Blessed Are The Merciful

Jesus Christ Himself says that in order to obtain the mercies of God, we must be merciful.

BIBLE STUDY | Matthew 5:7Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.”

You can chose to side with critics, accusers, judgmental people. You can choose to point fingers at others and beat them down with bible verses. But, don’t then turn around and ask for mercy. Those that live by the sword perish by the sword.

When you choose to be merciful and kind towards the failings of the people around you, when you choose compassion, forgiveness and intercession, instead of hate and condemnation, you will attract God’s mercies and favours.

The choice is yours.

I choose mercy. I choose compassion. I choose forgiveness. I choose intercession. Because blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy.

May the Holy Spirit root out judgmental attitude from your heart. May He root out bitterness and hate from you. May He root out unforgiveness in you. May He root out vengefulness in you.
May the LORD have mercy upon you and show you His Favour.

The Bowels of Divine Mercies are opening up right now. Begin to receive! In Jesus Name! #AMEN!