Be Patient

Hello Blissfuls! 💕

You want that miracle to have happened yesterday. Right?

I feel you.

But that’s a very dangerous attitude: It’s known as ‘being hasty’. And I pray today that you be delivered from it.

In our prayers and expectations from God, we must never be hasty. Things take time. Even God takes time. He could have created the entire universe in a second, yet He took His time and made it in six days.

Understand this: Not everything will happen instantaneously. Most things we’re believing for and working towards will take time. A lot of them will take a lot of time. That’s the nature of life. Don’t resist it. Just adjust your expectations accordingly.

And we have to. Don’t think there’s another way. Because there’s none. If we’re not patient, we will make lots of unnecessary mistakes in this life; and fall prey to deceptions: multi-level marketing scams; get-rich-quick schemes; instant miracle money scams; and so on.

Most people don’t like to be told to be patient. And that is why they get scammed and deceived. Let’s not partake in their foolishness. Let’s not be hasty.

Your expectation will not be disappointed. But it has its appointed time. So, if it hasn’t yet manifested, be patient.

May the Holy Spirit produce His patience in us.
In Jesus name. 🙏