8 Winning Attitudes of Champions

Life is tough.
The challenges of daily living are so daunting, only very few surface above the fray.
But you can rise above the storms of your life simply by mastering these 8 winning attitudes of champions.

Yes, you too can be a champion!

#1  Champions feed and grow on challenges.

I like to play the snake game on my cell phone, and, indeed, it’s my favorite.  I like the idea that the snake gets longer and larger by gulping down bits of obstacles along it’s path.  Each time I play that game, I’m often reminded of this first of the 8 winning attitudes of champions, which is that champions feed and grow on challenges.  If you have this attitude, it will empower you to advance against the obstacles strewn along the path to your preferred realities.

#2  Champions know that the best calculations are prone to fail and no plan is foolproof

You see, no matter how smart you are and how much precautions you take, you are still going to encounter lots of nasty seasons.
Management wisdom has it that whatever can go wrong will go wrong.
Champions know this and prepare ahead of time.

#3  Champions have the attitude that expects turbulence during the flight

Before take off in any flight, the pilot usually says something like, "We expect some slight turbulence, but that’s nothing to worry about."  Champions expect turbulence during the flight.  But they also have an attitude that says "If and when the turbulence rises, I’ll ride the storm and not be deterred by any temporary difficulties."

#4  Champions know that they may need to make some adjustments in the way they pursue their dreams, based on information that was not available to them initially

This is why champions have an open heart. They are rapid learners and never cease to learn.
In fact, champions relish data and facts, and are ravenous consumers of information. 
Champions are open to change and keep adjusting their methods and techniques to take advantage of new realities to enhance their performance and success.
This is why they usually stay ahead of everybody else.

#5  But champions have an attitude of gratitude at all times, particularly when things don’t go  their way according to plan

This is because they fully understand that after the storm comes the rain and that there are silver linings behind every cloud.
Champions know that there are favors and breakthroughs embedded within every adversity.

#6  Champions do not lose their faith in their God

Their faith in their God is so deep that they can draw from the supernatural strength of their God to deal with their challenges.
Champions have a rock-solid faith in their God. When even their strongest allies fail and turn against them, they know exactly where to turn to for inner strength

#7 Champions do not allow their personal difficulties to stop them from loving and caring

In spite of their frequent challenges, champions take the little that they have and share with others.  I believe this is the major key that unlocks their victories.
Champions understand the power of love, caring, and generosity, which is why they have such great hearts, and such phenomenal successes.

#8 Ultimately, champions don’t quit, which is why they win

Champions do not interpret temporary setbacks as permanent failures, but rather as stepping stones to new levels.
If you refuse to quit in spite of your troubles, if you go forward with a positive attitude towards temporary setbacks, you’ll see your life powering forward to new heights with the supernatural energy of your God.

As I said in the beginning, life is tough, and the challenges of daily living are so daunting that only very few surface above the fray.
But you can rise above the storms of your life simply by mastering these 8 winning attitudes of champions.

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And So What?

Think about this…
What  will you do if at the end of your days here on earth you realize that the ideas and thoughts you were too scared to express would have transformed humanity?   At the end of their lives, lots of people’s minds are filled with thoughts of regrets…

If only I had tried…
If only I had dared…
If only…

…Its the song of regret,  eternity’s worst hell.

Oh the millions of people that have moved into the great beyond without giving forth the light that burned within because they were scared of human opinion.  And even more are the millions alive today shivering with fear, too timid to let their light shine forth.

You see, it’s not just enough to discover yourself, but you must also courageously express yourself, and hopefully, transcend yourself.

So, if I may ask, what do you think?  What do you believe?  What do you know?  What have you seen?   And why are you silent?

We will all pass into the great beyond someday, but in the meantime, you and I will get misunderstood, rejected, criticized, and persecuted one way or the other, regardless of what we do or say.  So at the end of the day, is playing it ‘safe’ really worth it?

What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul? In other words, what’s the point of your life if out of fear and timidity you failed to discover yourself, and express your uniqueness and originality?

Think about it.

And I’m not referring to some talent, or ability…
Oh no! I’m referring rather to your personal point of view, your personal opinion, your own perspectives.

What if you dared to say what you think?

Oh, I know: some man or group will reject you and brand you with all sorts of indignities…


But here’s my question to you: “and so what?”

Maybe, you are thinking, “What if my family kicked me out?  What if the company fired me?  What if our religious group excommunicated me?  What if my spouse divorced me?”  Implying that you are probably a slave, a pathetic victim.

Or, you are thinking, “what if I’m wrong?”

Again, I ask, “And so what?”

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In Spite of Your Limitations

It is normal to feel frustrated when you sense that certain inherent flaws, and external circumstances are limiting you from translating your dreams into realities.  That sense of frustration is due to your basic design. You were designed to move, for progress, for multiplication, for relevance and influence.

Be aware that God’s first commandment to humanity wasn’t given in terms of religious obligations, but rather in terms of productivity and relevance.  He said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number…” In other words, become more, succeed!  And I believe this was actually much more than a commandment, I believe that it represents a divine conditioning of the human psyche. You and I were programmed from the very beginning to desire progress and increase.

So frustration occurs each time you feel stagnant. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it! Its ok. Its part of your humanity.
With a smile, accept that feeling of frustration.  Don’t fight it, just let it burn itself out.
After all, everything has a life span, including negative feelings and moods.
Just don’t make important decisions, and long-term commitments during such times.

Accept your humanity and don’t make much ado about your flaws; don’t make much ado about the feelings of frustration you have when faced with the consequences of those flaws.

Everything, everyone, every situation has limitations

The fact is that every nature, and every design has inherent limitations.
Even the divine nature is seriously limited in what it can do.

For instance, we usually say that God is omnipotent, in other words, He CAN do all things. Upon deeper reflection, however, you discover that that is an incorrect statement. In reality, God CAN’T do ALL THINGS. This is simply due to the constraints, or limitations, of His divine nature.

Let me illustrate with a very simple example: humans can lie, but God can’t! 
Even if God wanted to tell a lie, He just won’t be able to. This is because the moment He utters a word, it instantly becomes the truth!  So His nature makes it IMPOSSIBLE for Him to lie. That’s a limitation.

I believe you can come up with a list of other areas wherein God is constrained by the reality of His nature.

In spite of your limitations…

My point is this, everything, everyone, every situation, has limitations – what they would have loved to be able to do, but just couldn’t.  So why beat yourself over the head because of your perceived limitations?

Moreover, the beautiful aspect of what I’m sharing with you in this series is that you can still achieve your dreams IN SPITE of your limitations. In fact, in lots of situations, you actually achieve your dreams BECAUSE of those same limitations!

Your limitations could ultimately prove to be your protection from destruction, corruption, or extinction. The fact that God cannot lie, for instance, preserves His essence in purity and protects His throne from corruption.

So don’t always look at your limitations as a negative thing.

Yes, you can succeed in spite of your limitations; that’s what this series is all about.

To be continued…

Accept Your Humanity!

Are you unhappy and dissatisfied with yourself as a result of the flaws and imperfections you observe each time you introspect?  Are you tempted to deny your hearts aspirations for excellence, because of your perceived shortcomings?  Are you almost at the point of settling for mediocrity and the low life because of your so-called human limitations?

Well, you should think again!

Allow me to show you through this blog series how accepting the limitations of your human nature can actually serve as a stepping stone towards greater success and achievements; how that the acceptance of, and reconciliation with your humanity and it’s limitations are absolutely essential to a life of happiness and success.

I am human…

Yes, I am, and I’m proud of it.

God made me human. 
In making me He chose clay.  
My humanity is an expression of divine wisdom and choice.
To reject my humanity is to insult the wisdom of God. It’s like saying, "Hey God, you didn’t do a good job. You should have done better than this."

Spirituality is not the rejection of your humanity. It is rather the acceptance and appreciation of that humanity in all of its beauty and ‘rottenness’.
In describing his humanity, the prophet king, David, writes:

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. 
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.
~ Psalm 139: 13,14

David accepted, appreciated, and celebrated his humanity!
And why not?  He was designed by God!
And so were you…

An important aspect of self discovery is the acceptance of one’s humanity. In other words, I am human.
Actually the acceptance of, and reconciliation with your humanity is an important key to success.  I have observed that people who have accepted their humanity and made peace with it usually live happier and more fulfilling lives; they achieve more than those who reject and fight their humanity, and they do it a lot faster too.

Please, I’d like you to understand that I’m not suggesting some kind of unrealistic denial of the unsavoury aspects of our human nature.  When you look inwards, you might observe anger, laziness, disorderliness, procrastination, hatred, selfishness, and a host of other less than desirable qualities.  Of course, you and I are a bundle of flaws! 🙂

That’s exactly my point!
Don’t get mad at yourself.  Accept the whole package of your humanity – the pluses and the minuses – with gratitude.
Take it easy on yourself, because you can succeed and achieve your dreams, IN SPITE of your minuses!

As I’ve already pointed out, accepting the limitations of your human nature can actually serve as a stepping stone towards greater success and achievements, as I intend to show through this series.

