Because Of The Help Of The Holy Spirit You Will Begin To Enjoy An Abundant Rain Of Favours!

It’s Favour Friday!

I’m grateful to the Lord for powering this season of Prayer Connect. I could never do it without His constant presence and help.

I thank Him for all He is showing me this season; all He is developing within me; the growth He is producing in my life.

I thank Him for the testimonies of Blissful People. The things He’s opening our eyes to; the things He’s doing in our lives.

The Holy Spirit Is Our Helper

Psalm 54:4 NLT
But God is my helper. The Lord keeps me alive!


You see, when you let God be your Helper, your life becomes more and more blissful.

To help me understand His help and what He’s about to do among us, He gave me this picture.

A young man is standing by the road.
He needs to make a long journey to a distant city. But He has no money, He has no car, and he does not know how to drive.

Yet, it is very important for Him to make the journey.

As he stood by the road, cashless and helpless, here comes a pretty lady in a very gorgeous and expensive SUV. She pulls over by the man, winds down the window glass and leans towards him.

“Where are you going,” she asks.

“To so and so city,” he replies.

“Well,” she answered, “I’m going there too. Hop in and let me take you there.”

And so it came to pass that, though he had no money, no car, and no knowledge of how to drive, he still made the journey and reached his destination.

He had neither the resources nor ability to get to where He needed to be. Yet he got there. Because someone helped him.

The Holy Spirit has shown me that a His vehicle of Favour has pulled by His Blissful People!

A powerful window of Favour has opened for Blissful People.

In the days and weeks ahead of this Prayer Connect Season, Blissful People everywhere will begin to receive Favour breakthroughs, open doors of opportunities, phone calls of divine connections, mysterious miracles of healing and deliverance.

You will not miss your place in this abundant rain of favour. Your place in it is secure. Nothing will steal your testimony. Yes, you will testify.

Receive the help of the Holy Spirit now! In Jesus Name!

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