out of school, I had a very terrible and heart breaking experience with key representatives of the religion called Christianity.  It was during that period that I realized the clear-cut distinction between Jesus Christ, and the religion that bears His name.  I was stunned by the spiritual blindness, the bigotry, the wickedness that had cloaked itself under the garb of religion.

Because of my decision to drop out of the university and practice my faith as I understood from the bible, I began to experience rejection, persecution, and all sorts of psychological and emotional abuses.  This horrible treatment didn’t come from the so-called ‘unbelievers’, but rather from religious leaders!  In fact, I got more support and encouragement to pursue my calling from the ‘secular’ and ‘unbelieving’ folks.  I was completely stunned.

It would not be hard to imagine that this experience shook the very foundations of my faith and entire life.  I was hurt, I was angry, and I was bitter.  I could not understand the hostile attitude of those I regarded as being of the same faith as I ( of course, I later understood that we didn’t share the same faith at all!)  But at that moment, it was so painful that I began to reconsider the whole Christianity thing.  I questioned everything I’d been taught from childhood at Church, and I re-examined all of my experiences as a Christian.

In the end, I came to the awareness that there’s an irreconcilable chasm between Jesus Christ and the religion that bears His name.  A personal, intimate, and passionate relationship with Jesus Christ is one thing, the religion called Christianity is another.  The difference is comparable to that between light and darkness.

Over the years, I’ve asked myself again and again, “What held you in the faith amidst the external and internal conflicts you’ve had to experience?” Till date, I can only point to one thing – the mystery of substitution…(more on that tomorrow)

Have you ever felt like there is a disparity between Jesus Christ and the religion that bears His name?  What experiences created this feeling?  Please share your thoughts with us…

What does it mean to be a Christian?

What does it mean to be a Christian?

Several months ago, I asked my readers to suggest topics they’d like me to write about.  I got a lot of replies and I’ve written on several of them.  But one person’s submission really got me thinking ever since.  She asked me, "What does it mean for you, Pastor Favour, to be a Christian?"

Quite honestly, I’d always known the answer to that question.  But I wasn’t in any hurry to answer it because this was actually the first time anyone was putting that kind of question across to me.  So, I felt like I should take out enough time to think about it all over again and re-evaluate my faith and what it means to me.

This week, I’ll love to talk about my faith and what it all means to me.  I invite you to participate in this discussion around what it means to be a Christian.  Even if you do not consider yourself a Christian, I would still love to share your perspectives on this subject.  As always, all views are welcome.  This is a self-discovery blog for open hearts.  So don’t be shy to share your personal views and opinions.

I think it’s important to state from the onset that I cannot reconcile my Christian faith with the religion called Christianity.  So I’ve stopped trying. To be a Christian and to be a member of the religion called Christianity do not mean the same to me.  I do not believe that Christianity is my religion because I do not consider my Christian faith to be a religion.  Consequently, for me, to be a Christian does not mean to be a member of the religion called Christianity.

So this blog post is not about the religion called Christianity, but rather about what my personal faith in Jesus Christ means to me.

It’s intelligent submission to the Lordship of Jesus Christ

First of all, to be a Christian for me means that in spite of the scepticism and so called secularism of the 21st century, there is an Almighty God who created the entire universe.  I think that the inability to recognize the reality of an Almighty God is the ultimate manifestation of foolishness and spiritual denseness.  It’s quite amusing to me when certain people equate spiritual blindness with intellectual sophistication. More on that later…

To be a Christian for me means a deep personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  I recognize Jesus Christ, not as a mere historical figure, or a great prophet.  I believe He is the first begotten Son of the Almighty God.  I have a personal relationship with Him as my elder brother, my personal saviour, and a whole lot of other relationships that I do not have the space here to share.  But  most importantly, I see Him as my Lord, the One to whom I submit in all areas of my life.

My personal faith in Jesus Christ makes me a Christian, and for me, it means intelligent submission to the person, principles, and power of Jesus Christ.

It’s a love affair!

To be a Christian for me means to be in love.  I’ve expressed this conviction ever since my very first days of consciously accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and personal Saviour.  I do not see my faith as a set of rules and regulations.  I do not see it as a collection of dogmas and doctrines.  I see it as a love affair!   As I boldly wrote in my Twitter Profile, I am passionately in love with Jesus Christ, and crazy about Him!