So stay tuned…


In the meantime, I’d appreciate your thoughts on the idea of accepting the whole package of one’s humanity.

Acquired Tastes

The paths to our preferred realities are not always sweet and smooth, because the lifestyles that enable our dreams do not always taste nice naturally.

A lot of the times, we’ll need to do stuff we don’t like in order to create the results that we desire. And to do those things as a matter of discipline, we’ll have to acquire the taste for them.

I’ve learnt that in order to achieve our dreams we will have to cultivate acquired tastes for certain necessary habits.

Recently, for instance, I read in a book on how to maintain a healthy body, that our bodies are our best teachers and that we should listen to them and heed their complaints; a suggestion I totally agree with.

Moments after I read that advice, my mind hit on some complaints that I’ve been receiving from my body for nearly a year now, which is that each time I eat a late and heavy supper, my sleep would be laborious and I would wake up the next morning feeling so weak, useless, and lousy. I had always known that there was a direct line between the late suppers and the lousy mornings. Yet, I failed to make the necessary lifestyle adjustments.

Of course I knew what I needed to do, but it just wasn’t convenient! I simply didn’t have the taste for the required lifestyle.

Well, a few days ago, as I worked on a teaching series on the concept of ‘Acquired Tastes’ I received the much needed motivation to make the lifestyle adjustments that would allow me enjoy better sleep, more robust sunrises, and a healthier body. I gave up eating suppers entirely. 🙂

Ok, let me admit that the motivation was triggered off by something I read that the world’s oldest man had said – he gave up eating supper 35 years ago. 😉

Whatever, but it did the magic. So, yes, I’ve quit eating supper for good.

The really fun thing is that my night sleep is now sweet and my early mornings even sweeter. I’ve noticed tremendous improvements in terms of the energy and attitude with which I wake up in the morning, and the productive portion of my days now start much earlier than what I’ve been used to before now.

The thought of giving up my supper wasn’t fun, and neither is the very act itself. But the result is so good its worth the ‘sacrifice’.

Isn’t it amazing how minor adjustments can generate so much goodness?

Now that I’ve acquired the taste for going without supper, its beginning to taste better.

Truly, in order to achieve our dreams we will have to cultivate some acquired tastes for certain necessary habits.

Perspectives of Realities

…For we know in part…
~Apostle Paul. 1 Corinthians 13:9

Have you ever fought for what you believe – I mean, literarily?
Well I have, but that was a very long time ago, and that’s a story for another day.

This blog contains over a hundred articles, each containing threads of my experiences, learning, inspiration, understanding, and their likes. You might find lots of contradictions between the various views that I present here. I don’t really have the need to appear consistent; it gives me lots of headaches since I tend to see many sides of any issue simultaneously, and my preferred perspectives vary with time. Some people though, might probably see or discern some kind of consistency in my thoughts and what I write.

But I no longer care, and I mean it!

I’ve learnt in my journey that one initially tries to balance and reconcile the various paradoxes and contradictions of one’s daily experiences – a very difficult ordeal until you reach that very rare point of surrender and the awareness of your own ignorance and imperfection. Then you find peace, not because any thing makes any sense, but because you finally realize the futility of trying to know it all.

In the end, those who want to know, seek knowledge, whereas those who believe that they don’t know, attract knowledge.

Which by the way brings me to an aspect of the subject of today’s post, the issue of knowledge and understanding.

A very important aspect of knowledge

Knowledge is infinite; there’s more to be known than can ever be known.

Consequently I like to think that a very important aspect of knowledge is the knowledge of one’s ignorance . I’ve actually read that this awareness – that of one’s ignorance – is a prelude to wisdom.

The awareness of one’s ignorance is an element of one’s overall knowledge. This, of course is not very obvious, but when you reflect upon it, it makes some sense.

In my experience, every genuine increase in my breath of knowledge has always created a corresponding awareness of the breath of my ignorance.


Ok. Another interesting angle to this matter is the idea that no persons knowledge is absolutely accurate. I think this is due to the phenomenon I love to refer to as ‘perspectives’.  When you look at any object, you see it ‘as you see it’  not ‘as it is’.  In other words, what you have is a perspective, or perspectives, of that object, and not the entire picture of all of it’s dimensions.  The accuracy of your observation is limited by several factors including the fact that, as a flawed man, you can only have a flawed perception.  Besides, your angle of observation is always limited.

Here’s a parable to illustrate what I mean.

The story is told about six blind men who went to see an elephant. The first one approached the elephant, and happening to fall against his broad and sturdy side exclaimed that the elephant was like a wall.

The second, feeling the elephant’s tusk, cried out that the elephant was like a spear.

When the third man got to the elephant, he happened to take the trunk within his hands and boldly asserted that the elephant was very much like a snake.

The fourth man reached out eagerly and felt about the animal’s knee and announced that the wondrous beast was like a mighty tree.

The fifth who chanced upon the ear said that even the blind could tell without any shadows of doubt that the animal was like a fan.

And no sooner had the sixth man begun to grope about the animal than seizing on the swinging tail shouted that the elephant was as a rope.

And so these men began to dispute loud and strong among themselves, each in his own opinion…

Position shapes perspective

First of all, the above parable aptly brings to light a very basic fact about life; one that is unfortunately not so obvious, which is that every single reality has multiple dimensions.  Secondly, it also illustrates the fact that no single observer can see all of the aspects of any single reality, a fact that would still be true had the six men not been blind.  Thirdly, it highlights an important awareness: the dogmatic attachment to an opinion or view, and one which excludes all other possibilities is symptomatic of blindness.

A fourth import of this tale is that, perspective is a function of position – how you see, and what you see is determined by where you are. It is who you are, and where you are, that shapes what you see.  In the material plane, for instance, your spatial position with respect to any object determines what is and what isn’t visible to you.

But this is also true in the spiritual, conceptual, intellectual, and any other planes of existence there might be; your experiential position with respect to any reality defines the dimensions of that reality that are visible to you.

In other words, because none of us can occupy all the possible sides and angles of observation with respect to any reality (physical or non physical), or put in another way, because non of us is omni-present, our perspectives, and hence perceptions, intuition,understanding, and conclusions will always be less than accurate in the ultimate scheme of things.

The root of conflicts…

Most domestic, interpersonal, religious, and other conflicts have their roots in our inordinately passionate bonding with our positions, and the subsequent perspectives those positions allow us to have. When a spouse, for instance, is firmly entrenched in a particular outlook on how to spend the family resources, and is unwilling to consider that of the other person, it usually leads to frustration and conflicts within the relationship. A religious enthusiast who has meticulously studied his sacred texts, but fails to make a distinction between the essential truths of those texts and his personal understanding of them, will eventually degenerate into a bigot.

As a religious leader, (yes, unfortunately I am one :(  ), I have a phrase that usually helps to keep me from degenerating into a bigot. :)  And that is this, my personal understanding of the Holy Scriptures is not equal to the essential intentions of God therein.  Interestingly, lots of others who look up to me for spiritual leadership have a different perspective on this particular issue; they believe that because I’m a prophet of God, then my personal views are exact equivalents of God’s revelations.  Interesting…very very interesting.  I no longer share their views, by the way…lol. 

Of course, I’m a very opinionated person and quite passionate about what I believe, but my faith is a very personal thing to me.

Anyway, my point is that when one is inordinately bonded to an opinion to the exclusion of any other, it usually degenerates into prejudice and bias, and eventually, hostility and violence.

Preferred perspectives

Now, I do believe that you can voluntarily (and probably temporarily) alter your positions with respect to any reality. By voluntarily altering your positions, you can experience other perspectives of any of life’s multi-dimensional realities. I know this can be scary, and I’m not in any way suggesting that you attempt it.  But if you can, particularly if you have an open mind and an open heart, you’ll find it a very beautiful and thrilling experience. I’ve also found it to be quite enlightening and empowering.

But you’ll eventually discover that not all perspectives of realities will resonate with you. So you’ll have what I like to refer to as ‘preferred perspectives’, which by the way is ok, since you are an absolutely unique being – provided, of course you maintain an open mind and an open heart.

Discover yourself by identifying your abilities

Another important aspect of the self discovery process, and the sixth we’ll be studying in this series is the this:

#6. Identify your abilities.

I’ll be using the word ‘ability’ rather than ‘talent’ because the latter is usually associated with entertainment and high visibility skills – such as singing, sports, fiction-writing, acting, playing instruments, and so on. This paradigm tends to obscure the meaning, with the result that most people would say, “I don’t think I have any special talents.”

However, let me point out that when I use the word ‘ability, it means the same as gifts, skills, and talents. In fact, I’ll personally define talent as anything that you are very good at, in other words, any special abilities that you have. In this sense, then, every person is talented in one area or another – because every person is very good at something.

So, one of the ways to discover yourself is to identify your abilities, or your talents. Identifying your abilities is an important aspect of the self discovery process.

I’ve already written a post on the subject of what you are very good at. I’ll encourage you to study that post since I’ll skip most of what I wrote there.

