Be True To Your Design; But Keep Up With The Tempo and Please Play In Tune

This is the fifth and final article on FRUIT. I will define T as Tempo & Tune.

Romans 12:4| For just as we have many members in one body and all the members do not have the same function”
1 Peter 3:8|To sum up, all of you be harmonious, sympathetic, brotherly, kindhearted, and humble in spirit.”

It is impossible to be fruitful alone. God never wanted us to be alone. He knows it is not good. So He puts us in a family and says walk in love in unity. But unity does not mean uniformity, it’s really about harmony.

Unity is a mystery. It has its challenges but if is attained it can be so beautiful. Diversity coming together in harmony gives birth to unity.

It reminds me of an orchestra where you have many instruments and each instrument is completely different. Some have similarities and some are not similar at all. They have their own part/music to play with their distinctive sounds. But when you play them together under the leadership of the Conductor it sounds heavenly. 

In this way, we are all individual expressions of Divinity who come together in unity to bring forth a beautiful harmony of the Trinity. 

You are a unique design,
But please don’t color out the line.
It’s a masterpiece He is bringing out,
There is no need to pout.

Although you are an individual 
You are not a residual.
You are part of a community,
A family of The Divine Triunity.
Playing together as One, 
This can really be a lot of fun.

Please don’t play off beat,
Keep up with the tapping of the feet.
Each one is an important part,
Coming together with One Heart.
So please play in tune 
Making melody with the Triune.

Keeping up with the tempo,
It’s a Masterpiece you know?!
Listen to the sound rising from the earth,
A Beautiful Harmony that is giving Birth! 
Holy Spirit my eyes are on you, I desire to keep the beat and be in tune. 
I’m honored to be counted among the Divinity Triune.