It’s freedom…

For me, to be a Christian means to think like Jesus Christ, to speak like Him, and to do like Him. 
Its the freedom to think my own thoughts, be my own self, and explore my wildest dreams.

Its the opportunity and empowerment to embrace and realize my divinity. 

Its the right to love who I desire without the fetters of human opinion. 

It is the privilege to believe in myself and my fellow men.

Yet the most important significance of my Christian faith is a rather selfish one… :)  It means that I have exchanged my life for another’s.  I’ll talk about this aspect tomorrow.

So, my dear, what does it mean, for you personally, to be a Christian?

You will get there

Basically, I wrote this series to encourage you that in spite of how bad things may appear to be around you, you will get there.  This article will inspire you to discover yourself, to translate the dreams and visions of your heart into preferred realities, and ultimately to achieve your own personal success. 

It’s a bit long, about 1600 words.  So you may need to bookmark the page, or even print it out to study when it is more convenient for you to do so.

What are your preferred realities?

What kind of life do you want to have?  For instance, how would you want your marriage to look like?  What level of financial abundance do you want to operate in?  What heights do you want to attain in your chosen career or vocation?

The answers to the above questions represent what I referred to as ‘there’ in the previous part of this series.  They constitute the realities and experiences you would rather have in your life.  My aim in this post is to show you a reliable spiritual path to those preferred realities, inspired by my awareness that if you follow this path, you will get there.  

Your heart…

First of all, understand that your ‘there’, that is, your preferred realities – dreams and visions – begin as spiritual substances; intangible and invisible.

The spiritual substances and previews of your preferred realities are created deep within you, at a depth of your being that is much deeper than your mind or thoughts. These spiritual substances and previews are what we usually refer to as ‘dreams’ and ‘visions’.  They are created deep within the spiritual core of your being, called your heart.

The spiritual substances of your heart (the spiritual realities created within you) can be positive or negative. But whatever is created there begins to ‘flow’ into the material realm, depending of course on how well you nurture it knowingly or unknowingly.

A vital step towards translating the dreams and visions of your heart into preferred realities, is to go beyond the superficial aspects of your life to discover yourself, to find this inner core that the bible calls your heart. 

Secondly, understand that you have the capacity to ‘abort’ the further development and materialization of spiritual substances created within you. 

This is both fortunate and unfortunate for obvious reasons.  For instance, if the spiritual substances created in your heart are negative and inimical to your wellbeing, then it’s a great blessing to be able to abort them. On the other hand, if these substances are positive and desirable, it becomes unfortunate that we also have the capacity to abort them.

Take a moment and reflect on the following verse.  

“Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.”
Proverbs 4:23

Your heart is the ‘womb’ of your life, of your realities. In other words, your life – your experiences, realities, and so on – originate in your heart.  They are first created in that inner spiritual core of your being called your heart, then they begin to ‘flow’ outward into the material realm depending on how, and whether or not, they are nurtured or aborted.

This is why it’s important that you consistently do the following:

  • Properly condition your heart so that it will create the kind of realities that you want.
  • Protect your heart from negative spiritual seeds to prevent it from creating unwanted realities.
  • Nurture the positive spiritual substances – dreams and visions – created in your heart until they are substantiated in your physical existence.
  • Constantly weed out all negative spiritual substances created by fear. Learn to abort negative dreams and visions from your heart.

You should cultivate the ability to listen to your heart and capture the details and dynamics of what’s going on down there.  Your heart is constantly busy creating spiritual substances based on all the input from your physical and spiritual faculties.  This is a very profound phenomenon and worthy of further reflection.  All of the information that you receive from the interactions of your senses (eyes, ears, etc.) with your visible and invisible environments are channelled into your heart where they fuse with your spiritual and divine essence to generate spiritual substances.

You can become aware of these new spiritual substances even while they are still in their pure spiritual essence.  If you listen to your heart, this awareness is experienced in several forms -  intense desire, peace, inexpressible joy, fear, courage, and so on – depending on the nature of the spiritual substance created. .  As you nurture these inner experiences, they become more intense to the point that they start materializing in your mind as specific thoughts, and imaginations, and then begin to evolve into words and specific actions, ultimately materializing into the visible and tangible world as ‘real life’ experiences.