Your content…your medium…your being

Your beliefs define your content.
Your gifts, abilities, talents, skills, define your medium of expression – how you express the content.
They are elements of your being.

So, your abilities are essential aspects of who you are, which is exactly why you must identify them.

The important thing is that you are very good at it/them, and that you are aware of it/them

What matters is not the number of things you are very good at – whether many or few- but rather, how good you are at it/them, and the fact that you are aware of it/them. The fact that you are very good at only one thing is no cause for concern. In fact, it could actually be an advantage!

As a self discovery coach, my experience so far has shown that being good at multiple areas could prove to be an impediment to distinction and excellence; it doesn’t have to be so, but it often is. People who are very good in so many things, particularly unrelated things, have to manage these multiple gifts in other not to fall prey to the dangers of diffusion, dissipation, and superficiality.

Again, it doesn’t matter what it is that you are very good at – whether it’s cooking, writing, or negotiating; the important thing is that you are very good at it, and that you are aware of it.

For instance, I’m very good at clearly capturing my thoughts and putting them into written form like articles, books, and so on. I’m also very good at seeing many sides of any issue; this gives me an ‘unfair’ advantage in any argument 😉 Again, I’m good at getting people to do exactly what I want, and enjoy doing it.

Notice I didn’t mention anything like playing football, singing, or playing the piano. Unfortunately, as I mentioned earlier, many people feel that they are not talented simply because they cannot play the piano like Mozart, or twist their bodies on stage like Michael Jackson.

The truth of the matter is that every ability is a talent, and if you are very good at it, then you must deliberately elevate it in your consciousness to be at the same level of honor with any other talent.

I agree with Ben Carson that, “…anyone with a normal brain has the capacity to do almost anything, but when one has special gifts or talents (and everyone has) and takes advantage of and develops those talents – that person is likely to excel.”

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Discover yourself by capturing your passion

We’ve already covered four aspects of the self-discovery process in this series. They are:

#1. Become aware of your vital connection to God.
#2. Acknowledge the infiniteness of the varieties of divinity.
#3. Understand that you are a unique variety of divinity.
#4. Discern your message.

In the course of the fourth aspect, I pointed out the fact that your core beliefs are integral aspects of your identity, and eventually define your message. Your message then determines your mission in creation during your passage through the time-space segment of eternity is derived from your message. If you’ve been following this series so far, you’ll also recall that your mission is one and the same with your identity; ‘why you are’ is the same as ‘who you are.’ So when you discover your mission, you discover yourself.

However, your core beliefs, by themselves, are not actually enough to determine your mission. In order to discover yourself by capturing the full spectrum of your mission, something else needs to be put into the mix, and that is your emotional configuration – or, your passion.

Your passion is a vital element of your soul (personality) and should not be ignored in your quest for self-discovery. In fact, as you’ll see from today’s post, passion’s role in the self-discovery process is more important than most people are aware of.

Let me now introduce the fifth aspect of the self-discovery process:

#5. Capture Your Passion!

We’ll examine four dimensions of your passion:


Your heart races with excitement when you think about certain subjects (eg. Money, politics, mysticism, success, technology, sports, miracles, children, education, health, marriage, and so on). For instance, whenever you mention certain words like self-discovery, success, free-thinking, discipline, integrity, responsibility, my heart races with excitement! 🙂

One way to discover yourself is to recognize those things that cause excitement to pass like a wave along your nerves.

Excitement is positive energy. What you are excited about signals what you were designed to pursue. If you go through this blog, you can understand the role of passion in determining one’s overall mission in life. This blog is all about success, self-discovery, free-thinking, responsibility, and so on. And if you ever attend my church, or seminar, listen to my radio broadcasts, read any of my books or magazines, the emphasis is still the same.

What you are excited about is a signal of what you were designed to pursue.

What are those subjects and concepts that thrill your heart whenever you think of them? List at least 5 and rate the intensity of your heart-beat for each item on a scale of 1 – 10. Discover yourself today by recognizing those things that create excitement in your heart.


There are certain things you enjoy doing (eg. Designing, writing, teaching, advising people, cooking, visiting, giving, being in charge, arranging things, buying things, negotiating, ). I love learning, sharing what I know, planning, telling people exactly what they should do 🙂 , tinkering with my computer, and the internet.

I love Bill Gate’s response to the question, “What advice would you give to any young people who would like to follow in your footsteps?” He said, “Most important of all is to choose work that you are truly passionate about. If you really love what you do, you’ll barely notice how hard you work at it.”

Great men and women have always recognized the vital connection between what you enjoy doing and what you were designed to do. Tap into the dynamics of your soul’s passion and let the power of love and joy serve you.

When you examine some of the things that I enjoy doing – learning, sharing what I know, tinkering with my computer, and the internet – is it difficult to relate it to my vocation as a Pastor, teacher, author, and blogger?

Identifying the things that you really love to do is another way to discover yourself. What are the things that you enjoy doing? No one has to motivate you or challenge you or check up on you. You do it for sheer enjoyment. You don’t need rewards or applause or payment. In fact, you would gladly pay for the opportunity to do them. What are they? List at least 5 and rate the level of your enjoyment in each item on a scale of 1 – 10.

Discover yourself today by recognizing those things that you really enjoy doing.

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Discern your message

Today, we’ll be examining the fourth aspect of the self-discovery process. This particular aspect, though not as fundamental as the preceding three, is the most definitive. As a matter of fact, your mastery of this aspect determines whether or not you accomplish your mission in time, space, and eternity.

#4. Discern your message

Time and space is a finite segment of eternity. And every individual passing through this segment has a mission. Yes, you have a mission.

Your mission is defined by your message. In a nutshell, your message is a definite awareness that you were designed and born to communicate to humanity. I’m convinced that every person born into this world is supposed to elevate the spiritual consciousness of humanity in some way, and your message is key to that mission. I don’t mean this in the sense that each man or woman needs to become some sort of guru, priest, imam, or any other such spiritual office; rather, it’s in the sense that there’s a message you were designed and born to deliver during your passage through this time and space segment of eternity.

Let me help you understand exactly what I mean by your message.
Once again, our reference point would be the very first aspect of self-discovery – which is that you are an offspring, or child of God.

During a divine visitation I had in 1994, I was specifically taught by a messenger from God that Jesus Christ is the model man. In other words, when we see Him, we are actually looking at who we are and ought to be; we are looking at our own very nature and possibilities.

If you are a child of God, then you are a partaker of the divine nature; ye are gods! Also, if Jesus is the first Son among many brethren (including you), then you are a partaker of His nature; again, ye are gods! In other words, your very essence is the same as that of God and Jesus Christ.

Let me put the expression in another way: the implication of the fact that you are a child of God and a brother to Jesus Christ is that your very essence (your nature) is the same as that of God and Jesus Christ.

And what is this essence?

The divine essence vs your essence

“In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God. ~ John 1:1

So, the essence of divinity is ‘the Word’.

“And the word was made flesh …” ~ John 1:14

The essence of Jesus Christ, again divinity, is ‘the Word’.

If statistics are anything to go by, then over 2 billion people on this planet accept the above statements as truth. The problem however, is that majority of these same people will shudder with pseudo-humility when I show them the implication of their being children of God. Yet, I do not make any apologies for the following statement:

If you are a child of God, a brother to Jesus Christ – and you are – then your essence, too, is ‘the Word’!

So you are a manifestation of ‘the word’ in a certain space-time dimension. In a sense, you too are ‘the word’, or probably, ‘a word’ made flesh! Put in another way, you are the earthly manifestation of a certain eternal word.

But which word?

Think about the third aspect of the self discovery process – you are a unique variety of divinity. So, if the essence of divinity is ‘the Word’, it means that you are a unique variety of ‘the word’. Invariably, then, you are a unique variety of the eternal word hurtling through eternity, but manifested for a while in the time-space dimension.

Let me say that again, you are the earthly manifestation of a unique variety of the eternal word.

This unique variety of the word – the divine essence – is you.
And this ‘word’ is your message; and your message defines your mission.

So, how do you recognize, identify, or discern your message?

I guess you’ll be wondering, “If I’m the earthly manifestation of a unique variety of the eternal word, and if this word is my essence, and the message I’m supposed to deliver in time and space, what then is this word?”

My answer is this: this unique variety of ‘the word’, of which you are a manifestation, is embedded in your core beliefs. It was wired into you from the very beginning.

The pressure of your childhood conditioning, environmental and socio-cultural orientation, as well as religious brainwashing, might have muffled it, but it’s still speaking within you. His voice can never be stilled by the forces of time.

The more you learn and develop the capacity to listen to your heart , the clearer your core beliefs and values become to you.

So, what do you really believe?

What do you really believe? What are your convictions?

I’m not talking about some creed you swallowed as a little child as a result of being born into a particular ethnic group, or religious culture. Not at all. I’m referring rather to truth that’s been crystallized in your heart as a result of your own personal experiencing of life.

What you are personally convinced of, and what you personally believe, lie at the heart of who you are; it is the very essence of your being.

