The Blissful People Search Is Now Officially On!

Good morning Blissful People!

During the July Fast, the Holy Spirit told us to Up Our Game. And in line with this word, He has asked me to invite all His Blissful People to the Lord’s Table every Tuesday. Table Tuesday.

This means that every Tuesday, starting next week, Blissful People will eat the Holy Communion.

The grand theme of this communion is this:

Up Your Game From Crumbs To The Master’s Table.

This call is for all Blissful People.

I will tell you more about it within the week. I will also provide very clear guidelines on how we will go about the communion. So, as always, stay connected. Exciting times are ahead!

For now, here’s the most important requirement:

No one among Blissful People should ever take the Communion alone.

To participate at this Communion, there should be at least TWO Blissful People physically present in the room. And at most THREE Blissful People physically present in the room.

This is why I’m calling on all Blissful People everywhere to embark on the Blissful People Search —a hunt for one or two other Blissful People in your area.

I imagine it’s a tough one. But it’s the basic requirement for participating at the weekly Tuesday Holy Communion service.

So, starting right now, embark on a Blissful People hunt in your area! That is, find one or two other Blissful People resident in your area. Then connect with them and arrange to meet to eat the communion together on Tuesday.

I understand that this may not be easy at all. So I pray that the Holy Spirit will give each of us the wisdom and grace to search, find and connect with at least one other Blissful People in your area. In Jesus name.

Tomorrow, I will provide further guidelines for the Table Tuesday Communion, and the Blissful People Search.

Don’t be left out of this one. It’s time to up your game from crumbs to the Lord’s Table. All we have is love.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comment.