Being God’s Best for Us

Because we are created in God’s image and and likeness, we possess unique abilities, skills, and talents. These gifts definitely need to be developed to the point that they glow undeniably to remarkable intensities.

Most importantly, these gifts, as intended by God, are instruments to be harnessed for the good for the edification of mankind, and ultimately for the glory of God.

We fully intend to acknowledge and demonstrate God’s gifts and talents at our forthcoming Festival of Home Churches 2010 . No lone tree can make a forest; hence everyone needs someone to attain to efficiency and optimum functionality. In order to utilize our God-given talents, it is necessary to interact with one another.

Furthermore, we foster inspiration in others as our talents rob off on them.

During this week’s meeting of the Royalty Home Church, we defined the objectives of our performance in the coming Festival as not just to entertain, but also to educate, encourage, as well as inspire every one that attends.

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Bravo! God bless your efforts.