Your sense of right and wrong is derived from this. This is like a directional compass that informs you that you are on the right path. Whether you are consciously aware of this or not, they are lying there at the core of your being. It’s impossible to act consistently in ways that violate your beliefs and inner convictions.

You need to become aware of them, crystallize them and deliberately use them because they help you establish priorities and you evaluate opportunities.

Your beliefs

Does what you believe come from what you observe and experience, or does what you observe and experience come from what you believe? My answer is that ultimately, what you believe shapes your experiences; your life moves in the direction of your strongest beliefs.

We eventually believe what we were designed to believe. You cannot accept for long what is inconsistent with your basic design. You may pretend to, but you just can’t.

As I’ve written somewhere in this site, I was taught from childhood that the Catholic church was a satanic cult and that all of their faithful would go to hell 🙁 I was also taught that people from other religions would go to hell except they renounce their own religions and join mine. I tried to swallow this, and I guess everyone around me thought they’d done a good job at getting me to believe that. Yet, I couldn’t. I battled with it for years and even felt guilty about my not buying into that discriminatory doctrine, yet, try as hard as I could, I couldn’t believe that. When I understood my mission, however, it all made sense; I couldn’t believe that because I wasn’t designed to believe it – in fact, part of my mission, as you’ll soon discern, is to fight that very thought.

Because of timidity, a lot of people never reconcile with what they truly believe. You see them animated with excitement the moment your statement strikes their inner chords, but then they quickly relapse into their conformity as soon as they are left alone in the crowd. A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still, though he might hide it for fear of ostracism.

Your set of beliefs and convictions is not a static thing; it is dynamic. It expands or shrinks relative to your personal growth, consciousness, and awareness.

Recognizing your core beliefs

Resonance is the key word here. Remember, these beliefs constitute the very essence of your being; it’s the ‘word’ you were designed and born to manifest. So, they are already built into you. All you need to do as you navigate through the various experiences of life is to observe, listen, and reflect.

What are those things that resonate with you? They make you nod your head in genuine acquiescence. Your heart says yes to them each time you see or hear them. They may often run contrary to your childhood programming and so you dare not acknowledge them openly. Yet the resonance is right there and you can feel it.

I’ve also written about certain aspects of how to identify your core beliefs in the post, How to think your own thoughts.

My personal belief statements

My personal beliefs are expressed through the following statements:

  • I believe that God Is. For me, the reality of God remains the basic and fundamental truth of life.
  • I believe that communion with God is man’s most fundamental duty. I shared the experience that brought this awareness to me in ‘Can God Be Lonely?’. I’ll soon be offering the full version as a free e-book on this site.
  • I believe that God’s word is the highest revelation of His personality and character. For me as an individual, Jesus Christ embodies that revelation. My personal awareness of God’s word as the Light, and His very essence enabled me to come to terms with the truth that light is the only force that overcomes darkness.
  • I believe that love is the only legitimate expression of the Holy Spirit, and is the conclusive proof of the genuineness, authenticity, and truthfulness of any religion.
  • I believe that the happiest people are those that have found their mission to creation and are right in the middle of it. I believe that solving the problems of our generation is the only way to give meaning to our lives.
  • I believe that there’s good in every man. This is a very important belief that rules everything that I do. It guides my relationships with others as I strive to communicate my faith to others.
  • I believe that mentality determines personality; that faith determines experiences. I believe that what a person thinks shapes his or her outcome.
  • I believe that God’s kingdom is a condition of existence, a realm or state of life where God’s way is given absolute sway. I don’t believe that God’s kingdom is a matter of geography; I do not believe that it’s in any earthly or man-made sect or religion. I believe, rather, that wherever the will of God is absolutely yielded to by all elements, there will be a manifestation of that kingdom with all of it’s glories and wonders. (I’ll be writing about my trip to heaven soon)
  • I believe that Satan was defeated by Jesus Christ on the Cross of Calvary and stripped of his power.

These constitute my personal belief statements; I refer to them as the 9-pillars of the Wildfire message (BTW: My name is Wildfire :).

If you are discerning enough, you’ll find out that my personal mission – as expressed through my message – stems from these beliefs.

For instance, my belief that faith determines experiences drives me to teach people to assume greater responsibilities for their thoughts in order to shape their future.

My belief that God’s kingdom and love is not restricted to any sect – that there is good in every man – inspires me to challenge people to transcend all religious uniformities.

My belief that the happiest person is the individual that has found his or her mission moves me to challenge you to discover yourself and achieve your own personal success.

In other words, your belief defines your message.
Your message then defines your mission.
Your mission finally determines your relevance and impact.

There’s really no need for you to get worked up over my personal belief statements. Actually, it’s none of your business, but it will regulate how I relate with you, how I live my life, and what eventually becomes of me in eternity.

The more important thing is to find out what yours are.

So, what are your own personal belief statements?

Your belief defines your message.
Your message defines your mission.
Your mission defines your relevance and impact.

Most importantly, just as the model man was the manifestation of the word of God, and just as the word of is the essence of divinity, your core beliefs are your essence. You are nothing but the earthly manifestation of what you believe!

What are your core beliefs?
What principles of life are you personally and unshakably convinced of?
In your journey through life so far, what do you believe as a result of your deep personal experiences?

None? That’s ok. But think deep before before you conclude that there are none!

A few? Sure. They don’t have to be plenty. But they have to be authentic expressions of your innermost genuine beliefs.

Many? Never mind. As you continue to introspect, a lot of the more superficial ones will naturally drop out.

What has your experiences in life taught you?
What lessons have you learned from your victories and defeats?
What truths of scriptures have become engraved in the tablet of your heart as a direct and indirect result of your various experiences in life.

I’ll recommend that, during this weekend, you go through what we’ve already done so far and digest them. Of particular importance is the recognition of your cardinal belief statements. Also, see if you can discern your message from your core beliefs.

I also encourage you to share this series with your friends and colleagues.

We’ll continue with other aspects of the self-discovery process on Monday.
Have a great weekend!


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You are a unique variety of divinity!

“Every individual within the human family – offspring of God – should be an excellent expression of a unique variety of divinity.” ~ Pastor WD Favour


Yesterday, we unraveled two fundamental aspects of self-discovery – your vital connection with divinity, and the infiniteness of the varieties of divinity. Your awareness of these realities is basic to a genuine experience of self-discovery. In other words, to discover yourself, you must

#1. Become aware of your vital connection to divinity, the truth that you are an offspring of God, as well as,
#2. Acknowledge the infiniteness of the varieties of divinity.

Hopefully, your appreciation of these two aspects of the process will enable you understand the rest as we continue this series.

Today, I want to introduce you to the third aspect of the self-discovery process.

#3. Understand that you are a unique variety of divinity

A variety is complete in itself, yet it’s a unique expression of the whole. For instance, there are many varieties of the rose flower. A certain specie of the rose flower, is complete in itself, yet it’s just another unique expression of the rose family.

Again, think of the human family; it has many varieties – Caucasian, Negroid, etc. Each of these varieties is complete in themselves, yet they are unique expressions of the human specie.

It is in the ongoing sense that I mean that there are infinite varieties of divinity.

As I pointed out yesterday, you are an offspring of divinity. This is to say that you are one of the visible, and tangible, expressions of the infinite varieties of divinity. Look at it in this order:

  • Divinity has infinite varieties (as we noted yesterday).
  • You are an offspring of divinity, meaning an expression of divinity.
  • Though the infinite varieties of divinity can be expressed in time and space, no single unit of creation can manifest all of these varieties even in eternity.
  • Since you are a unit expression of divinity, you can only manifest a certain variety of divinity.

My point is this: There is a variety of divinity that you are uniquely designed to manifest and express in time, space, and eternity.

You are gods!

This unique variety of divinity – that you are uniquely designed to manifest and express in time, space, and eternity – is the real you, the true, eternal, god-you. This is the ‘yourself’ that you need to ‘discover’
Your real self is that unique variety of the infiniteness of divinity you are uniquely designed to bring into manifestation one earth.

So, the third aspect of the self-discovery process is to understand that you are a unique variety of divinity.

When you discover yourself and begin to function in that expression, you begin to experience and exercise dominion in time and in eternity. Everyone that comes within the sphere of that expression invariably submits to your dominion.

It is your realm of omniscience

When you operate in your unique variety of divinity, you experience and manifest the omniscience of that variety. All of the information and mysteries needed for the excellent expression of your unique variety of divinity is within that variety. It’s always within you; it’s fully built into you.

It’s actually a full package containing personalities, gifts, talents, abilities, passions, and so on.
In this sense, you don’t need anyone to teach you to be you.

It is your realm of omnipotence

When you operate in your unique variety of divinity, you experience and manifest the omnipotence of that variety.

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. ~ Philippians 4:13

First of all, “I can do all things…” means omnipotence! Every one on this planet has a dimension of operation in which they manifest the omnipotence of God. When it comes to the expression of your own unique variety of divinity, there’s really nothing that you can’t do.