Stubborn aspirations versus passing fantasies

It is important to note at this point that a lot of the ‘dreams’ and ‘visions’ generated in your heart (or even in your mind for that matter) are nothing but mere fantasies.   So, you need to distinguish between passing fantasies on one hand, and stubborn aspirations on the other.

Fortunately, similar to sieving, your life is constantly being shaken and overhauled by multiple forces. You are constantly being impacted and influenced by shocks, setbacks, positive and negative experiences, information, relationships, and so on.   This goes on all the time though you are not always conscious of it.  You are in a continuous state of flux. This is fortunate because, as a result of these sieving-like experiences caused by life’s forces, a lot of your dreams and visions are shaken out of your consciousness,  evaporating into nothingness in the course of your life. New dreams are constantly emerging, while old ones are constantly vanishing.

At one time in my life, for instance, I wanted to be an astronaut; at another, to own a computer manufacturing firm. I once desired to be celibate. Then I wanted to be an international evangelist, packing in huge stadiums. Once, I desired to pastor a mega church, with multiple branches across the globe. I also remember the time I dreamt of building an airplane from scratch, and the other when I desired to write a thousand books!


I’m amused now by the mere thought of any of the above dreams, because none of them in any way represents what I want to do with my life, where I want to be, or what I want to achieve today.

My point here is that regardless of whether they are old or new, there are those dreams and visions that continue to dig in, becoming entrenched and established in your your heart. They take roots that, try as much as you would, you just can’t shake them out of your consciousness.

Each day, therefore, you must learn to listen to your innermost being, paying careful attention to what’s happening there. You must learn to distinguish between passing fancies on one hand, and stubborn aspirations on the other.

Define and sharpen the picture

As I’ve already noted, as you nurture your awareness of the spiritual substances created within your heart, they become more intense to the point that they start materializing in your mind as specific thoughts, and imaginations.  Usually, they start out in your mind as vague thoughts and imaginations with very hazy contours.  In order to accelerate the manifestation of your dreams and visions, you must daily sharpen the contours and definitions of your innermost hopes, desires, and aspirations.

This is a very powerful  thing to do. It is powerful because your heart, as already noted,  is the ‘wellspring of your life’ and so determines and shapes the nature, quality, and speed of  the manifestations of your inner realities.  It is a powerful thing to do because of the Power at work within you.

Let me explain with a bible verse:

“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us.”
Ephesians 3:20

Your heart is able to create, form, and drive your dreams and visions into manifestation, because of the power of God working within you.  It is actually the presence and power of God within your heart that makes your heart the ‘wellspring’ of life. In deed, it is this power that takes you ‘there’.

So, if you have very definite and highly clarified pictures of your ‘there’ – your preferred realities – it becomes easier for the power of God working within you to take you there.  You will get there faster proportionate to sharpness and clarity of your preferred realities; the more definite your dreams and visions, the faster your realization of them

Your inner guiding system

Just like the GPS guiding system takes your programmed destination and calculates the shortest and easiest route, so also does the Holy Spirit – your inner guiding system – take the specific dreams and visions of your heart and calculate the fastest, easiest route to it.

Then, all you need do is listen to His voice within your heart, much like you do to your GPS guiding system.

Putting it all together

You will get there if you:

  • Discover yourself – understand the nature of your inner spiritual core – your heart – and connect with it,
  • Cultivate a very personal and intimate relationship with your Source-Spirit, God,
  • Sharply clarify and define the dreams and visions of your heart,
  • Daily follow your inner guiding system.

Have a blissful trip!

How To Get Lucky

Do you want to get lucky?
I bet you do.

If you are an intelligent, and experienced adult, you’ll likely agree with me that success requires a lot of hard work, lots of determination and self-sacrifice, an enormous amount of tenacity, but also a good dose of luck. 

Yes, a good dose of luck.

Luck is an essential ingredient for success and distinction in any sphere of human endeavour, and is the focus of my thoughts in this post.  Hopefully, we should be able to extract some insights on how to get lucky.  I also expect that you do have some personal ideas and suggestions that you might want to share at the end of the post.

The equation of luck…

I have read in lots of materials on the subject that luck is what happens when preparation encounters opportunity.  I really don’t know who first made that observation, but I agree with it and I have created a simple equation of luck out of that statement:

Preparation + Opportunity = Luck

🙂 Interesting, isn’t it?

So, preparation is one element of luck. 

