Be Patient in Affliction

In spite of the contrary winds of adversity that you will surely encounter on your way to your glory land, keep your hope alive.  Don’t abandon your hope; don’t give up your expectations; keep the promises of God right in front of you. Firmly establish your heart and mind in the words that God has given you concerning your life, family, ministry, business, career, relationships, and any other enterprise that you are involved in. God’s word is sure; it will never fail.

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”
~Romans 12: 12

You may currently be experiencing contradictions – the opposite of that hope–in your circumstances. Maybe your life seems stagnant, your finances are in a terrible state, there are bills to pay, deadlines to meet; and when you look on the horizon, no solution appears to be in sight.

The bible now says “be patient in affliction.” You have to endure in the midst of difficulties. Adopt a posture of perseverance.

Don’t abandon your dream because of the adverse circumstances.

Don’t change your confession because of the negative facts confronting you on all sides.

Don’t allow your fears and doubts to get the better part of you.

Don’t start to murmur and bemoan your fate.

Don’t stop thanking God because of what is going on around you.

Don’t stop confessing victory.

Don’t stop praising God.

Don’t stop speaking your dream.

Don’t lose your courage.

Be patient in affliction.

Choose today to persist and not give up hope.

Memory Verse:

 Romans 12: 12
“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”


Lord, please help me to adopt an attitude of patience to the challenges and obstacles that I may face in life.  I know that your word is true and all your promises will be fulfilled in my life, in Jesus’ name.