Secondly, “…through Christ which strengthens me” means that there’s a constraint. Christ is the divinity, or the nature of God within you. In the context of self-discovery, it is the specific variety of divinity that you are uniquely designed to manifest and express in time and eternity. So your dominion and omnipotence in time and space is defined by your own unique variety of divinity. Your grace and enabling operate without limitations within that dimension.

Thirdly, outside of this dimension, you are practically impotent…you can do nothing! This is why it is written, “…apart from me, you can do nothing.” ~ John 15:5. In other words, when you function outside your design, you become impotent, you are defeated, failure occurs.

For instance, if you are designed to express the wonders of creation through painting and sculpting, and not as a spiritual leader or teacher, as I am, you’ll be frustrated doing what I’m doing, and vice versa.

So we can paraphrase Philippians 4:13 to read, I can do all things, everything, that I am designed to do because I am designed, programmed, and fully enabled and equipped to do it.

Until you discover yourself – your own unique variety of the infinite dimensions of divinity – and start expressing it, you’ve not started to live, but merely existing. If you die that way, time and history will have no records of you. It won’t notice that you ever passed through this time and space continuum. You need to discover yourself, connect with him, tap into all the resources built into him, and express him fully without reservations and inhibitions.

You must harness all of the divine resources within you. Then fine-tune and metamorphose that variety into perfect excellence. Every individual within the human family – offspring of God – should be an excellent expression of a unique variety of divinity.

It is your realm of rest

Every individual within the human family – offspring of God – is anointed, graced, and supernaturally enabled. But all of these resources are only suited for each person’s own unique variety of divinity .

The moment you move into the expression of your own unique variety of divinity, you automatically activate the anointing and grace for it. Then you cease from all struggles and enter into pleasurable rest – which, by the way, is nothing other than fulfilling labour of love and joy! In this sense, it is your sphere of rest.

Using the simple illustration that I gave earlier, I’m anointed, graced, and supernaturally enabled to do what I’m doing – communicating spiritual mysteries through teaching and writing. I’m not wired to express the wonders of the universe through painting and sculpting. Imagine then that I leave my sphere of operations to venture into painting and sculpting? 🙁 I’ll definitely struggle there and experience untold frustrations. But as long as I stay in my own sphere of design, I enjoy the grace, anointing, and supernatural strength wired into me for the expression of my own unique variety of divinity.

This rest is not passive or idle. It is actually extremely active, creative, and productive. It is a life-renewing and immensely refreshing labour. It is labour, but it is not tiresome. As a matter of fact, the more you labour at expressing your own unique variety of divinity, the more energy is released from within to do more, and more, and more!

The frustration of the divinity within

When you function outside the sphere of your own unique variety of divinity, you can never excel, you will never experience distinction, or dominion. This happens because your own unique variety of divinity is trapped and frustrated.

The result is that the divinity within you feels crippled and stunted because a channel of expression is failing to manifest a divine dimension. And anytime divinity is frustrated within a being, that individual experiences the phenomenon we know as ‘curses’.

If, for instance, I abandon my own dimension of communicating spiritual mysteries through teaching and writing, and venture into painting and sculpting, the divinity in me would instantly feel crippled and inhibited. The result would be lack of excellence and personal success in my efforts as a sculptor and painter.

Yet the failure of a human being is nothing in comparison to the frustration of divinity. This is because the failure of a being to excellently manifest his or her own unique variety of divinity in time and space, causes ‘death’ to millions of others and by so doing grants undue advantages to darkness. ‘Death’ here is not merely the cessation of earthly life – it is rather the chain reaction, or downward spiral of the incapacitation of other beings from expressing their own unique dimensions of divinity.

For instance, what would have become of humanity, had Jesus Christ not been who He is? What would have become of human progress today, had individuals not invented electricity, telephone, the internet, and so on? What would have become of human history had men like Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and their likes not expressed their own unique varieties of divinity?

So, let your light shine!

Darkness always shrinks back from a genuine manifestation and expression of divinity. Hence it is written that ‘A man’s gift makes room for him…” and that “The Light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not comprehended it…” The ‘gift’, and the ‘light’ are both various synonyms for the ‘ expression of divinity.’

Your unique dimension of divinity is what Jesus meant when He said, “Ye are the light of the world.” But unexpressed light is no different from darkness. So He says, “Let your light so shine…”

You and I are unique expressions of different dimensions of the Light. Your distinction begins when you discover yourself – that unique variety of divinity you were designed to manifest – then excellently express it. The moment this occurs, a throne is established for you to exercise divine dominion over a sphere of creation.

So far…

We’ve examined three aspects of the process of self-discovery:

#1. Become aware of your vital connection to divinity.
#2. Acknowledge the infiniteness of the varieties of divinity.
#3. Understand that you are a unique variety of divinity.


We’ll go on to other points tomorrow.

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How to discover yourself and achieve your own personal success

I have been digging into the phenomenon of self discovery for over fourteen years now and have learnt a whole lot. I’ve written severally on the subject, and taught on the subject in seminars, conferences, and workshops. Yet, through all these years, I was always halted on my tracks each time I encountered the question, “Pastor, how can I discover myself?”

For years, I tried to resolve this difficulty, all to no avail. Then, one day, as I reflected on my own personal experience of self-discovery, I realized the main reason for the difficulty; I was searching for a non-existent linear process of self-discovery!

Self-discovery is not a linear process, it’s a mystical experience. And I do not mean mystical or spiritual in the sense of some weird, and spooky kind of trance-like religious vibrations. Its a mystical phenomenon, and a spiritual experience, rather in the sense that it’s dynamics are too spontaneous, varied, and simultaneous to be captured by any linear ideological equations.

So even though I’ll attempt to lay out a sequence of principles, instructions, and guidelines associated with the process, I’ll encourage you to avoid the trap of setting the sequence up as a definite mathematical formula for self-discovery, because there’s nothing like that. A better approach would be to absorb the self-evident truths contained in this series, assimilate their most obvious implications, and then reach your own inner convictions.

There will, of course be contradictions (or varieties of perspectives 🙂 ). So everyone should be able to reach their own personal conclusions, just as it ought to be.


#1. Become aware of your vital connection to God.

In phaenomena by the Cilician poet Aratus (315 – 240 BC) as well as in Hymns to Zeus by another Greek poet, Cleanthes (331 – 233 BC) we encounter the following line:

“We are his offspring..”

Centuries later, the Apostle Paul employed this line to reveal the vital relationship between all humanity and God. It is interesting that the Apostle did not in any way debunk the idea expressed by those ancient Greek poets. He rather used it as a premise to elevate their consciousness and awareness of God. He told them:

“Therefore, since we are God’s offspring, we should not think that the divine being is like gold or silver or stone – an image made by man’s design and skill” St. Paul , Acts 17:29

What a powerful argument!
More so, what a serious rebuke to those who continue to assert that only certain members of certain religious groups can be referred to as offspring or children of God.

The reality is that you are His offspring.
You are an expression of divinity.
You are a child of God.

The validity of this truth has nothing to do with your awareness or ignorance of it, nor has it anything to do with the opinion of any other person or group for that matter. However, your personal awareness of this truth has everything to do with your own self-discovery process!

I believe that self-discovery is rooted in your personal awareness of your vital connection to God. So, in this first part of the series on how to discover yourself and achieve your own personal success, I’ll focus on the mystery of divinity and your connection to God. I’ve already dealt with the vital connection aspect in my post Ye Are Gods and I suggest you read it for a clearer insight into your oneness with divinity.

Ensure that you are established in the awareness that you are an offspring of God.

#2 Acknowledge the infiniteness of the varieties of God.

For the rest of today’s article, let’s bring the spotlight to bear on what I’ve termed ‘the infinite varieties of divinity’. This is a very important aspect of the self-discovery process. The insight you gain from this particular concept is critical to the process of self-discovery. And when you link it with your awareness of your vital connection to God, the impact on you would be practically indescribable.

First of all, divinity has infinite varieties of expressions

Now read the following line:

“I am Who I am” ~ God to Moses, Exodus 3:13,14

This simple, yet profound revelation envelops powerful mysteries pertaining to divinity and subsequently, to you (since, as we’ve already noted, you are an offspring of God). It embodies the truth that divinity has infinite varieties of manifestations and expressions. The expressions of the divine personality are inexhaustible. No human vocabulary or concept can completely describe the wholeness of God.

Sequel to the acknowledgment of the infiniteness of the varieties of divinity, is the realization that no single form or image can describe Him. The moment you attempt to confine Him to a form, blasphemy, sacrilege, or idolatry has occurred. This sacrilege is not limited to tangible or bodily forms (such as is rampant here in Africa 🙂 ) but also in terms of conceptual and intangible forms.

When God says,

“You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything…” ~ Exodus 20:4,

He means that you should not try to confine Him to any definitions, descriptions, or specific ideological and conceptual dimensions – such as is the case with organized religions today.

Secondly, the infinite varieties of divinity can be expressed and manifested

The fact that we should not try to confine divinity to any form does not in any way contradict the fact that the infinite varieties of divinity can be expressed or manifested in time and space; actually, He can. However, this cannot be done through any single unit of creation, but rather by all of God’s creative expressions through all of time, space, and eternity.

