Be Completely Free Right Now From All Financial Debts And Harrassments in Jesus Name!l

It’s Testimonies Thursday! The testimonies rolling in from the current Prayer Connect so far has been truly mind blowing. Thank You Sweet Holy Spirit. I’m grateful.

Romans 16:20 NIV
The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet. The grace of our Lord Jesus be with you.

I believe He’s already doing that among Blissful People. Because a few days ago, I saw a huge snake in the spirit dead and crushed!

Instantly I heard the words, “The God of peace has crushed Satan under your feet!”

Then I began to see a huge tsunami wave of testimonies rushing towards us! Testimonies upon testimonies rolling in. All kinds of testimonies.

But, especially financial breakthroughs.

Then I heard the following words:

“The borrower is a slave to the lender. And the Spirit of the Lord is setting many completely free this season from all financial debts and harassments!”

“The Holy Spirit is lifting a standard right now against all the forces of lack and debt in the lives of many!”

And in the Spirit I saw some Blissful People giving hundreds of thousands of Naira as their Favour Friday Gifts of love. Some were even giving a million Naira!

What I saw was truly phenomenal!

Watch out for the manifestations!
Great testimonies ahead!
Glory! ?

See, Blissful People, there is no doubt in my heart that the Holy Spirit Who sent me to you will settle you soon!

So, cheer up!
Your God is in control.
Your world is about to change in unimaginable ways! I feel it so strongly.


And during yesterday’s Prayer Connect —video embedded below—I received the following prophetic visions regarding Blissful People:


Before this week is over, that shame shall be taken away from your family!

That disgraceful financial harassment shall be taken away by mysterious forces!

I saw old bricks symbolizing abandoned building and other projects. They were abandoned because of financial famine. But now, the Spirit of the Lord is breathing a wave of financial favours upon those projects, and they shall be completed.

I saw someone who went to get a VISA but was denied. Then the Holy Spirit showed me that they should go back again, and this time they will be denied no more! It is a VISA to a European country.

I saw someone who lost something very important. It looked like a business document and it got burnt. I heard the Spirit say, “You have not lost it. Someone will bring back that opportunity to you in another way.”

I saw a lady online chatting with a fair complexioned man in a yellow shirt. A very nice man living in another country. He even sent her money and promised to marry her. She looked confused and has been asking the Lord for guidance.

I heard the Spirit say, “He has nothing to do with your future. Disconnect immediately!”

I saw one with a severe pain on the right leg. They couldn’t walk with it. They have taken pain killers to no avail. I saw the power of God go through them and heal them completely.

I saw one with a severe pain around the waist and the back. The Spirit instructed me to command them to get up and bend down four to five times. To walk around in their room. I saw them healed by the power of God.

Then it felt as if my belly was on fire. It actually hurt. Then I saw a huge ball of fibroid in someone’s belly. The fire of the Spirit was consuming the fibroid. By the Spirit I rebuked that demon as I could see it’s eyes starring into mine. It fled as I rebuked it. The pain left my belly and I saw the individual completely healed. The fibroid was gone!

I saw one that has been searching for a job for about 10 years since they graduated from the university. The Lord showed me this individual’s right hand. A serpent was coiled around it. The Lord showed me that this serpent represented a curse that has hindered them from getting a good job. I felt the anointing shoot through that hand. The serpent fell off and slithered away. Then I saw the Holy Spirit take that hand. I saw someone walk into this this individual’s life and gave them a very lucrative job with a multinational oil company!

I saw one lying on a hospital bed. This person had pains whenever they urinated. The Spirit instructed me to command them to go immediately to the toilet, and that they’ll be healed as they urinated.

Then I saw a person in an office. The boss and colleagues accused this individual falsely. They ganged up against the person to remove them from the office. The Spirit showed me that those people will succeed in removing this individual from the office. But they must not be bitter, because in two weeks afterwards, they’ll get a much better job. The Lord will also vindicate and avenge this person.

I saw one in the fashion business. A customer had dropped something like a scarf with grey patterns in the shop. This took place eight months ago. Since then, this individual has become very confused and the business began to fall apart.

But as I looked, a mighty force from the Spirit moved into that shop and consumed that demonic presence. Flushed it completely out of the shop. The Lord restored the sanity of the business. Then I saw this person receive two huge orders to deliver some uniforms to certain institutions.

My dear Blissful People, a messenger of the Holy Spirit has been sent to you to declare living words and visions that will soon come to pass. Locate yourself in the prophecies and receive your own testimonies! In Jesus Name!