The implication is that each time you are getting prepared, training yourself, sharpening your skills, developing your capacities, resources and potentials, you are creating an essential ingredient of luck.  What we observe as ‘overnight success’, ‘rapid climb to the top’, and other related ideas, are really the external manifestations of hard work, self-sacrifice, tenacity, and luck; the later being a product of preparation – personal development, self-improvement, and capacity building.

Yes, by ‘preparation’ I mean personal development, self-improvement, and capacity building.

Opportunity is another element of luck.

Opportunity is when favourable conditions and circumstances, latent with advantages, emerge for you. A wise man referred to it as ‘time and chance’, and actually observed that it happens for every gifted, talented, hardworking, swift, brilliant, learned, and generally prepared person.

So, whenever you are scanning the horizon for opportunities, or even actively trying to ‘create’ or set it up, you are unwittingly creating an essential ingredient of luck.  And anytime you actually identify, or create an opportunity, you’ve brought an element of luck into life.

Opportunities, by the way, are useless to individuals who can neither recognize, nor take advantage of them.

The above insights should at least enable us piece some of the pieces together on how to get lucky…

How to get lucky

  1. Prepare yourself.

    Constantly develop, train, improve and sharpen your skills, talents, gifts, resources, and so on.

  2. Fail forward as fast as possible.

    In the course of your life, you will make many miscalculations and wrong moves.  You can minimize this, but you can’t eliminate it entirely.  The attempt to completely eliminate failures and wrong moves in your personal journey will freeze up your chances of encountering luck.  Your attitude to failures affect your encounter with the magic of luck.  Better to make your mistakes as fast as possible, drop them, pick up your lessons and experiences, and move on.
  3. Train your instincts to smell and identify opportunities.

    This is not really as difficult as you might be inclined to think.  Actually, it’s quite simple if you’ve got guts. 🙂
    One of the easiest ways to recognize opportunities that I know of, is to dig beneath troubles, problems, and difficulties.  Opportunities usually lurk behind those scary masks.

At the end of the day, luck has a great deal  to do with stuffs like continuous preparation, intuitive recognition of opportunities, courage to embrace challenges, timing, and strategic positioning.  While a lot of the factors that produce luck are beyond the control of any of us, a great deal of these factors are well within our control.  And by taking full charge over those aspects over which we have control, and responding with gratitude and a positive attitude to those over which we have little or no control, we actually increase our chances for luck.

Bear in mind that its one thing to get lucky, but entirely another matter to sustain the  favourable circumstances created by luck.
This article, however is not primarily about sustaining the fruits of luck, it’s rather about how to get  lucky.

Do you have other ideas to contribute to this post on how to get lucky?

Are You There?

Are you there?

The motivational speaker declares to his enthusiastic audience, "You will get there!" They shout back at him, "Yea!"
Again, vibrating and shaking his pointed finger at them,  he proclaims, "I say you will get there!"  This time, they all jump to their feet, stomping all over the auditorium, and again screaming back at him, "Yea!"
And all the time, I’m sitting and silently wondering, "Where is there?"

Well, in this post, let me pose some interesting questions, and share some  intriguing thoughts on the subject of ‘there’.

What is ‘there’?

Where is it?
In what terms do you, or should it be defined?

Is it some preferred reality, or an expected future? A dream you seek to realize, or a goal you aim to achieve? A deep seated aspiration, or a passionate ambition?

Is it something hoisted upon you by culture, tradition, and religion, or is something you discover yourself?

Is it a virtue, an experience, or a position? Is it visible and tangible, or is it their opposites?

Is ‘there’ a substantial location or shifting optical illusion? Does it really exist?

When you get there will you know? Is it absolutely definite, or does its nature and form keep evolving with every step you take towards it?

So far, two of the most intriguing thoughts I’ve received on this concept came from two siblings:

One said, ‘I think we are already there.’
The other said, "I think I am the ‘there’!"

What thoughts!
I am there…
I am the ‘there’…

Another person said, "When you get ‘there’, you discover another ‘there’."


So, what do you think?
Do you have a ‘there’?
Where is it? What is it?

Are you there?
Please, talk to us.

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You are Love

Discover yourself…

Do you know that your capacity for Love is infinite?
Regardless of how unfairly you’ve been treated, or how badly bruised, Love lives on within you.
You may think that life’s been unkind to you as a result of all you’ve been through, and probably all you are still going through.  I believe you have valid reasons to think so, yet, I dare you to go beyond the apparent to discover yourself, discover the Substance that powers your being – Love. 