No single creative expression of God can manifest all of His varieties and attributes. It would require all of God’s creative expressions in eternity to do this.

So far

What I’ve done so far is to unravel two fundamental aspects of self-discovery – your vital connection with divinity, and the infiniteness of the varieites of divinity. Your awareness of these realities is basic to a genuine experience of self-discovery. In other words, to discover yourself, you must

  • Become aware of your vital connection to divinity, as well as
  • Acknowledge the infiniteness of the varieties of divinity.

Hopefully, your appreciation of these two aspects of the process will enable you understand the rest as we continue this series.

See you tomorrow!


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The Recipe for True and Lasting Greatness

Several years ago, when my dad was the chairman of a Local Government Area in our State (equivalent of the head of a county), someone approached him  and suggested that they put billions of naira (Nigerian Currency)  meant for staff salaries in a fixed deposit account for 3 months. 🙁

My dad was taken aback by the idea, and when he expressed his shock to the fellow, the man said, "C’mon!Everyone is doing it..That’s the fastest way  to make money while you are in office."  Of course, my dad  let the man see the wickedness of his suggestions in no uncertain terms.

I do not know much about your part of the world, but I personally live in a society where material things are valued above individual lives.  This is why a leader here will take the salaries of people and place it in a fixed deposit account in a bank for his personal gain.  This is why people will kidnap another individual just for the sake of money.

It is unfortunate and it is pathetic; its so frustrating to watch.

I believe that nations should not just  be characterized as first world, or third worlds just on the basis of economic, infrastructural and technological advancements, but also, and primarily, by the value  placed on the lives of individual citizens by the leadership of that society. It is no accident that the greatest nations on earth today are also those nations that have the highest regard for their individual citizens and express those values through the policies and practices of their leadership.

You are valuable because God made you and invested His own nature in you.

People are the most valuable treasures in all of creation – so valuable that God sacrificed His only Son just to redeem us.

Imagine a society where the value of each individual soul is appreciated and celebrated by every other person.

You are very important to God, and so is the next person by your side. Your value does not depend on what anyone thinks of you, or how you’ve been treated by others, it depends on the truth that God created you in His own image.  I do not believe that any individual is more important or valuable in God’s sight than another person.  You are valuable because God made you and invested His own nature in you.

The recipe for true and lasting greatness

Yet, as important as you are, permit me to suggest to you that the value of your own life, as well as that of the legacy you leave behind isn’t determined by the value you place on your own personal life, but rather by the value you place on the lives of others.

The greatest person  – Jesus Christ – attained that height because He actually valued you and I above His own life.  Jesus so valued our lives that He gave up His just to redeem ours!
History’s greatest souls have always been those who valued others above themselves, often to the point of sacrificing their own comfort, convenience, and even lives to save others.

When you value others above yourself, you want to serve them, you want to help them. And, according to Jesus, this is the recipe for true and lasting greatness.

But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant.
~ Matthew 23:11

This is also the essence of the teaching of Apostle Paul in Philippians 2:3-11,

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves.
~ Philippians 2:3

Right now, in most of our minds are thoughts of ourselves:
How can I get more money?  How can I expand my business?  How can I get this person to give me what I want?  How can I pass my exams?  How can I get that to become mine?  How can I get ahead of others?

Think about it: selfishness is ugly, and its silly.

How about changing our focus from our needs, to the needs of others?
How about being more concerned about how to solve the problems of those around us?

How about walking in the footsteps of Jesus Christ  and becoming one another’s saviour?

I believe we can, and I think we should….

Love is so beautiful!

"…love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude  of sins." 
~ 1 Peter 4:8

Love is such a beautiful gift. And I personally consider it to be man’s ultimate ability.
It is also a powerful force  – the greatest transformational agency in the universe.

The essence of love…

Love is so beautiful because it is seeing God and good in others. Its not necessarily what you do, as much as it is how and what you see in others.

Of course, when we see God in others, it does lead to certain actions towards them.. But the essence of love is more about our vision of others, rather than the actions we take towards them.

When you have love for someone or something, you tend to see their shortcomings and flaws differently. That’s why the bible says that love covers over a multitude of sins. 

Love transforms…

Jesus had this kind of love for mankind which was why He died for us even while we were yet sinners.  Love is so beautiful because it transforms people and unlocks the divinity trapped within humanity.

But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. 
Romans 5:8

Jesus saw it all differently. But, of course, how could it have been otherwise? He made us and so understands our value and worth much more than any of us could ever imagine.

Its almost impossible to transform anyone for whom you have no love.  If we are really serious about changing our world for good, we must love like God. And we can.

This means that we must see God and good in everyone, in spite of where they may be at right now – socioeconomic status, religious orientation, cultural background, and so on.

Love is courageous…

The opposite of love is selfishness which is rooted in fear – fear of loss, fear of what others will think and say. This is why it takes courage to love.  Courage lies at the heart of love.

Love is so beautiful because it’s fearless and courageous.  Loving others exposes you to certain dangers such as being misunderstood, rejected, betrayed, hurt, cheated and so on. So, it takes courage to walk in divine love.

Harvests of love…

But when we walk in love, we sow seeds that create amazing reactions, and beautiful results. Love is so beautiful because it bears such sweet fruits. 🙂

The harvests of love begin with trust from the one you love, then imitation, then fellowship…in retrospect you see the process in terms  of transformation.

Love is to be demonstrated

Release your love in practical demonstrations of charity just as Jesus did.  He fed the hungry, visited the sick and healed them; he helped people in their businesses too. Love is so beautiful because it can be demonstrated, it’s so practical.

Love reaches the heart…

Nothing can touch the human heart as much as love.  Love is so beautiful because it reaches the heart.  In the transformational process, the heart is the more powerful agency, not the mind.  Love reaches the heart in ways that often bypasses the mind.

Usually, when the heart is touched by love, the mind eventually bows.

To be continued…

What does love mean to you?
Do you have personal experiences pertaining to love – whether positive or negative?

The Pain of Parting…

While waiting at the Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport for my flight back to Nigeria after a packed two weeks of preaching, counselling, training, business meetings, and sight seeing in Pittsburgh, I found enough mind space to write down some of the thoughts streaming through my heart and mind…

This was the first time of some real mental seperation from the whole experience of the trip.

Five hrs earlier, I’d just gotten through the saddest and most emotionally tormenting period of my life – parting with my team members at Pittsburgh International airport. It was such a ‘painful’ moment as we all fought unsuccessfully to hold back the tears… Not even the thought that I’ll be back with them in less than three months could stop the avalanche of tears that erupted as soon as we hugged each other to signal the final goodbye.

Throughout the two hours at Pittsburgh waiting for my connecting flight, the seventy six minutes flight to Atlanta, and the two hours at ATL awaiting my flight back home, all I could reflect on was the pain of parting…

I kept thinking, “why is the experience of parting with these people so intensely painful? What is this pain that I feel? Is it right or wrong? How can I make it go away? Should I try to make it go away? Should I indulge myself in it?”

By the time the boarding of our flight to Lagos was announced, I was still in pains, still thinking, still wondering…

Its so amazing how God could connect two hearts from different cultures and backgrounds…this is the genius of love and relationships – that deep inner spiritual connection between two souls.

Just thinking about it makes my body tingle with wonder and amazement…
But I do know that this deep spiritual connection – the essence of genuine brotherhood and sisterhood – is the driving force behind the Law of Agreement that I’ve already written on somewhere; it is the bedrock of outstanding achievements.

My personal value for the people God has put in my life has appreciated greatly over the past few weeks. People matter, they are important.

Ultimately, the true meaning of our lives can only be realized through a selfless offering of our lives for the wellbeing of other human beings…

Have you ever experienced the pain of parting in your life? Did that experience leave any lasting impact on your life?

Overcoming The Need To Influence Others

As a Christian Pastor, I typically stand behind the pulpit at least twice a week to preach to one congregation or the other.  The implication is that somehow I should be concerned about how folks run their lives, and probably attempt to influence their life choices and decisions.

The fact, however, is that I no longer give a damn about what you think or what you do with your life; its your life and its up to you what you decide to do with it.

Sounds harsh and cruel, huh?
Well, I’m just being frank with you, you know, baring my heart to you and keeping it real.
I really don’t care, at least, not anymore.

But why?
What has happened to me to create this type of apparently callous attitude in a man who should be concerned about the eternal destinies of other souls?

You can only become who you essentially are

Well, my answer is simply this:  I’m tired of the traditional idea that I, or any other person for that matter, can change another human being.  I used to think that I could – a mentality that has gradually evaporated in the light of my growing awareness of the real nature of the human spirit.

The fact that you resonate with someone’s ideas might delude you into thinking that he or she is influencing you. The reality is that they aren’t. When your behaviour seems to be altered by something you heard or saw from another person, that apparent alteration is simply the manifestation of your own core soul preferences. They didn’t really change you, rather their actions triggered a metamorphic process in that dimension of your being.

