Be Filled For An Overflow!

Ecclesiastes 11:3 NIV | “If the clouds are full of water, they pour rain on the earth.

When the clouds are heavy, the rain comes down. So, untill the cloud is full, it can’t pour rain. Similarly, untill you are full, you can’t overflow. Untill you are full, your victory can’t pour. Untill you are empowered, you can’t power others.

We are in a special season. It’s our season of remembrance, and thus, breakthrough. The Lord is making you heavy. He’s set to fill you afresh with a rain of His Presence. He’s set to fill you with a rain of His Spirit. He’s set to fill you with His favours, that you may rain and drip of His favours. He’s set to fill you, and make you heavy with His blessings, so that you may overflow.

Receive, and be filled for an overflow, in Jesus name!