Neither betrayal from a trusted friend, nor rejection by a lover can exhaust Love’s fountain that flows continuously through you. Because you are a creation of Love, and the manifestation of Affection,  your essence is nothing but Love.

When you breathe you inhale Love, and you radiate Love to all creation.

In spite of yourself, you are a blessing to creation, a gift from Love.  Your mere presence is a manifestation of Love.

Love is deeper than what you do, He’s Who you are. You do, because you are, and you are because He is. From your being flows your doing.

You are not understood because Love is incomprehensible, He can only be tasted…experienced.
When I wake and sit out on the porch before sun rise, listening to the song of the early birds, wrapped in the chilly blankets of the early morning breeze, I feel  Love’s arms all around me in the fresh beauty of wonderful nature.

Every element of your being is woven with the fabric of Love. Love is your essence, so when you touch, you Love, and when you listen, you Love.  When you smile, you bring warmth and healing to life…in everything you do, there is Love.

This Love is peace in the midst of your storms, He’s deep joy  that rises from within to comfort the tragic pains of your bitterness.  He’s the victory that overcomes insensitivity and injustice. He’s your strength when you know you can’t go on and He wakens you to realities you couldn’t imagine.

Shine, glorious manifestation of Love. Let your warm rays radiate to all. Let every breath you take, every step you make, every word you speak, every act you perform, and indeed, all you are, lift another soul from the pit of self abuse.

Yes, discover yourself.
You are Love…
You are Light…
And all you need bless all is to just be You.

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You and I are Artists

Several years ago, I had an out of body experience where I found myself in a very indescribably beautiful and breath taking environment – heaven.
I can never forget one of the things my guide told me,

This is a world that is perfect and the beings are ever happy. 
Long ago it’s appointed ruler left it in pursuit of other schemes. 
That was a long long time ago but the memories still linger on…
and he is ever desirous to return to his former home, this paradise!

So your aspirations for a better world are lingering memories of where you used to be…where you’ll rather be.

Deep in your heart is an inner vision, a quiet awareness, beautiful pictures, and lovely songs of hard-to-describe realities. 

Have you ever felt this?

For some of us, this living picture is still robust, vibrant, and  passionately longing for expression. For so many others,  it has become dulled by the tragedies, disappointments, and betrayals of the material plane.  Yet – because its divine – this spring of awareness is indestructible and continues to make the arduous journey to the surface of our human consciousness, still longing for that one genius stroke of expression.

And in this sense, you and I are artists.

Naturally artists are very powerful communicators. Artists try to project their inner visions of realities on visible and tangible materials, usually two dimensional planes. This is no easy task, but they often manage to do it because they are gifted with powerful brain to hand coordinating abilities.

The artist attempts to translate his inner visions outwardly into forms that allow us to see what’s on his mind and to share in his subjective experiences.
If he is successful, we enter into very tangible experiences of his joys, hopes, pains, pleasures, and other dimensions of his being.

The artists challenge is a very difficult and complex one – to capture multi-dimensional realities, and often esoteric visions, onto two dimensional planes.
How does the artist capture, for instance, hope, on a canvas?  How does he express the young woman’s need to be courageous in the midst of a harsh, hostile, and abusive cultural milieu?   Indeed, how does the artist project his dreams of justice on a piece of material fabric?

True, some artists manage somehow to do this, and when they do, we enjoy rhapsodic reflections. 

Many others, however, fall short of their  inner ideal. Though we innocently acclaim their works as masterpieces, yet within their soul, they know that we haven’t the slightest clues as to what they are trying to say.  I refer to this later state as ‘creative frustrations’, that is, the artists awareness that even his so-called masterpiece remains far below his inner vision in spite of his best efforts.

As I stated earlier,  we all harbour dreams and inner visions that long for beautiful expressions, which is why I think that you and I are artists…

It may be true that none of us can perfectly capture these dreams on any of the visible planes available to us…

Yet, like every artist knows, we can at least give it our best shot…

8 Winning Attitudes of Champions

Life is tough.
The challenges of daily living are so daunting, only very few surface above the fray.
But you can rise above the storms of your life simply by mastering these 8 winning attitudes of champions.

Yes, you too can be a champion!

