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Because These Prophecies Are From The Holy Spirit, They Will Bring Profit To You

Welcome to another Favour Friday! The day set aside by the Holy Spirit for Blissful People to celebrate Him with our wealth. What a privilege! What an opportunity!

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Dear Holy Spirit, thank You for prophecies. Thank You for visions. Thank You for miracles. Thank You for testimonies.

Prophecies are very important. They are extremely important in the life of a child of the Holy Spirit.
And this is why we must pay careful attention to them and take them very seriously.

1 Thessalonians 5:19-22 NLT
[19] Do not stifle the Holy Spirit. [20] Do not scoff at prophecies, [21] but test everything that is said. Hold on to what is good. [22] Stay away from every kind of evil.

Notice what it says in vs 20: Do not scoff at prophecies. In other words, pay careful attention to them. Take them seriously.

You see, a lot of people despise prophecies. This is because they are foolish and proud. These people elevate their natural senses and human understanding over the Holy Spirit; over the Person and Power of God.

They do so because of that prideful element in man.
So they can brag about how smart they are; how hard they worked; how brilliant they are.
They derive their sense of worth from their accomplishments.
This makes them feel superior to other people.

So when they come in contact with prophecies, with the power of the Holy Spirit, they’re completely lost.
So what do they do?
They scoff at it.

But, sooner or later they hit their own human limitations.
They toil all night. And, in spite, of all their so called intelligence, they make little or no progress.
Then they realize that unless the Lord builds, they labor in vain that build.

Don’t follow them.

The prophecies and visions I declare to you here are living words. Direct from the Holy Spirit Himself.
So, receive them.
Pay careful attention to them.
Believe them with all your heart.

Because these prophecies come from the Holy Spirit, they will bring you progress.
They will bring you profit.
They will take you to heights you’ve not imagined.

So open your heart and receive.

And as you give your gifts of love to the Holy Spirit in today’s Favour Friday, may the Holy Spirit multiply a harvest of blessings back to you a thousand times. In Jesus name!