“…a man’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions” – Jesus Christ

luxurybusA pathetic sight

I live in Nigeria and travel quite often within the country as a result of my ministerial duties and responsibilities. Sometime ago, I was traveling by bus from the nation’s commercial capital city of Lagos to Nsukka, the home of the University of Nigeria. Nsukka is in the southeastern part of Nigeria, …a 6hrs journey by bus from Lagos.
If you are traveling through Nigeria by any of the luxury buses, it’s more likely than not that you will experience the nuisance of in-bus hawkers. These are salesmen hawking anything from books to drugs.
During that trip, a salesman was advertising something he referred to as a ‘tongue cleaner’. It was, he said, used by the white men, the men and women in Aso Rock[our own version of white house! lol…], the rich and the enlightened people. In other words, he implied, if you want to ‘belong’, just buy the product! And guess what he was selling? A well packaged plastic spoon in a beautiful sachet! nigeria 1
People began to rush the product.
It was indeed a pathetic sight.
I say pathetic because right before me, I saw men and women buying what they didn’t need just so they’ll belong to a certain ‘class’.

Market manipulations

The other day, I read a piece on market ting tips where the writer made a comment that one way to sell a product is to create a need for it even where there’s none! How horrifying…how manipulative.
So all around us, smart and fast thinking guys are devising ingenious means of making you acquire stuff that you don’t really need.
This is nothing short of sheer wickedness.
Can you imagine the volume of debt that individuals and families now have to cope with as a result of these market manipulations?
The mere thought of it is mind boggling.

How liberated are you from these market manipulations?

I’m very concerned at the extent of slavery and emotional torture to which millions of people are subjected as a result of the pressure to acquire things that they don’t need but which they believe they need, thanks to unscrupulous advertising.


The complexity and artificiality of modern living, including the high pressured state of our world today, results from myriads of so called necessities manufactured by smart guys who have programmed the system to exploit the ignorance and greed of people…and may I also add, their indiscipline.

How much are you worth…? Lol

What is even worse is that people are now being rated today by what they have!
I hear and read statements like ‘he’s worth a billion dollars.’ Individual worth today is based on such silly considerations as the kind of car you drive, the make of your cell phone or the cost of your shoe!
I think it’s a real mess to evaluate a man’s worth primarily on the basis of material possessions. But that’s the reality of the perverted system in which we live today.

We live in a world with often warped values.
As I gaze into the Holy Scriptures and ponder over sacred and prophetic writings, all I can see is the sad fact that this world will continue it’s crazy plunge into confusion, anarchy and destruction.
But, my friend, must you be a part of the madness, the depression, the stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, and tension associated with the present times?

You need to know that you have a choice.
You can step out and be free.
You can refuse to conform to the negative patterns of the world.
Yes, you can refuse to bow to all of the manipulative strategies and pressure tactics of this materialistic age.

Bear this in mind, you are not free as long as your sense of worth comes from external things and the approval of others.

Make the choice today to be free from market manipulations.

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I think it’s our egos that can also position us for manipulation by the hucksters. The soul knows not of what kind of car you drive, what brand of watch you wear or how darn big your home entertainment system is. Only the ego cares about those things.

Those who are unaware of the roles their egos play in their desire to acquire things they don’t really need are more likely to fall prey to unscrupulous advertisers.


Thanks Cathy for pointing out the important truth that our internal worries can position us for manipulation. We can only be free from earthly worries when our hearts are sent on things above..and then we can be free from market manipulations.

Cathy Nagle
Cathy Nagle

This is true. The Lord tells us that we should not worry, He will provide all our needs. He always has. Where our treasure, is there our heart will be also. It is wise for us to practice storing up treasure in heaven. Great Article! Keep up the good work & Blessings 2 You! :o)


Thanks Web, and thanks Lynn for taking out time to comment on this post. I wake up each day with a greater passion to lead more and more people to greater self awareness, self discovery and sense of personal worth. I also try to elevate human values and priorities above mere material and temporary concerns.
Thanks for stopping by.

Lynn Crymble
Lynn Crymble

There are so many things wrong with the way we have come to validate ourselves by material belongings. Not only do “things” not matter one bit, in continually acquiring these things we don’t need, we are harming the environment as well. All these things end up in some landfill and most do not biodegrade.
Moreover, having things only adds to clutter and this adds to our stress in the long-term. I am by no means living without material belongings but I try to be aware of my consumption to make sure the marketing is not the deciding factor in my decision to buy.
Thanks for this great post.


It is quite frightening the amount of people that get caught up in market manipulation, thank you for this WD!


Thanks for your comments on this post. I must say that I’m not quite sure I understand your question, Luke.

Luke Harvey-Palmer
Luke Harvey-Palmer

Yes, life is all about doing things, not having things…so how do you market experiences?


Oops, that should be things I want, not don’t want. LOL


I don’t allow myself to be manipulated by the mavens of marketing. That’s not to say there aren’t things I don’t want, but I choose what they are, no one else.