#1  Champions feed and grow on challenges.

I like to play the snake game on my cell phone, and, indeed, it’s my favorite.  I like the idea that the snake gets longer and larger by gulping down bits of obstacles along it’s path.  Each time I play that game, I’m often reminded of this first of the 8 winning attitudes of champions, which is that champions feed and grow on challenges.  If you have this attitude, it will empower you to advance against the obstacles strewn along the path to your preferred realities.

#2  Champions know that the best calculations are prone to fail and no plan is foolproof

You see, no matter how smart you are and how much precautions you take, you are still going to encounter lots of nasty seasons.
Management wisdom has it that whatever can go wrong will go wrong.
Champions know this and prepare ahead of time.

#3  Champions have the attitude that expects turbulence during the flight

Before take off in any flight, the pilot usually says something like, "We expect some slight turbulence, but that’s nothing to worry about."  Champions expect turbulence during the flight.  But they also have an attitude that says "If and when the turbulence rises, I’ll ride the storm and not be deterred by any temporary difficulties."

#4  Champions know that they may need to make some adjustments in the way they pursue their dreams, based on information that was not available to them initially

This is why champions have an open heart. They are rapid learners and never cease to learn.
In fact, champions relish data and facts, and are ravenous consumers of information. 
Champions are open to change and keep adjusting their methods and techniques to take advantage of new realities to enhance their performance and success.
This is why they usually stay ahead of everybody else.

#5  But champions have an attitude of gratitude at all times, particularly when things don’t go  their way according to plan

This is because they fully understand that after the storm comes the rain and that there are silver linings behind every cloud.
Champions know that there are favors and breakthroughs embedded within every adversity.

#6  Champions do not lose their faith in their God

Their faith in their God is so deep that they can draw from the supernatural strength of their God to deal with their challenges.
Champions have a rock-solid faith in their God. When even their strongest allies fail and turn against them, they know exactly where to turn to for inner strength

#7 Champions do not allow their personal difficulties to stop them from loving and caring

In spite of their frequent challenges, champions take the little that they have and share with others.  I believe this is the major key that unlocks their victories.
Champions understand the power of love, caring, and generosity, which is why they have such great hearts, and such phenomenal successes.

#8 Ultimately, champions don’t quit, which is why they win

Champions do not interpret temporary setbacks as permanent failures, but rather as stepping stones to new levels.
If you refuse to quit in spite of your troubles, if you go forward with a positive attitude towards temporary setbacks, you’ll see your life powering forward to new heights with the supernatural energy of your God.

As I said in the beginning, life is tough, and the challenges of daily living are so daunting that only very few surface above the fray.
But you can rise above the storms of your life simply by mastering these 8 winning attitudes of champions.

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And So What?

Think about this…
What  will you do if at the end of your days here on earth you realize that the ideas and thoughts you were too scared to express would have transformed humanity?   At the end of their lives, lots of people’s minds are filled with thoughts of regrets…

If only I had tried…
If only I had dared…
If only…

…Its the song of regret,  eternity’s worst hell.

Oh the millions of people that have moved into the great beyond without giving forth the light that burned within because they were scared of human opinion.  And even more are the millions alive today shivering with fear, too timid to let their light shine forth.

You see, it’s not just enough to discover yourself, but you must also courageously express yourself, and hopefully, transcend yourself.

So, if I may ask, what do you think?  What do you believe?  What do you know?  What have you seen?   And why are you silent?

We will all pass into the great beyond someday, but in the meantime, you and I will get misunderstood, rejected, criticized, and persecuted one way or the other, regardless of what we do or say.  So at the end of the day, is playing it ‘safe’ really worth it?

What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul? In other words, what’s the point of your life if out of fear and timidity you failed to discover yourself, and express your uniqueness and originality?

Think about it.

And I’m not referring to some talent, or ability…
Oh no! I’m referring rather to your personal point of view, your personal opinion, your own perspectives.

What if you dared to say what you think?

Oh, I know: some man or group will reject you and brand you with all sorts of indignities…


But here’s my question to you: “and so what?”

Maybe, you are thinking, “What if my family kicked me out?  What if the company fired me?  What if our religious group excommunicated me?  What if my spouse divorced me?”  Implying that you are probably a slave, a pathetic victim.

Or, you are thinking, “what if I’m wrong?”

Again, I ask, “And so what?”

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