Before You Start A Family…

Before you start a family, there are considerations that you have to pay close attention to. If you ignore these important requirements for starting a family, you will wake up years later wondering when and how you missed it. All around us, families are falling apart, who failed to factor in these considerations. A lot of folks are wallowing in self-pity and regrets, because they neglected these things; probably due to ignorance, carelessness, or both. Don’t be a part of the statistics.

To build a strong and godly family, you have to satisfy these two important conditions:

  • You have to be firmly established in your beliefs and convictions.
  • You have to discover the mission you were sent into this world by the Father to accomplish.

It’s risky to start a family if you don’t have personal convictions. Your beliefs should form the basis for which you connect with another person for the purpose of starting a family. You must know where you stand on issues, and recruit someone of like mind. You must be firmly established in what you believe. Then build your relationships on that ground.

Secondly, you have to know your assignment from God before you start a family. Please know this: Until you discover the will of your heavenly father for your life, it is dangerous to start a family. You shouldn’t start a family unless your mission on earth is clearly revealed to you; you must know exactly what you are here for.

To build a strong and godly family, you must have a vision for your family; and this vision should spring from these two vital requirements. They act as a filter through which you check people before they gain access to your life.

Somebody once wrote to me on the internet. She said, “Pastor Favour, you’re very opinionated.” I told her in reply, “Yes I am; because I know what I believe. I know what I stand for very clearly.” My beliefs are well-defined and it’s on the basis of what I believe that I select my family members. In the same way you must be very clear about what you’re sent here to do.

These requirements are important qualifications for starting a family, business, ministry, or any other type of enterprise. Observe them before beginning any of these; ignore them to your peril.