According to Friedrich Nietzsche, "To become the founder of a new religion one must become psychologically infallible in one’s knowledge of a certain average type of souls who have not yet recognized that they belong together." In other words, change can be an illusion; no one is really altering your behaviour, rather you  are resonating with an externally, crystallized, and manifested expression of your inner core.  So you ultimately become who you essentially are.

What I’m saying is that ultimately, the caterpillar metamorphoses into the butterfly because  it is essentially a butterfly.
Metamorphosis then is not a process by which you become something other than who you really are, but one in which your true nature is released.

I cannot alter the personality of any individual through any of my ministry media; all I can be is a personality catalyst that triggers the metamorphic process – the process by which the true nature of individuals are released.

This awareness has freed me from the need to manipulate people into conformity all in the name of leadership. Its a nice place to be in. The peacefulness and bliss of it is absolutely inexpressible

Be bold enough to think for yourself

A basic human weakness is outward-orientation – the propensity to be subtly hypnotized by external illusions.  This tendency is principally responsible for the economic, social, religious, and other forms of subjugation of the majority of mankind to a select few.

Apparently, we are grossly moved, influenced, and controlled by externals – others, media, fads, opinions, and so on.  But, are we?
Or are we simply responding to those externals that resonate with our inner core?

My personal choice is to take charge of my own mind, think my own thoughts, reach my own conclusions, and choose my own actions and reactions. The right  to do all this is a gift from God that I embraced in my late teens.

The refusal to think for yourself and reach your own conclusions on any subject is a choice that dis-empowers you and makes you an easy prey for spiritual and mental predators.

The capacity to think your own thoughts and reach your own conclusions is a major tool for self awareness; it is also a function of courage and enlightenment.

Overcoming the need to influence others

Humanity’s outward-orientation generates another weakness – the need to make others conform to our standards, and subscribe to our perspectives. This need is so intense that humans have resorted to various gimmicks to bend other minds into conformity to one personal bias or another. Scientific and religious laws have been twisted and fabricated in order to assuage man’s need to control his fellows.

Human society has historically demonstrated a gross deficiency in our capacity to appreciate diversity and variety.  Our society tends towards manipulating people into conformity.

We want others to think as we do.
We want them to believe as we do.
We want them to act as we do.

Yet, nature demonstrates the mindset of the Creator.  The variety of colours, animal species, plants species, and so on point to the undeniable fact that our Creator relishes varieties.

The need to bend others to your way of thinking is actually a weakness. It’s like teaching a Chinese to speak English before you can communicate with him, because you are unwilling to step out of your comfort zone to learn another language.  We all have the divine potential to see in multiple dimensions. The question, however, is whether or not we are willing to try.

History’s greatest influencers have always been those who overcame their need to influence and control others.  These are men and women who have  beheld the realities behind the various forms that embody truth. They understand themselves, they are at home with themselves and secure in who they are. They do not need anyone’s acceptance or approval to determine their worth and happiness. 
They are free!

Discover yourself

My choice is to continue to discover myself, to be myself, and ultimately, to express myself.
However, I’ve also resolved that in these discoveries and expressions, I’ll be absolutely careful not to try and manipulate others into conformity. 

Its in that context that I also challenge you to discover yourself, be yourself, and ultimately express yourself.
But then, allow others to discover themselves, be themselves, and express themselves.

This life paradigm demands a lot of courage borne out of a deep and abiding inner sense of security.  I believe that we must free ourselves from the need to manipulate others into conformity.

It’s not necessary.
It’s not even beneficial.

The real secret to influencing others

A lot of people have asked me if I believed in astrology, you know, all those horoscope stuff…
Well, for now, I’ll rather keep my personal views on that to myself.  Interestingly, though, I noticed that the particular Zodiac symbol for the season of my birth is one in which two heads face opposite directions. The symbol portrays the capacity to see multiple, opposing, and divergent views with clarity – a phenomenon I’ve battled with all my life.

I can argue from any two opposing sides with equal passion, logic, and understanding – simply because I can see both sides of the coin with amazingly equal clarity! 🙁

Convictions versus contradictions

Of course I do have convictions, but I’m extremely uncomfortable with the concept of ‘convictions’.  I tend to associate ‘convictions’ with narrow mindedness and bigotry. This makes me regard all convictions – mine included – with suspicion. I feel more comfortable and at home with contradictions and multiple perspectives.

So recently, I embarked on a personal development journey to relish and enjoy the benefits of my lifetime awareness of the multi-dimensional nature of life’s realities.

The first lap of this journey involves the development and sharpening of my listening skill.

It takes tremendous courage to listen with an open mind

So far I’ve discovered that every individual I come in contact with is an eternal spirit with an incomprehensible depth of wisdom.
People are not always aware of how much vital inspirations they carry in their spirits, but that in no way diminishes the potency of those inspirations.

My experience so far informs me that it takes courage to listen with an open mind and the intention to learn, grow, change and evolve.  I’m learning daily, through this journey, to release myself during interactions, to explore other perspectives, be nourished by them, and consequently metamorphose into higher dimensions of my being.

Listening is a tool for growth and spiritual development 

The more I strive to practice solid and genuine listening, the more I discover that through this art, my spirit can unite with another during a conversation. And every time this connection is made, I usually receive tremendous inspirations that challenge and nourishes my awareness of life’s multi-dimensional realities.
This nourishment in turn creates a highly thrilling dynamism in the evolution of my consciousness, thereby transforming my personality into a very magnetic and attractive one.

The real secret to influencing others

But listening is also an extraordinarily powerful tool for influencing others, particularly when you have no need to influence anyone. The real secret to influencing others is hidden in the very difficult art of listening. And the trickiest aspect of it all is that you must listen with a sincere intention to learn, understand, and evolve – not to influence.

Its so much fun to engage in the dynamics of any human  interactions without the usual need to change another person’s views and opinion, but with a genuine expectation of learning and being changed in diverse ways.

The Blog Traffic Myth

Much of the high traffic figures on your blog dashboard are practically empty, hollow, and meaningless  🙂 . 
Unfortunately, the blog traffic myth that ‘more traffic equals more profits’ will keep a lot of online business men tramping the rat-race marketing track till the end of time.

Don’t be a victim.

Wake up! The harsh reality is that one visitor  to your website or blog can create more profits and open up more opportunities for you than ten thousand others; and I write purely from my own personal experience. In other words, a blog or website traffic stats that shows 5 unique visits in a day could be more strategic to your overall mission than a spike of, say, 2000 page views

My style is to focus on creating articles that expressed my true values rather than what would cause a spike on my traffic statistics.
This eventually allowed me to realize that the volume of traffic to your website is not as important as the quality of traffic.

I used to look at my traffic stats and feel so good seeing 2000 page views in one 24hr period.  I enjoyed the thrill of seeing 600 unique visits a day to my blog and I felt so good.  That was, until I sat down and did a brutally honest review of all of these page views and unique visits.  I suddenly realized that the 20/80 principle was working in my traffic stats.  Less than 20% of the traffic to my blog was responsible for more than 80% of the profits and opportunities that were opening up to me :( 

Before this realization, my blogging strategies were motivated by the drive for thousands of page views and unique visits.  I was hitting my stat targets, but I wasn’t satisfied with the level of engagement of my audience with my content – a lot of those visits were just hollow and meaningless hits on my blog.

Well, I’ve already altered my blogging strategy.  I don’t give a damn anymore about those figures on my dashboard showing me the volume of page views and unique visits.  I’m more concerned about the number of emails, and phone calls that I receive as a result of the content I have on this blog.  This change in strategy has enabled me to focus on building community and stronger relationships with my readers and social networks.


Sure, they are as you would predict. 🙂

  1. Reduced traffic from some bookmarking sites where I no longer advertise my blog.  A lot of traffic from some of those sites are just mere page hits.  They can visit on their own from the search engines and advertise my content if they enjoy it, but I’ve decided not to personally advertise my content at some networks.
  2. Increased engagement from my readers – more emails and phone calls. 
  3. I have more subscribers now than ever. 
  4. I have more page views per visit ( very low bounce rate).

I am a Pastor in Nigeria, Africa.  But as a result of the content of this blog, I am flying out to America this summer for a series of speaking events, as well as meetings and deliberations to set up an international office for my mission in USA.  This is strictly as a result of connections I made through this blog.  This is significant considering the fact that everyone connected with this trip met me directly or indirectly through this blog.  It is also significant because I’ve never left my Continent before and have never physically met with any of the people involved with my international mission.  The relationship was made through this blog and built up subsequently through social media.

I believe this happened because of a paradigm shift from the blog traffic myth – (more traffic = more profit) – to a harder and long-term community-building oriented strategy. 

This has paid off so handsomely that I dare to state my observation that one visitor  to your website or blog can create more profits and open up more opportunities for you than ten thousand others; and I write purely from my own personal experience.

What a best selling emptiness!

We live in an age that is extremely influenced by visuals and dazzling lights. 
Ours is a very fast-paced world and many are in a hurry to ‘make it’. 
In our haste to achieve our so-called goals, which are often so superficial and ephemeral, we sacrifice our true values and authentic content.

