Blissfully Ever After

It was my joy yesterday to join two of our Blissful People — Tim and Vanessa — together in Holy matrimony. I’ve known both of them for sometime now, and can say that I have very high expectations from the Holy Spirit for the union. I believe they will make it.

Tim weds Vanessa.
Pix: Rev Wildfire, Vanessa, Tim, Pastor Sharon.

Vanessa has been my Prayer Connect camera woman for nearly a year. Meaning that she was the member of my traveling team tasked with the work of live-streaming Prayer Connect, Lord’s  Table and other Rev Wildfire live events to Blissful People.

Interestingly, she took over from Nnenna — our own beloved first PC camera woman who got married last year.

I can’t help wondering what it is about that camera that makes them get married that fast. Each one got snapped up in marriage barely one year after they started traveling with me and live-streaming the events.

Well now, I’m left without a camera woman. So, once again, that position is vacant and needs to be filled fast!

In any case, I’m glad the Holy Spirit is helping our Blissful People get married.

Of course I know that it’s one thing to get married, but another thing to enjoy a lifetime of blissful marriage together.

Which is why I’m asking us today, as we rejoice with Tim and Vanessa, to pray for them and all Blissful People’s marriages: May the Holy Spirit Himself fill our marriages with bliss, that we all may they live blissfully ever after in Jesus Name.

Let us also pray that those among us that are due for marriage, but are still single and searching, may find their mate in the Lord, and in good time. In Jesus name.