Be Careful Who You Are Listening To! (Discerning The Voice Of God-4)

John 10:27| “My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.”

Whose sheep are you? I hope and believe you belong to the Lord. If you do then you hear His voice. I believe this is the foundation of discerning His voice. When you take time to fellowship with Him and reassure yourself that you are His sheep and you hear His voice. That strengthens discernment in your heart. 

I remember when my son was young he was with a family member at the store. Totally unaware I was at the same store, I was on the next aisle over. I was talking to someone and he walked around and saw me. I was totally surprised to see him. The family member walked around and said that he told her “my mom is here” and she looked around and asked, “where? How do you know?” He replied “I hear her voice”. You see he is my sheep, he heard my voice and followed it. He knows it because he has spent a lot of time listening to me. 

So today ask the Holy Spirit to reassure you that you are His sheep. Ask Him to help you to listen intently to His voice and to know His voice above any others. Bliss be with you.