For instance, I’ve read several best selling books that left me thinking, "what a best selling emptiness!"

A best selling book does not necessarily imply a best-read or best-content book.  A high-traffic blog does not automatically mean a high-quality blog in terms of content.  As a result, such ‘best-selling’ and ‘high-traffic’ pseudonyms cannot be sustained and will not translate into long-term and enduring success.
In fact, a lot of best selling materials do not necessarily reflect the readers’ preferences as much as they do the marketers’ manipulative skills.

In a time where there’s so much hype about marketing and getting your products and services ‘out there’, never allow your marketing skills to overtake the quality of your offerings, else you’ll start churning out many ‘best selling’ but mediocre materials. 

It is ok to hone your marketing skills to perfection, but do not sacrifice the ultimate on the altar of the immediate.

Be inspired…
Discover yourself!

Unconditional Love 2

unconditional love I did an article sometime ago on the subject of unconditional love.  I wouldn’t really call that an article, it was rather  a 121-worded presentation of a discussion topic.  It sparked a lot of interesting discussions both on Twitter and here with nearly 15 lengthy and in-depth comments.

You can read the article and all the perspectives it provoked by clicking here.

In this post, I want to present a new edition of my personal perspective on the matter.

Is there really anything like unconditional love?

I personally don’t think so.  There is nothing like unconditional love. If it ever appears to exist, its nothing more than irresponsibility, deceit, and sheer hypocrisy.
Not even God practices it. Unconditional love (if there’s anything like that) is evil…

The Love of God

The love of God is never in conflict with His principles, His word, His justice, and His nature.  So God will never demonstrate love at the expense of His divine integrity and truth.  In fact, the love of God is not any kind of sentimental, or affectionate emotion. Rather divine love = truth in motion; It is active truth.

Now, reflect on this scripture for a moment…

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”
~ John 3:16

Many would use it as evidence of the unconditional nature of God’s love, yet what we see here is simply evidence of the opposite – Gods love is conditional.
To experience the demonstration of His love – according to John 3:16 – you have to believe in Him, it is for ‘whosoever believeth in him’.  So, what’s unconditional about that?

The idea of unconditional love is an illusion for lazy and indolent minds.
The reality of eternal love is that its conditional.

Stop living to be liked…

Don’t expect unconditional love from anyone, and don’t mislead yourself into believing that you or anyone is practicing it. 
Of course the conditions attached to our expressions of love are not always obvious to superficial thinkers…but to deep and reflective minds, they are as clear as crystal.

Mastery of this mystery of love will free you from the pathetic need ‘to be loved and accepted for who I am’.  It will also free you from trying to impress others and be liked by them.

Whether you and I appreciate this fact or not, we always act primarily out of our own needs and do things that gratify some basic instincts in us.  For instance, I’m not motivated by money at all. So I give away most of my spiritual, intellectual, and material properties away for free. But then, that doesn’t mean I’m selfless; it only means my selfishness is not obvious!

My selfishness is masked in apparent generosity and magnanimity.  The fact, however, is that giving stuff away for free makes ME FEEL GOOD. That last phrase is the need you satisfy in me by accepting my ‘free’ offering.   I would rather experience the inner sense of relevance and fulfilment than have any amount of cash you could give me.  Consequently, I’m really no different from the man who asks for cash in exchange for his offering. The difference is merely in the nature of what we are asking for in exchange.

Live to be needed…

A very liberating and empowering paradigm of living is to operate out of a clear understanding of the needs you were divinely designed to fulfil in others.  Don’t buy into the illusion that anyone cares a hoot about who you are or loves you unconditionally.

If you understand that we all love you on the basis of our own values, principles, and the needs you satisfy in us, and if you build upon that understanding, you’ll be fine, and you’ll be free.

Understand the true nature and scope of your potentials, coupled with a thorough appreciation of the needs you were divinely designed to fulfil in others.  Then continuously develop these potentials to your best possible level of excellence and perfection; release them as generously and strategically as you can for the good of the greater portion of humanity.

Then whether people like you or not they’ll always come to you out of sheer necessity and selfishness 😉

Be inspired.
Discover yourself!

Now, do you think there’s anything like unconditional love?

Declare Your Own Freedom Today!

Our sense of need predisposes us to slavery.

The false belief, for instance, that we need the affection, attention, admiration, and acceptance of others programmes us to crave for these ephemeral things. This craving then empowers others, by default, to control, manipulate, and enslave us.

In reality, what you ‘think you need’ and what ‘you really need’ are two different things. One refers to perception, the other refers to truth. The moment you misplace the two, you are doomed to a life of insecurities and bondage to the whims and caprices of others.

For instance, do you need sound health, or ‘good health insurance’? Just think about this for a moment. If you have sound health, you will never have to spend a dime on drugs and hospital bills. On the other hand, you could have the most expensive health insurance, but if you lack sound health, it all sums up to nothing.

What manipulative marketing does is simply to create a virtual confusion in your mind between true and artificial needs. This is done by equating for instance ‘adequate health insurance’ with ‘sound health’.

Once this psychological gymnastic is accomplished and you buy into the perversion, hypnosis occurs and you lose your freedom.

The resultant effect is a complex network of slavery that spans the entire spectrum of your existence. For instance, the insurance provider begins to earn a living from your neurosis. Their CEO can now fly around in a corporate jet and enjoy all kinds of executive perks because of your hoodwinked sense of perception.

Google, for instance makes billions of dollars yearly because most bloggers and internet marketers still can’t get over their hypnotic fascination with the whole SEO and social media facade.

I discovered that I too can make millions online, but not by following any of the carefully edited formulas making a round of the internet, social media, and blogging circuit. I found the true formula tucked away within the innermost recesses of the originality, uniqueness, ingenuity, and courage of my own soul.

When your Maker created you, he programmed into you everything you will need to achieve phenomenal and unprecedented success. But you cant locate these mysterious treasures if all you do is to lazily swallow all the recipes of crafty men hook, line, and sinker.

Master manipulators (my personal acronym for 21st century market experts) know this and that’s why they set up so much noise and flurry of activities designed to engage all your reflective faculties, so as to prevent you from doing any kind of independent and original thinking – a phenomenon I’ve also observed within religious circles.

It is possible to attain liberty, but the pathway is through your own soul – the ability to discern the difference between genuine need, and phantomic ones. Purge your soul of all artificial wants!

Obviously, this is no easy task, but it can be achieved.

I value my freedom a lot, particularly the freedom to think my own thoughts, reach my own independent conclusions, and follow only paths that resonate with my innermost being.

As Bob Marley sang a while ago, ‘Emancipate yourself from mental slavery none but ourselves can free our own minds…’

Before you gulp down another cup of silly products, market lies, and guru gimmicks, think… Is it really true? Will this work for me? Do I really need this?

Cultivate a good dose of healthy old fashioned scepticism and declare your own freedom today!

Giving That Works 3

In this week’s blog series on giving, we’ve been studying the answers to the question, “Why do I give my offerings and sacrifices without receiving the promised supernatural rewards?”  I’ve already stated so far that the answers fall into any of the following two categories:

  1. Problems associated with the giving side, and
  2. Problems associated with the reaping side.

Read any of the topics of this week’s series by clicking the quick links below:

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Giving to God as an act of worship, is a sacred duty and must be in harmony, alignment, and perfect compliance with the instructions and nature of God.  In Tuesday’s post, I introduced the four elements of fruitful giving – unselfishness, a cheerful and generous attitude, consistency, and sacrifice.  I’ve already written  about the first three of these elements in the posts of the last two days. Today’s post is about  the fourth one – sacrifice.

Never offer to God any offering that cost you nothing…

Sacrifice is a very important element of the kind of giving that pleases God.  A lot of people offer to God out of their own convenience, yet they expect to reap massive rewards.  That’s foolishness.  If your giving costs you nothing, it will bring very little benefits and rewards to you. 

In fact, the true value of any gift is the cost of the gift to the giver.  Even as individuals, we feel so valued when we realize that a certain gift we received from someone cost them so much.  It’s not necessarily a matter of the content or quantity of the gift, as it is about what it cost the giver to give it.  Sometimes, a gift might be intrinsically worthless in terms of it’s dollar value, yet it becomes invaluable in the light of the sacrifice that went into the gift.

This same principle applies with regards to our gifts to God.

I love the attitude of King David towards giving offerings to God, as expressed in his statement below:

“No, I insist on paying you for it.  I will not sacrifice to the LORD my God burnt offerings that cost me nothing.” ~ King David, 2 Samuel 24:24

Think about your gifts to God – whether it’s in terms of time, money, talents, and so on; how much personal sacrifice is involved in the gifts that you give to your God?  Do not sacrifice to the LORD your God burnt offerings that cost you nothing.

In summary so far, the kind of giving that works, the kind of giving that is rewarded abundantly by the Almighty God, is giving that is:

  1. Unselfish
  2. Done with a cheerful and generous attitude
  3. Consistent, and
  4. Sacrificial.

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