Be Careful For Nothing!

Luke 10:41 KJV | “And Jesus answered and said unto her, Martha, Martha, thou art careful and troubled about many things.”

The word of God cautions us to be careful for nothing (Philippians 4:6), to take no thought for tomorrow, and to live one day at a time. Here in today’s text, we see Martha careful and worried about not just one thing, but many things! I’ve been in her shoes, severally.

Jesus emphatically said in the next verse that ‘only one thing is needed’. So, if ‘only one thing is worth being concerned about’, then every other thing in this life is a distraction. Our ministry, family, marriage, business, career, everything, can constitute a distraction, if we don’t surrender it back to God.

Being careful for nothing is an effect of trust and rest in God. Be set free from the cares of this life, and receive grace to trust and rest in the Lord. Be empowered to use the things of this world without being engrossed in them. (1 Corithians 7:31) Bliss be with you!

Wildfire EastWind
Wildfire EastWind
Wildfire EastWind is an ardent lover of the Holy Spirit; wife to Rev Wildfire, helping him as Pastor and Missionary in the Wildfire Mission to spread the message of consecration.
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